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A Day in Poetry II

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

You're such a lovely boy,


Why would you kiss me? 
Nobody wants to dive in that sea.

You're such a lovely boy,

Why would you stay with me?
Don't you understand who I long to be?
And I don't know why,
But it leaves you breathless.

You're such a lovely boy,

Why would you fall for me?
Here there is nothing left to see.
Am I pretty? Am I lovely?
Don't be bad.
Don't answer yes.
You'll make me mad.
You'll be pitiless.

You're such a lovely boy,

Why would you love me?
Tell me why, please pretty.
I hate living under this sky.
I loved you better when you were shy.

You were such a lovely boy,

Here it is.
A hundred tears.
When you were about to fall.
Not for the girl I am,
But for the one you wanted me to be.
You realized.
You opened your eyes.
I am no more lovable.
You are no more reachable. 

You were such a lovely boy,

You left, I stayed.
I knew, you hoped.
Summertime faded away
And you are no more than a memory in a child's play.

I wish you would have stay.
You were such a lovely boy.

What's in my dream bag

Sunday, 8 May 2016
How could we forget about this hashtag that we saw everywhere for months? Every single day, on Instagram, Tumblr, all those bloggers throwing to our faces their magnificent Vuitton full pf cool stuffs? Personally, I've always loved this hashtag. Pictures are always perfect, it-bags are the one we always wish we had, from Chloé to Céline, and when I saw the contents I was constantly thinking, "how could those girls spent a whole day with only those few things in their bag?". For me, my bag is hell. It's bloody heavy, I've got ten different tissues packs, a wallet full of recipes, biscuits, hand cream, face cream, lipstick,  a notebook, too many pencils, a charger, a hairbrush, my beauty case full of mess, and a thousands more stuffs. So many that I can't even list them. So in this article I've decided to do THE List, with everything that I would like to have in my dream bag. But before we talk about the content, let's see which bag would handle it. 

I love so many of those it-bags. Seriously, it was too hard to choose. the bucket bag from Mansur Gavriel, or Drew by Chloé - here I just had to be realistic, it was way too small for all of my mess - the Speedy from Vuitton, or what about the Saint Laurent bucket bag? - yes, I love that snap, to does allow a lot of mess.  But finally, I went for Céline, with the awesome Trapèze bag. His original shape is at the same time timeless and practical. I'd rather choose it in burgundy, grey and black for each part of the bag, bottom, sides and tip. The possibility to mix three colors made me love this bag even more, you can create your won and that is what attracted me at first. 

Now, let's see the content! Here is the list of what I'll dream to have in the Céline bag of my dreams. 

  • A wallet. I've got one in fuchsia for like two years and I love it. It's huge, practical and it can handle a lot of tickets - I know, I have to stop shopping - and all of my bank and fidelity cards? Well ok I like my wallet. But in my Céline bag I'll crave for the Marcie wallet from Chloé, in grey. It's as well practical, but say classier, and well, it's Chloé. 
  • Only one pack of tissues! Just one, ok? A bloody unique pack. 
  • My hairbrush. It's necessary, I don't want to look like a chicken if it's start to be windy. 
  • A toothbrush. And a travel size toothpaste tube. Yes, I can't stand the idea to smell like old food. 
  • A pack of gums. In case I can't find a sink.
  • A lip balm, just to keep my lips hydrated before putting on a propre lipstick.
  • ONE pencil. 
  • My keys.
  • My makeup bag. But only with the minimum! Which includes lipstick of the day, CC cream, mascara and concealer.
  • Phone charger.
  • Headphones.
  • Cell phone.
  • A novel.
  • A notebook.
Credit: Song of Style

I think that's it! But I feel like I've already put too much in it and I'll love to throw in it a lot of useless stuffs. But after all, I am a girl. And that is what a girl is. We love to take our home with us everywhere we go. And we love to have a tone of different bags. And to have a tone of stuffs in it because I'm paranoid and I feel better when I have ten packs of tissues and two pair of socks just because we love to have them with us. I think that I'm going to spent ten one other hour checking the pictures tagged with #What'sInMyBag, because I'm not sure that one day I'll have that bag and be able to keep calm and respect mu precious list. Maybe one day... But for now I've got to leave, I have to find my laptop charger somewhere in the deep of my messy bag...

Sun Kil Moon, Benji

Sunday, 1 May 2016

If there's one book you should take along with you during a train journey, just refer to my post concerning classic French literature. And if there's one music to listen to, just listen to the marvelous album named Benji by Sun Kil Moon. Mark Kozelek's band change in music the story of his life, telling us about family tales, stories of people he met, moment he lived, events that have shocked him like Newtown's shooting, or the song named Benji. More than simple songs, this album is an anthem to sincerity and beauty, with a real soul, just like poems on unforgettable melodies. 
    But you will tell me, "why do you ant us to listen to this album while we're on a train journey?". And I'll answer you, because you have to listen to those songs while time passing without you noticing. You will have time to pay attention to the lyrics, which is the most important thing to do. And then you will realized that there is nothing banal in those tracks. Every song tells a story, a part of the artist's life exposed in a poetic but harsh way. Wether it is about love stories - and sex - or his cousin's death, Mark Kozelek hides nothing to us. Without any chastity  he tells us the stories that made him who he is now, the feelings he felt in every situation, he makes us want to cry when we hear that Jim Wise will go to prison because he has killed his suffering wife, and then failed at suicide. Anthem to his own stories for sure, but also to the one that his country, the US, lived during the writing of the album. Pray for Newtown is one of them, and tells in music this massacre. The singer wants us to remember it, to think about the victims while celebrating Christmas or our birthday, cause those people won't be able to do that anymore. While Dogs is all about the writer love stories, from the first kiss to the latest heartbreak, telling everything with his almost frightening sincerity. His feelings are the heartbeat of the album, and while listening to it you will look at the landscapes while on your train journey with a different look. Maybe with blurry eyes, full of tears, when I can't live without my mother's love will spread its last notes...