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Summer capsule wardrobe

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Summer is here, I am back home, the temperatures are high up, and I am ready for a Summer wardrobe. Since almost a year now, I am trying to buy less according to my crushes, & much more according to my actual wardrobe and the wearability I will get out of every piece. I want to shop in a more conscious way, buy less to wear more. This new philosophy for the last Spring has paid off, and I have been able to build outfits that I loved, and to really wear what was hanging in my closet. So for this Summer, even if I know I'll stick to some pieces I have owned for a couple of years, I wanted to get some new items, ones that will match my style of today, express my vision of my Summer look. 

The first piece I bought was a simple white tee-shirt, ornamented with a discreet but lovely embroidery. I had this item in mind for quite a while, since a white tee-shirt is such a basic. But I wanted to find one with an embroidery that I could really wear - some are seriously too dumb and ridiculous - and one that would have the perfect fit for my body. I found this piece in Mango, and since then cannot stop to wear it. The embroidery, "Honey that's right" is very discreet, located on the collar, sewed in hand-written like black letters. A basic that can work with any type of bottom, from the tailored short to the jeans. Unfortunately this exact tee-shirt is not available anymore, however I have found a very good alternative, click the link below to shop it!

Bottoms are my weakness. I never really know what to wear appart from jeans and black tailored trousers. Not bold enough to rock a good print I guess. However, I have decided to be bolder - but not too much - and last week I bought a gingham trouser. Nothing crazy, I know, but such a big step for me! And what an amazing discovery! I love this print, and it goes perfectly with the white tee-shirt I just told you about. This Zara one, which I stumbled upon by chance, is the perfect match for me. It is high waisted, ankle length, and has some ruffles on the pocket, which adds a nice detail. Plus, they are so light weight and comfy! The perfect trousers for the hot days. 

To stay in the topic of bottoms, I also decided to invest in a pair of tailored shorts. I am kind of fed up of those denim shorts, always so tiny and not that comfy. To keep it casual, but still look a little bit more dressed up than in denim shorts, I went for paper bag waisted ones. They are flowy and will let you breath on hot summer days, while keeping it classy yet casual. H&M has really good options, and I went for one of their model, in a beige color. An essential Summer piece.

If bottoms are my weakness, tops are my favorites. Every Summer I have to face the same problem: to not buy all of the tops from Zara. This year was another hard one, yet I have been able to finally choose only two of them. Most of the time, I go for light and flowy materials, such as linen and organic cotton, sustainable fabrics, good for the planet and comfy for your body. My color palet is rather neutral, I love an off-white or a beige top, or a light blue one. Zara has a rather large selections of this type of items, and I have here featured my two purchases. The first one that I choose is an off the shoulders top, which is for sure a must for this Summer 2018. The details of this one makes it rather unique, and original. The embroideries and the ruffle, mixed together, are at the origin of a fresh, summery top, perfect to go with denim short for instance.
The second one, when I saw it, I must say, it was a real crush. This Greek inspired top was right up my street, and I could not not get it. Yet even if it was a crush it was a smart choice. I know I will get a lot of wear out of it, once again with denim skirt or short I guess. The material and the shape are also extremely flowy, and then, the comfiest. 

The last type of top I have deiced to invest in is a cami. I am not really into those very lingerie like ones, and then decided to only stick to the spaghetti straps and light weight characteristics of this item. I did shop this one in Mango, and I love it. The shape is extremely flattering, while the embroideries take me back once again to the Greek style I am a sucker for. Another smart crush. 

Clothes wise, I have one more item I really needed to add into my Summer wardrobe: a sun dress. I already have a few, yet I wanted to add a new one for my rather small collection, and I had a pretty clear idea in mind of what I wanted: a wrap around dress. I have found the perfect one on Asos, by Faithful the Brand. It is on the pricier side, I am aware of it, but this dress I am sure I will keep forever. It is a style that will never get old, while the print is simple yet sophisticated. A dreamy piece, just what I needed for a hot Summer night. 

Accessories wise, I could have went totally nuts, but I kept my calm and only bought two pieces. The first of them is a pair of slides. I did not own any classier ones, and I decided that this would be a smart investment. Those shoes can go with absolutely anything, from the dress, to the gingham trousers or a simple pair of jeans. Once again, I turned to Zara and their pretty cool dupes of the Saint Laurent Nues Pieds. They look almost similar, and are pretty comfy. A good found I am pretty chuffed about!

As for the bags, as I recently told you, I am all about woven ones this Summer, and then deiced to get my hands on one of those now famous round woven bag. They are sold in various places, from Etsy to independent shops and high street stores. I found my perfect one in Mango. It is made in Indonesia, in the traditional way, and I must say the quality is here. I love its details, from the bow that closes the bag, to the pattern of the straw. I went for the black one, which was a bit more up my street, and I cannot leave it. A favorite that I will keep forever. Unfortunately it is not available anymore, but I will link below few options you could choose from!

So here is my Summer capsule wardrobe! I hope you'll fin some inspiration and enjoy my little shopping list. As for me, I am now going to head out, in my gingham trousers, and enjoy my very Summery day đŸŒ¿☀️



Healthy mornings

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Summer is almost here, and since few months now I have tried to get myself into an healthier routine, both for my body to feel and look better. As a French person, I tend to be unhealthy straight away when I wake up: coffee with milk, bread with butter and jam, croissants and other pains au chocolat were part of my morning diet. Nobody had to tell me off, I knew that it was not good. Since I have moved to Amsterdam, I kind of left this bad habit behind for obvious reasons: it is hard to find good bread and croissant in this country. My breakfast diet has then completely changed, and I discovered, about two years ago, something I never had tested before: oatmeal. Quickly enough, I discovered all the good this food would do to me, thanks to the FitnessGoals website. I was then pleased to learn that it was a source of many minerals, including magnesium, iron and zinc. But more than that, it is a real stomach filler. I must say that I do not start craving for food at 11.00 anymore, and I guess that it is up to this magical potion. FitnessGoals also taught me that as a source of fibers, oatmeal was both good for your digestive system and regulate - or even help loose! - weight. A winner in other words.

When I read this article, I was so glad I have been eating oatmeal for months now, and to be fair, at first, it was all right. I had oatmeal every morning with berries, and was happy with it. But to be honest, with the time, I started to be fed up with the taste of it and my usual berries mix. Luckily, FitnessGoal's post did much more than simply explain the benefits of an oatmeal breakfast, it also game me ideas to improve my oatmeal game and actually enjoy eating it every morning. I have then learnt that you can put absolutely everything in your oatmeal, from cocoa powder to pumpkin pie spice. I was not so sure at first, but gave a try to the different options they proposed, and ended up eating a different breakfast every morning, but with the same health basis. The post on their website gives various ideas and options you should definitely give a try to, but also proposes many other recipes and tips to be healthy and in good shape! As for me, my favorite  recipe is to mix a tiny bit of honey with my oatmeal, then to add some honeycomb, bananas and bloody orange. Delicious, and getting me ready for Summer.



Currently Loving... Rodin Beauty

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

To be more responsible when it comes to fashion and beauty, is now not only reserved to few outsiders, it is a conscious need that more and more men and women realize, and go towards. Beauty and skincare products tend to be full of ingredients that, for most of them, we don't know, and cannot even pronounce their names. Too chemical, too agressive, too bad for the planet, and sadly still tested on animals. Yet to find sustainable beauty brands which actually believe in those values, apply them, and are cruelty free, can be a hard task. Lucky you, I have found the perfect one! As you might know if you read my skincare routine post, I have now found the perfect products for my skin to feel and look nice, but also products that actually contain only few ingredients and good ones. However, Rodin's philosophy convinced me: "Use good, use less, and get on with it". I totally agree with this 'to the point' philosophy, and decided to give them a try.

To be fair, this was a pretty good decision to make. I have ordered few bits and pieces, and honestly, I really get on with them. I have not let down my usual beauty routine, however to add some of their products improved my skin and its quality even more. I have added to my morning and evening ritual their Jasmine & Neroli Face Oil, which naturally gives me the glow we all crave for. And to take it even further, I gave a try to their Hair Oil, and what a game changer! My hair is just beautiful, so shinny and soft, and the oil smells heavenly. Their oils collection totally convinced me, and as they constitute their main focus, I can tell you they know what they are doing. 

However, Rodin also creates makeup products, and as the beauty addict that I am, I had to try some of them. My favorite of all of my purchases might be their Lip Balm, and not only because it comes in the fanciest packaging, but also because it really works. Made with shea butter, beeswax and smelling heavenly of neroli and jasmine, it hydrates your lips in such a way that you don't even feel it. But more than nourishing, I noticed by using it regularly, that it did smoothen up my lips and that it is also an amazing basis for lipsticks. Speaking of lipsticks, Rodin came up with the boldest and most beautiful shades of them. I could rave about all the amazing colors, yet my favorite one is for sure the beautiful nude "So Mad", which, to be short, is the perfect nude. And I believe that they must have used a similar formula as with their lip balm, for the lipsticks are so easy to apply, not sticky but soft and creamy, with a light and comfortable matte finish. The hardest part will be to not buy every color in my next order!

Last but not least, I recently fell in love with their Mermaid collection. Well, to be fair they already got me at the name, yet the collections, which also has an amazing packaging, keeps its promises. For this Summer, they came up with a simply amazing Illuminating Powder, a mix between a powdery product and a gel: a dream. The color is also something. You can definitely build it, to create a very light glow, or a rather strong and bold one, it is up to you! The product is very easy to use, and works with every skin tones, another way to create sustainable beauty. And holly fish, the packaging is a mermaid dream. 

I hope you would have enjoyed this little review of Rodin Beauty, and will eventually try out some of their amazing products! I am always really happy to try out sustainable brands, and when their products are so respectful of your skin and health, it is even more dreamy. A 'currently loving' that I will for sure love for years.



Book Review: 'Call Me By Your Name', André Aciman

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Few weeks ago, I told you about my love for the movie 'Call Me By Your Name'. It left me so heartwrentched and romantic that I was sure I would never find such a romance. Until I read the book, which I finished few weeks ago. Normally I am more the kind of person who reads the book then watches the movie, but this time the hype got me, and to be fairly honest I decided to watch it mainly because I did not know what to watch and heard so many good things about it that I was sure to not like it. Jesus, that sounds so elitist! My apologies. But anyway, I watched the movie before reading the novel, and I could not undo that: now I had to do things the other way round. So I went and bought the book, and read it in about a week. To be fair it was quite nice to put faces on names and landscapes on descriptions, yet I hated knowing what was coming next, or worse, waiting for a scene in particular - the ending obviously. But I went through it, and as the end was coming, holding my breath, I realized that this was actually not the end. I won't spoil anything if some of you want to read the novel, but to keep it short, a whole part of the book has been deleted in the movie. And well, this last part was just the most beautiful and heartwrentching, in my view. The novel, with this last chapter, took a whole other dimension. Now it was not only about a love story between two young lovers, lasting for a short Summer, but the story of a love living for a lifetime. Actually, when I look at the movie and at the novel in their whole, I see two different narratives, two different messages, two different loves. Which is not a bad thing, because I had the possibility to be surprised anyway, which was very much pleasant. If you read the book and watched the movie, please let me know in the comments what you thought of them! I am really curious to have an external point of view coming in to ruin mine. Yet I don't know, I think that this different ending made me love the novel even more than the movie. And I am kind of sad that everybody is raving about Timothy Chalamet, when the Elio of the book is just a thousand time more beautiful.



May Favorite Accessory... Straw Hats

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

For the past two years I have been telling you each month about my favorite bag. However, as the months go by, and the seasons change, I cannot seem to find any new bag I deeply fall in love with. That is why, from now, each month I will tell you about my favorite accessory. 

I am starting this new series with straw hats. How appropriate with this weather! Summer is around the corner, and with the 30°C we have now in Amsterdam I can already take my sunny days accessories out. I have always been into hats, since I was a kid. Caps, Winter hats, every shape, every color, but my all time favorite is for sure the straw hat. It just screams Summer, holidays, the smell and the sound of the sea. And as I said in my Summer lounging favorites post, it most of all protect you from the sun. It is far more natural, and as effective as a sunscreen, for keeping your face from sun damages, but also your hair! 

Yet its protective qualities are not what it is all about. The straw hat is the perfect accessory to pair with any Summer outfit, whether it is a sundress, simply your bikini, or even to spice up a little bit a pair of jeans and a white tee-shirt. 

I have listed you here some options from high street brands - as my hats are all from last year. There are some really good options at the moment for affordable prices, pieces you should rush for! 

I just cannot wait to spend my Summer holidays under the shade of one of these beauties!