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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Fashion blogs became more and more important on the web during the years, blooming like tulips in a field in Netherlands. There are many, and frequently run by pretty girls, with a nice style, who will have the chance to get out of the crowd. You won't have to look for too long, only tapping "fashion blogger" in the Google searching space will make appear too many thousands of links. But the first that will appear will be the one of the lucky girls that gain many fans, and in the middle of this small crowd there is Aimee Song. This blogger originally from Corea and now based in Los Angeles knew how to propose something different with her outfits at the same time rock, boho and so Californian, but also thanks to her interest in fashion - she takes us along during Fashion Weeks - and design. Song of Style, her blog, is today one of the most visited in fashion field, where she shows us her outfits and travel diaries. She has been classified in Forbes "30 under 30" 2016's ranking, a prestigious award. So let's take a look at a fashion icon, one from the blogger generation. 

The Blog

I would like to start by talking about her blog, Song of Style, before going into my main subject, the creator's style. This blog actually looks a lot like other fashion bloggers' websites. Every two or three days she posts pictures of an outfit she has created, photographed by a professional photographer whom mainly works for her blog, trying to show the blogger on her better side. So Aimee's blog looks a lot like Kayture or TuulaVintage, one girl's style who has good tastes, showing them in beautiful place, whether it is at home or during their travels all around the world. Generally the outfit is built around one accessory or one garment created by a fashion designer, frequently famous, and adding to that piece personal ones, creating her own style. Song of Style seems to be a blog which does follow the fashion, talking about outfits, but also lifestyle and travel, like many others. However it is this blog that gained my attention, and that is for one simple reason: Aimee's style. Her blog became an inspiration board, bobo and rock with a Californian charm. Aimee is out of the crowd. 


It is thanks to this social network that I discovered Song of Style. It was at the time when the Explorer page wasn't filled with pictures that looked like yours, but with the ones that have the more likes. And obviously our blogger's ones where quite famous. Her account gives us a sneak peak in her universe, and when we find pictures of her outfits or simply ones of her coffee break or lunch we can only think: she lives a dreamy life, plus, perfectly immortalized. Her photos are the result of her everyday life, from sneak peak of her outfits that will be post on the blog, to food and marvelous handbags.

She knows how to make her blog popular thanks to social networks, and as many people I became obsessed with her Instagram before being obsessed with her blog. Thanks to Instagram, as she says on her blog, we are able to "get personal" and take a look at her life. She lets us enter in her Californian blogger's dreamy life. 


So here we come to serious business! Aimee Song's style. I choose this blogger because of a simple reason: I love her outfits, her looks always make me want to wake up one morning and in front of me there will be her closet. It is not yet the case, but one day maybe? Anyway, let's stop talking about my style ambitions and focus on Aimee's looks. What I love about her style is the mix between chic, bobo and rock, wether in separate looks or all in one, which does lead to beautiful outfits but also looks easy to wear! In her closet we can see that there are a lot of ethnic shirts and dresses, but also leather pieces, wool sweaters, it bags and jeans! I love fashion bloggers who are not affraid to put jeans on the front row of their looks with other pieces, more elegant and couture, which is in my view what does give credit to them in term of bloggers. They are not editors of a famous fashion magazine, they have their blog - and Aimee also got another job, home designer - but first of all they are girls like us, between 22 ans 30 years old and what I love is that they link fashion and street together. her looks are made of outfits that we could wear without any special occasion or without being a fashion editor. Obviously many of them aren't affordable, Chloé, The Kooples, brands like those frequently used by the blogger, but her look in general, brands appart, is simple and effective. And I think that we really feel the Californian side of her style, with light ethnic shirts which fit their nice springs, boyfriend jeans associated with platform shoes and many sunglasses and hats. But her style in a more general way, with short hair looking like they have just dried after a dive in the ocean. Her makeup is also pretty much natural, nothing too much, like in LA it was all about cool and chill. In a word, Aimee's look is clearly to die for. Her tastes are for sure to adopt, and since a picture replaces a hundred words, here I propose you some of her photographs which could give you some ideas for your own looks. The Korean girl has her own signature, always trying to find some inspiration but staying faithful to herself, the new Californian girl.

cosy & breakfast in bed

what's in my dior bag & cali boho



paris fashion week & desk essentials      

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A month in poetry: March

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Waking up on my own,
The alarm clock murdering my ears.
I wish you were here.
I wish it were you lips instead.
Your lips murdering my soul,
Waking me up,
With a mouthful of forever
And other beautiful lies.

Eating salad to make boys 
Want to undress me.
Cooking pancakes 
To make them fall in love with me.

Wind is blowing.
Snow is falling.
And I'm still.
Waiting for something to happen.

He's smoking by my side,
In a bed where love happened
A bit too fast last night.
A stranger in my bed,
Cigarette's smoke in my lungs,
Hot coffee spills all over the white pillow.
I turn my head, 
With a hint of hope for when I'll turn back. 

But mint and tea haven't replaced cigarette's smell.
When I turn back to him I wish it was you.
But there's a stranger in my bed.
Smoking cigarettes.
Drinking hot coffee. 

Oh you.
With your sweet taste, 
Burning my teeth and my soul,
You intoxicate me. 
You're poison to my veins, 
And pain never felt so good. 

Mash potatoes and sausages
On the kitchen table.
Fresh flowers in a vase, 
Freshly murdered.
Back to my childhood, 
Trying to escape it all with this lovely detox. 

Açaï bowl,
Sliced mangos, 
Pounded almonds. 
Breakfast swallowed with bitten fingers
In a lost Spring.

Cherries, kale, wine,
It all tastes the same
When I am drowning in your green eyes. 
Lost lovers make all tastes bittersweet.
Already drowned,
I drink one more glass of wine and bitterness. 
Cause I love how it hurts. 

Milano, Los Angeles, Mexico,
London, Paris, Moscow,
Empty places in a crowded world.
Nowhere's home without the sound of your breath,
The blood of your veins.
Everywhere I crave for home. 
Everywhere I crave for you. 

In a bed with someone new. 
Falling asleep,
Wishing here, 
It was you. 

Obsessed with shoes and dress, 
She didn't even realize her life was a mess. 

The day you left.
Alarm clock is yelling at us. 
I feel your warm body against mine, 
Until you just left an empty and cold place in the bed you layed.
I hear you in the shower.
I hear you making coffee.
And my eyes still shut,
You kiss my forehead,
And I fake sleep. 
I am sorry. 
I guess I didn't watch you go cause I didn't know how.
I wanted to breathe the air you breathed.
And now you've left. 

Tooth path in the tub, 
Soap in the sink, 
Warmth in the bed.
I can easily remind you. 

Classic French Literature

Sunday, 10 April 2016
Elisabeth Vigée Lebrun, Selfportrait at 16, 1771.
This face seems to be straight out of a Madame de Lafayette or Balzac's novel. Elisabeth Vigée Lebrun in her self-portrait looks a lot like one of those girl, running after love in a classic story.

How many of you taking French Literature class were completely bored and fed up by Balzac, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Madame de Lafayette's novels? Don't tell me a thing, I know the answer, almost every single one of you. And even if I don't want to judge you, I am judging you. Ok, not really. Plus I can relate to the school context, and imagine your annoying teachers asking you tons of questions on your readings, but it is such a shame that does influe on our literature tastes! I understand this hate, this disgust created by school, courses, teachers and tests, and myself, as a literature lover, I had to face this problem so I get the point. But anyways, somehow, I became conscious that literature shouldn't be something you'll have to see only as a study subject, it is actually not the way to fall in love with classics. At school I used to enjoy reading all of those novels, short stories, classics and stuffs, but I hated it when my teacher was like "anywise this sentence" or "answer this question". At college, in Comparative Literature, it became way more interesting, and to read the 600 pages of Proust's novel wasn't a problem at all, I truly enjoyed it actually. As much as I enjoyed reading all of the other ones, trying to understand them better, to know more about the authors, and to discover the hidden sense of the story. I learnt a new way to appreciate reading classics. And this is why I am maybe part of the few persons that thank school/university for forcing me to read and ask myself questions on what I was reading, even if the high school system was far from the best. So here I beg you to read again, or fort he first time, those classics, from Zola to Maupassant and Flaubert, far away from school system, only for your personal pleasure. 
    Even though I love literature studies, I decided to go back to "reading for pleasure" during the summer after I ended my university degree. During this break kind of thing I read some books that I never had, like Eugenie Grandet by Balzac, or read for the second time some of my all time favorite as La Princesse de Clèves by Madame de Lafayette. Out of the school context, those novels are completely different, and those classics become your favorite books ever. Trust me, you have to give them a try! A train journey, a rainy afternoon or a waiting space or whatever else, every moment and every place will be a good one to start! And by reading for your own pleasure, it will become a hundred time better. You won't ask yourself a thousand questions, and you will only focus on the more important thing: the beauty of those stories and there writing. No need to look for style figures in Balzac's novels, only focus on his flawless descriptions, and Flaubert will not be interesting only for his vocabulary, but now for his characters so well described physically and mentally that they seem real, standing in front of our eyes. Madame de Lafayette won't be studied because in her book she brings some autobiographies content, but only because her love stories will make you dream of impossible loves and charming princes. Everything become better in literature when you start reading it for what it has been written: pleasure. You have to take your time, follow the story and just enjoy, nothing more is asked. 
    Examples are many, hundred of authors, thousand of books, so I won't list them or what they are worth, it will be up to you to discover it! Go beyond your prejudices, forgot your bad school memories and dive in this classic literature sea, full of surprises, and so different from what is written today. A true literature, telling about another life, which will lead you from tears to laughs. When the book will be closed you will dream of having lived in Paris during 1800's, or to be heartbroken girl on the French country side. I won't tell you more about those stories, you will have to take the best of them by yourself now! No need to work to do so, just to let you be leaded by the author, deep in the magical land of classical French literature.