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June Favorite Bag: Bucket Bag, Mansur Gavriel

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

June, the start of Summer, the first holiday breeze, the end of uni, what a lovely month. Yet a month that did not inspire me when it came to choose my favorite bag. I have been looking for a bag that would fit all the mess that accompanies me when I go on one-day-adventures with my boyfriend, and let me tell you that this is a lot of mess that we need. So a big enough bag was needed, but something still compact for it not to feel too heavy. I had to look back in the past and found this Mansur Gavriel bag that was a must a year ago or so. I do not believe that such a bag can get out of fashion. A bucket bag is a classic and does fit any style, any look. When I remembered this model I knew it had to be my June favorite. 

The Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag is practical, it can contain a real lot of stuffs, even though the lack of organization of this kind of bag can be a little bit annoying. You can also choose your size, and then what matches the most with both your morphology, style and lifestyle. But what I love most with this brand is the possibility that you have to create a really personal bag. You can choose the material, the color on the outside and the inside, the size, and all of this help you to create a bag that will perfectly match yourself. The perfect bag for the start of Summer. 



Learning and Healing

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Already some time ago I evoked with you my therapy. I have started it almost a year ago now, and change has happened. It would be a lie to say that I am the same, I have learnt too much to stay ignorant about my own feelings by now. To see a therapist helped me to understand my issues, my struggles, how to deal with them, how to learn to love myself, how to be on my own. I am still learning, and I believe that I still have a long way to go. But almost a year after my first session I am not the same. I haven't been able to talk about my therapy with a lot of people. My family is against therapy, and I do not feel comfortable talking about it with my friends - and here I am on a blog visited by hundreds of people, so logical - only my boyfriend really knows about it. However, even if I have tried to rely on him, recently I have realized that even if he loves me, he cannot be there for me anytime, and is starting to be tired of it all. So in order to avoid loosing him I have decided to stop sharing my issues with him. I have then been quite alone with all of my issues, going through a really hard time last month, when my anxiety cam back and forced me to face my fears and my hurtful past. 

I am alone. Yet I can acknowledge that I have progressed. It feels like no one around me is proud of me, and this situation can be quite discouraging. It feels like I am alone and have to stay strong by myself, without any backup from people that I love. I wanted to talk about my progress in this editor's letter, but I know realize that I am far from being completely ok. I still feel lonely, I still have anxiety, I continue to see my therapist, I still feel terribly sad and alone. Mental illness, whatever it is, how light and stupid as it can look for some people, is not an easy thing to deal with. I don't have massive issues, yet I still find it hard to live with it everyday, especially with no support. I have to stand up for myself, by myself. I actually don't really know what I want to say in this post. I maybe just wanted to talk about my progresses, to say that I had done so much in a year, to say it to all of you that I don't know because people around me don't care or don't want to see it. Maybe I just wanted someone to read it, but what I am sure of is that I wanted people to know that even alone with all of this mess that is going on in your head, if you take care of yourself, if you keep being proud of every small achievement, you will make it. And one day all of it will be behind you. And you will be able to help others, making it easier for them, and they won't be as lonely as we are today. Do it for yourself, but never forget to look around you.



Currently Loving... Milk Makeup

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Recently I have decided to change my makeup look. For the whole Winter time I have been into a matte skin and a dark lip, but with Summer who just came in (Today! Happy first day of Summer!) I have decided to go for a completely different look. Out matte skin, and welcome glowy face and pink lips! You could have already seen in my articles on my Spring Favorite Lipsticks post, I am trying out new things, and I do find that a glowy skin is the perfect match for a shiny pink lip. I have then been looking for new brands, ones that would help me get this dewy skin, looking healthy and fresh. In my researches I stumbled upon Milk Makeup. I have never heard of it before, but discovered it by chance on Urban Outfitters' website. 

I firstly fell in love with the packaging and the name of the brand. I placed an order and tried it out as soon as I got it. Let me say, I was not disappointed. Milk Makeup has first of all this amazing Hydrating Oil, which is the perfect base to create a glowy look. I apply it all over my face and it stays light since I only use CCream in Summer, forgetting about the foundation. Then, they have an incredible highlighter, which is one of the main component of a glory makeup. This does definitely and instantly gives you the glowy look, only by itself. But what I am loving the most to achieve my perfect make up look is their Glitter Stick. I am loving it to pieces. I had a little bit of it on top of my highlighters, to make it even more dewy. The final look is always perfect with this little touch of glitters, and will make you look shiny but not too glittery, no worries. 
What's next? Their incredible Lip + Cheek stick. My absolute favorite product from this brand. They have the perfect blush colors for Summer, it looks shiny and dewy, plus, it is just the most gorgeous colors for your lips. If you had to only buy one thing from this brand, you should go for this one, for sure. My favorite colors? Coral and Berry. Both are gorgeous. 
Finally, the Lip Pigment. It is I must admit not that easy to apply, but the look is definitely worth it. It does stay for hours and is the perfect match with the highlighter. And for me who is a fan of lip products, this discovery was just amazing. Currently loving Milk Makeup. 



Book Review: Hot Milk

Sunday, 18 June 2017

To find an exceptional book is, I believe, not something that happens often. Of course there are a lot of good novels, good stories, good writers, yet to find a book truly exceptional is rare. I found one the other day. I was going to buy a novel that I could not find, and was desperately in need for a new book since I had to take my flight back home few days later and could not see myself doing it without a read for the ride. Then I picked up "Hot Milk" by Deborah Levy. At Waterstones it was one of those books "Get this one and the second will be half price". I grabbed it with another random novel on this stand and went back home. The evening after I started my read. Already I knew it was going to be different from everything I have read before. The writing was really intimate, almost voyeuristic. We entered into the mind of this girl in her twenties, struggling with her life, taking care of her sick mother. I was not really sure of what to expect when I started my reading, but I really soon realized that not much was going to happen in this book. Few actions but a heavy sentimental story. And I bloody loved it. 

I won't be able to explain you the plot of this novel. It is one of those book you cannot summarize by words and struggle to explain out loud. One of those books that you have to read to understand. It is quite short, it is dramatic and brave, it is intimate and relatable, one of a kind. The tile "Hot Milk" I believe does find its sense in the feeling you get while reading it. It is as comforting as a glass of hot milk, as enigmatic as the title. This novel, without exaggerating, might be a life changer for some people who encounter the same issues as Sophie, the main character of the story. I recognized myself in some aspect of her, in the way she is lost in her life and struggle to understand who she is in a family where she does not mean much. Heavy topics such as abandonment and family duties are approached in an easy way and help us to see ourselves in this story. "Hot Milk"is for sure, and will stay, one of my favorite novel. Deborah Levy managed to write a book that is at the same time so beautiful, powerful and banal that it is impossible to tell it. A must read. As lovely as a glass of hot milk on a breezy summer evening. 



My Dreamt Apartment IV

Monday, 12 June 2017

The student life is not as dreamy as it seems. It is actually pretty stressful, even more when you are always looking for a new accommodation and never have a fixed place of your own. I discovered that in Amsterdam, and I also realized that my 'perfect studio expectations' were much more a Disney Dream than the real life. So I have kind of stopped looking for the perfect home there, I just try to have a roof over my head for now. Then I tend to dream more about the future, and guys, I found another perfect place to live. I can perfectly picture myself in this flat, where there is also a pretty terraces, full of plants, who as you know thanks to my last editor's letter are my new love. But yes, I can see myself in 5 years living in a flat like this one, writing on my blog, being a journalist or a writer, or who-knows-what! This is definitely my new dreamt apartment. 



Spring baking

Thursday, 8 June 2017

As you may know by now, I am a huge fan of baking and pastries. And in order to find new inspirations I tend to buy a lot of baking books, but I also follow many blogs. One of my all time favorite is Linda Lomelino's website. She knows how to make a cake look good, and that is already an important first step for me who tend to judge a cake from its look. So today, as Summer is approaching, I have decided to share with you one of my favorite Summer time recipe from her blog. Go visit it and give a try to her recipes, sometimes pretty complicated for an amateur, but definitely worth the effort. Her blog is simply heaven for cake lovers. 

I have decided to choose the strawberry cream roll, a desert from my childhood, revisited by this talented blogger. To bake the cake you will need, 

Ingredients for the cake
1 tablespoon of water
140 grammes of granulated sugar + extra for rolling
3 eggs at room temperature
A pinch of salt
1 tablespoon of vanilla sugar
1 tablespoon of baking powder
120 grammes of flour

The Roll Cake
1. Start by mixing the flour, the baking powder, the vanilla sugar and the salt in a bowl and set aside. 
2. Beat eggs and sugar until fluffy and very pale, around 5 minutes. Mix with the flour mixture, add the water and stir until it becomes smooth. Place a baking paper on a roasting pan and sprinkle with sugar before spreading the mixture. Cook it at 200° for around 10 minutes. 

Ingredients for the filling
200 grammes of fresh strawberries + extra for the decoration of the cake
1 cup of heavy whipping cream 
2 tablespoon of vanilla sugar
The zest of one lemon

The Filling
Cut the strawberries in very small pieces.
Whip the cream until soft peaks form, add the lemon zest, the sugar the cut strawberries. Spread the filling over the cake - let it cool down before - and roll it carefully, not too tight. Decorate with extra strawberries, and ENJOY!



Spring Favorites

Thursday, 1 June 2017

This lovely season that Spring is is not over yet, however I already wanted to share with you my favorites since I was afraid to have to many if I waited longer to write this article. And to be honest, I already have a good loads of things here. I wanted to pick up only few categories and few products, but this season has been full of good surprises and discoveries, in various fields. I am loving this Spring 2017, and I have been trying to make the most of it without spending too much on new stuffs - even if Zara tempted me quite a lot, I must say. I have then picked up the beauty products that I have used the most, but also some stationary bits, a couple of movies and some others bits and bobs. You will find the links to shop all of my favorites above each item, you will then have time to purchase them just in time before Spring comes to an end!


You know my LOVE for stationary, and this Spring even though I have tried to stop myself from buying every single item I liked, I kind of failed, as you might have seen in a recent article. Yet I went even further, and few weeks ago purchased two items from Urban Outfitters. 
Firstly, there is the cutest notebook ever. I do not eat sushis, but I really don't care, this was too cute to be true. This Ohh Deer notebook did catch my eye, and I couldn't get out off the shop without this cute sushi pattern displayed on a notebook of such a good quality. So I failed, didn't restrain myself. Yet it is all right, I love it loads. 

This one, I definitely did not need since I already have a 2017 agenda and about 47 notebooks. But I loved the pattern so badly, I had to buy it. Peaches and pink? Which girl could actually resist this perfect combo? Not me. 


I only want to pick two items in this category since I already wrote quite a lot about beauty and shared many of my favorites those past few weeks, covering both lips and nails.  Firstly, there is this amazing Estée Lauder lipstick. The color is much more wintery, yet I couldn't resist buying it (once more...). It is actually a metallic lipstick, something I have never been found of. However the color of this particular one really got me, and when I wore it for the first time I really love the final aspect of it. It wasn't too metallic, it was actually more partly and shiny, and this effect mixed with the dark purplely color was just the bomb. 

My second beauty favorite is a fragrance. I wore perfume everyday and I tend to change a lot, not sticking for a single fragrance for a whole season. However this Spring I have been all about the scent "Love Story" by Chloé. Chloé is for sure my favorite brand when it comes to fragrances, I own every single one of them. They are at the same time fresh and girly, and perfectly match with my skin. And this Spring I completely fell in love again with "Love Story" - god, can we talk about the name and the design of the bottle??? Just perfect - and wore it every single day. I feel like I have actually finally found THE perfume I'll stick to for my whole life. 


I do not pick up movies in my favorites normally, but I have been really loving two of them recently. First of all, I rediscovered "Baby Boom", this single mum romcom already aged of several decades. I don't know if what I love most is Diane Keaton's style, or just the way she managed to live her life . Definitely a must seen. 
Then, "La La Land". Oh god I know everybody saw this one and know about it, but well I loved it! I am found of musicals, and such a dramatic but cheerful one put me in the best mood ever. And some songs, such are to die for. 


Talking about song, let me pick up my favorite one from this movie: "City of Stars", from La La Land. Who is not surprised?
Tom Rosenthal is also an artist that I have really enjoyed listening to recently, and I have to link you here my favorite song of his, which is for sure "For You to be Here".


I read quite a lot recently, but I only want to pick two of my readings here. 
Firstly, "A Tiny Bit Marvelous" by Dawn French. I have now read all of her three novels, and I must admit that this one was the funniest by far. I laughed out loud in diverse occasions while reading it - my boyfriend was really worried about my mental state when he saw me cry laughing on the bed that evening. The story of this funny and not perfect family is banal, yet full of action. All of the characters have that funny side in them that the author perfectly shows. Definitely a must read, the perfect book to bring with you to the beach. 

The other novel I picked here is really different from the first one. E. M. Forster's "A Room with a View" is for sure a classic novel from the English literature of the 1900s, and one of the most enjoyable read I had so far from this period of time. You will follow the doubts and rebellion of a young girl from the British high society, coming back from Italy to her conventional country side. Yet now after some time spent in Florence and Rome, she is not the same anymore, she discovered love and life, and is not ready to give up on that for the sake of the strict British conventions. A beautiful story.


In this final category I have also to items to tell you about. The first one is a tote bag from Mango. I always loved this brand, and their bags are actually of pretty good quality. I purchased it in black, even if Summer is coming, I stick to what I like most. It is spacious enough for my mess, and the shape is just gorgeous. A face between the faves. 

I always love flamingos. Don't ask me why, I actually have no clue. But I love them, so I won't have to explain my love for those flamingos espadrilles. Everything is said! Summer, I am coming to you.