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Korean Beauty Dream

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Since several years now Korean beauty took over Western Countries. Everywhere new brands appear and are sell in more and more shops, from Sephora to Douglas, and of course we buy. Why? Because we have all heard of the legendary perfect skin of Korean girls. No pimples, no blemishes, no redness, nothing to hide, nothing to change, their everyday rituals let them avoid our daily skin issues. So of course, once those brands have came into our Western countries, they were instantly best sellers. The promise of the perfect skin, or how to let hope grows in every Western girl. 

But this promise is only one of the aspect of those products that make us buy them frenetically. The second asset is for sure their cuteness. How can you resist a hand cream in a panda shape? Or the cutest lip balm ever, being very efficient, but also in a cate shape and smelling like cotton candy?  I did discover myself those products quite recently. Even though I've been using EOS lip balm for already more than a year, I never really had my hand on any other Korean product. However a month ago I stumbled upon the brand Oh K!, and since then I'm in love with it. Since a month I try to discover new brands, new products, and the more I discover, the more I fall in love with Korean beauty. That is why today I've decided to share with you my top 5 favorite products. But be sure than in a couple month there might be part two to this article, I'm sure I won't get tired of it... Because you know, Korean beauty is all you can dream of. Magical beauty products in the cutest packaging. The combination to make a girl happy and beautiful. 

Oh K! Panda Shaped Handcream, Cherry Blossom Scented

EOS Lip Balm, Summer Fruit

So Cool Eye Stick Panda's Dream

Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Cushy Blusher

Oh K! Lip Balm Duo, Cotton Candy & White Peach



Spring Playlist

Thursday, 27 April 2017

It has been quite long since I last published a playlist on the blog. Even if my boyfriend is a musician, recently I haven't really been into listening to any music. I'd rather read in a silent room that surround myself with sound, yet, few days ago, I discovered some tracks that might become all time favorites. So here I share with you my current playlist at the moment.

Adele, Send my Love to Your New Lover

Lana Del Rey, Black Beauty

Kidswaste, Wild

Anderson Pack, The Waters

Rihanna, Love on the Brain

NoMBe, Young Hearts

Thundercat, Friend Zone

Lana Del Rey, Old Money

Noah Cyrus, Make me

La La Land, City of Stars



Stationary Love

Monday, 24 April 2017

Between stationary and I, the love story runs for quite a long time. Since I'm able to write - like a 4 years old child would intend his first letters to Sant Claus- I'm the proud owner of notebooks and stationary bits of any type. I'm not complicated, for my birthday a notebook will always make out of me the happiest girl on earth. Weird? Maybe. But when you are a lists lover and an organization freak, but also a bit of an artist - well, I'm the proud author of many novels and poems nobody have ever read - trust me, notebooks are just life. Yet everything related to stationary makes me happy. So imagine me last Saturday, heading to town for some errands, arriving at Urban Outfitters stationary stand. I wanted everything yet the control freak in me thought "you shouldn't spend money" and I ended up buying nothing. Deeply regretting it now. 
So for this blogpost I thought I would share with you my personal favorites of the moments, many stationary bits and pieces for my favorite websites. And let me say that as a girl crazy for stationary bits it was quite a hard task to make a rather small selection of items... Anyway, here are my favorites!

This diary is for sure my favorite of the moment. Black, gold and cactus, and I'm sold. Plus, the inside setting is rather original and as always with SkinnyDip merchandise, a tiny bit humanistic. Definitely worth the rather high price...

And of course, it is always a good thing to have the matching pens!

A good collection of stickers is always a nice purchase. Whether it will end up on your phone or on a random plain notebook it will be the perfect personalization.

All of those guided notebooks with haul to fills and a place for everything to be written are nice, however sometimes you'll just need a lined notebook, just to be organized by yourself, or just messy and proud of it. This leafs printed notebook will be the perfect one to take wild notes...

Of course I couldn't go on with my selection without a Daily Journal by Ohh Deer, maybe the most useful notebook ever, an agenda where you can write everything you need, get organized, and keep for years... One of the best investment stationary and organization wise. Plus, the design of this one is especially gorgeous, just to say.

Sticky notes are a must, whether you enjoy stationary and organization or not. It is definitely  everybody have, and when they have a cat on it they are obviously even better. And if the cat is rude, it is definitely the best purchase ever.

Pugs are too cute to be left out. So here are some pencils with pugs on it.

Finally, a pink notebook. Cause every girl need one.



April Favorite bag: Chanel Backpack

Friday, 21 April 2017

Recently the trend is on the backpack. It is easy to see it, every blogger has one, preferably a couture one, rocking it with a casual outfit at Coachella or with a smarter outfit, to add an original detail. However it is now easier to find the perfect backpack, fashionable and trendy. Say goodbye to the Eastpack bag or the boring black leather and heavy ones we tend to see a lot in the 2000s on the back of some mum with 5 kids. Now backpack is fashionable, even Chloé made one, Chloé the brand of femininity and delicacy, even them. But we can understand them. How to resist how practical it is? Just put everything in it and put it on your back, it won't even bother you during the day. A dream bag for an active girl who wants to stay stylish. 
  Several months ago I presented you the Cara Mulberry Bag, which could also be used as a backpack, and even if it is still my favorite one, today I wanted to talk about the Chanel backpack. For sure the most wanted fashion piece of the moment. We find on it every signs that are so specific to Chanel. The golden logo with the intertwined CC, the criss-cross sewing and the golden chains, the three symbols of Chanel. This association of prestige with such a practical bag, keeping is classiness and chic, make out of it my April favorite, without any hesitation. 



A Day in Poetry VIII

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

What am I to you?
This question is haunting my days, haunting my nights.
The days and the nights you spend away from me. 
While I can't help myself but think of you. 
While I can't help myself but wait for you to come home to me.

What am I to you? 
This question is spinning round and round in my head. 
I feel butterflies when you look me in the eyes. 
But do you feel anything when you dive into mine?
Do you want anything from me? 
Cause I would love to steal everything from you.

What am I to you?
Just flesh and bones?
Or do you feel anything when my docile body moves under your warm hands?
I swear my flesh is on fire when you touch it.
I swear my bones could break like glass, so fragile against your will. 
But is it it? Tangled bodies in an unmade bed, just for the night?

What am I to you?
I would give all I have to keep you.
I would forget all I know to only remember you.
I would change who I am to please you.
But you, what would you do for me?

What am I to you? 
This question, without any answer after all of those days.
This question that ask all the stupid girls I guess. 
This question that turns so many souls.
This question you won't answer.
Why? I better not think about it.

Yet here I am.
Longing for an answer.
Praying for a "everything" in response.
Trying not to think that it could be "nothing".
Begging my heart not to break.
To stand it, just a few minutes more.

For the first time I asked the question out loud.
Eyes in eyes.
Hand in hand.
But in a second you left it all.
You didn't say anything. 
Just avoided my gaze, as you always do when you see love in my eyes.
And in your silence, I found my answer.

What was it like to watch you leave?
I don't know. 
Maybe just like you went away with a piece of me.
Maybe just like seeing all the stars disappear forever of my sky.
Maybe just like hearing all the goodbyes I had heard in my life said all at once.


Home Inspiration: Details

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Happy Easter! It is time for a long weekend and some quality time at home, so what better than an article showing you some of the coziest and prettiest house set from Tumblr? Easter is all about spending time at home with your family, and it is just obvious that we would rather spend time in a beautiful house, well decorated, and full of details that will make it special, unique. 
It can be a pretty bouquet of flowers to celebrate Spring. Or just to choose that special coffee mug, just a little bit more elegant. It can be this cozy blanket or just a fake messines. The perfect combination for the Easter weekend...



A book with a cat on the cover...

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

I love to read. It is for sure one of my favorite things to do. To grab a good book after a hard day of uni work, to read in the bath, while eating alone at a restaurant, by yourself sat along a canal on a sunny day, to drive the stress and your troubles away. To read is always a good idea. However, it can be hard to choose a new book to start after you've just finished your latest read. Of course, you can just look at a classics list, or take advises from your family, your friends, your local book seller... However sometimes we tend to always stick to one type of book. To stay within our comfort zone. So when I stumbled upon the PopSugar Reading Challenge 2017 I thought "I have to feature this on my blog!". 
It is at the same time a funny to-do list and a good source of inspiration for book lover willing to find their new paper crush. Some are weird topics, some others might be hard to find (with a cat on the cover? Well, actually I already can think of The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide...), or will oblige you to travel in time (a book you loved when you were young). And also, what a lovely goal! To read, to oblige yourself to look for a specific book, to look for a special one. A book lover lovely plan for the year. 



Françoise Gilot, Picasso

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Even when you spend your days studying art history, there are so many things you won't stumble upon. You cannot study everything, you cannot know every art work ever made, ever preliminary or minor drawing, every draft, even thought they might be masterpieces. Sometimes, you stumble upon an art work in the weirdest way. I discovered this Picasso drawing while scrolling on Instagram one day. A girl had it tattooed on her arm, and I thought it was too beautiful to be ignored. Fortunately, she had made written the name of Picasso under it, his signature imitated on her skin. It was then an easy deal to find the drawing and to get myself some documentation on it. Cause I was curious as never. 

I learnt about Françoise Gilot, the model, and then I decided to discover more of Picasso's drawings. At university, we only focused on his most well-know paintings, nothing surprising. Yet this drawing became my favorite work of him. Simple. So simple that it trikes you in a disturbing way. You feel like you are facing the most beautiful young girl you have ever seen.  A flower crown in her hair, a sad and at the same time condescending look in her eyes. To be honest, I don't have much more to say about this drawing. And even if now I know a bit more about it I don't feel like it is useful to share those information. This drawing is expressive, it does say it all. Its simplicity and my lack of words to describe it say it all as well. That is why it is even more special, even more unique. Just what a masterpiece is. 



Spring Favorite Lipsticks

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Spring is here, and so our beauty routine and beauty looks obviously change with the season. Winter is good for pale skin and dark lips, with strong eye-makeup to look a little bit more alive. However once Spring is here, alls we want to do is to go lighter with makeup, to only have a fresh looking skin, and pretty Springy lips. Pink colors, gloss and lip pencils instead of heavy lipsticks, it is the season for changes. So today I propose you a list of my favorite lip products that will brighten your face and your days!

Yves Saint Laurent, Volupté Tint-in-Balm, in "Tempt me Pink, n°9
It is not because Winter is over that we should stop hydrating our lips. However, it can sometimes be hard to apply a lipstick over a lip balm. The color doesn't stay, the feeling is not agreeable, and at some point you just tend to forget about the lip balm and dry your lips out by only using your lipstick. That is why this Saint Laurent product is the perfect one for the girls who like to be efficient and don't want to bother themselves with too many beauty products. In the center of the tube, an hydrating lip balm, and all around it, the color. Really light and between the gloss and the lip balm, it will left on your lips a nice feeling. Not sticky, not greasy, they will just feel hydrated while you will look stunning. 

Chanel, Rouge Coco Gloss, "Heart Beat", n°762
It feels like Spring is the season of gloss. They are shiny, they are lighter than a lipstick, and also easier to apply. I always loved Chanel gloss. The texture is nice on your lips, not too heavy, it stays all day long - of course you need to reapply it after you ate - and the look is gorgeous. So shiny and colorful, with a very large range of colors, most of them perfect for Spring time. For the occasion, I choose a intense pink, very bright and colorful, calling for Summer...

Estée Lauder, Pure Color Envy, "Shell Game"
I don't really know this makeup brand well to be honest. However when I saw this gloss I thought, "I need it". The color of the one I picked is quite particular, and even though I'm blond I've decided to give it a try. The texture feels nice, it smells really good, and "Shell Game" just kills it with this tone hesitating between orange, coral and gold. However, just like the Chanel gloss, it's still a gloss, and be prepared for it to be sticky and have your hair glued on it! But well, the color is worse it!

Dior, Dior Addict Lacker Stick, "Sassy", n°882
This Dior lip product reminds me a lot, because of the texture and of the application, of the Saint Laurent colored balm, and actually all of the Saint Laurent Volute Shine range. It is easy to apply and feels really good on your lips, very light, but also shiny, and without the disadvantages of the gloss. It is not sticky at all, and the color is gorgeous, really nice finish on your lips. I really love this range and here I picked up the brightest pink shade, just to remind us that if Spring is here that does mean that Summer is not that far now...

Chanel, Crayon de Couleur, "Rouge Corail", n°4
In my post about my favorite makeup products from Chanel, I already mentioned the Chanel Crayon de Couleur, and everything that was marvelous about it. So here I just share with you another color, symbol of the Spring and reminding us of all the flowers around us at this time of the year, Rouge Corail.



A day in... Antwerp

Monday, 3 April 2017

A couple of weeks ago, with our master degree teachers we went to spend the day in Antwerp, in Belgium. 2 hours away from Amsterdam by train, and we were in another country, with almost the same language and some architectural common points. The goal of our day away was of course educational, and then we went to visit some museums and exhibition related to our class topic. However, we did have some time afterwards to walk around this beautiful town, a sort of calm and relaxing Amsterdam. From the main streets, that you can see on the first pictures, to much more intimates places - such as the Rubens' house we visited that day -, Antwerp has been full of surprises, but also beauty. For my first time there I must say that I have been impressed by the pretenses of this city and enjoyed a lot its architecture. Here are some pictures I took during the day. 

A typical street in Antwerp, with its recognizable architrave and paved roads

The sun was setting when I took this picture at the Rubens' house, one of the most beautiful building of this city, hiding a magnificent garden

The cathedral is obviously a must-see. From this side it was even more beautiful

Antwerp Central Station, known as the most beautiful European train station