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Chloé's Dream

Friday, 5 February 2016
Some bags are just dream bags. You want them, you need them, you crave for them, but what the hell, more than 1000€? You just can't afford them when you're a broke student, that's why I call them "dream bags", only in your dreams, dear. And one brand is really good at dream bags, Chloé. 

Garance Doré®

   Have you ever seen so many it-bags, must haven cute purse and enjoyable colors and shapes? Never I guess, because only Chloé can do that. I've discovered this brand thanks to Vogue and others fashion magazines and websites of course, but Instagram finished the work and made me fell in love with that brand. Chloe seems to be more than a brand actually, it is a state of mind, Chloe's girls state of mind. This fashion house is not that old, born in the 1950's - 1952 exactly - designers seemed to have always kept in mind a mid 50's 60's style, kind of hippie, cool, casual and elegant and classy at the same time. You can see it with the dresses, long and light, the flare trousers, the sunglasses, huge and round, the models, blond tall and nordic with wild hair and blue eyes, but also with the bags. Rounded shapes are dominant in the collections, with quite small bags, on the shoulder, and with some specific patterns that shows up the influence of the year of the brand's creation. Fringes, perforated leather, bucket shape and brown colors are some of the iconic symbols  of the brand. Today, Chloé is the brand for young and it-girls, bloggers of the young generation. Thanks to this particular style, bags can be related to casual looks as well to classy ones, with for example the Faye, a modern shape with a classic side thanks to the leather worked to look older, and the sophisticated clasp, but also the Drew bag, a best-seller. 

Song of Style®

   This Drew bag is for sure my favorite one of the brand. But let's be honest, it was a hard choice between this one and the Faye. Anyway! Small, cute, not that much practical, but so fashion. The strength of this model is for sure the possibility to choose the color and the leather for each part of the bag, as Céline did with the Trapèze. The gold chain reminds us of the iconic Chanel bags, and adds an unexpected jewelry touch that perfectly balances the simplicity of the shape. Adapted for day and night, this is a true girly bag, with the golden clasp which is a true originality, locking your bag like it was Pandora's box. Chloé has been really smart deciding to create two sizes, medium and small, and nit just because we want both of them, but because the size will change a look.  The small one will be perfect for a classy night out, either with a long dress or a tuxedo, it can only add elegance and femininity in a discrete and sophisticated way. On the other side, the medium one, will be your daytime friend. A bit more space for a bit more stuffs, and the bigger size will be perfect to combine with jeans and shirt, or a big coat in winter. Not too small, whatever the outfit, it will be seen, and as a real handbag, not a purse created for the night and wore with shorts and sneakers. Well, actually we could talk about a lot more of furnitures from Chloé but this bad is for sure the most emblematic piece of the brand. It's their showcase, the piece everybody knows and thinks, "oh, this is Chloé". To have that special piece is very important for a brand, like the Alexa for Mulberry, or the Boy bu Chanel. It's iconic, it's a must, well, it's a dream bag. 

Song of Style®

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