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Some time away...

Monday, 10 December 2018

It's been a little while since I last posted. To be fairly honest, I was not feeling like it at all. I am at a point right now where I am not sure what I want, and what's best for me. Don't get me wrong, I love my blog, and I love writing, but at the minute it hadn't fulfilled me as it used to. So I took a break - and I'm still doing it - in order to reflect on what's best for me, what I aim at, and where I want to go. I am thinking about starting back afresh in January, but I won't promise more than an article here and there, time to time. I already took a break this Summer, and then struggled to keep up with the usual posting schedule, and as much as I thought it was because I wanted to make the most of my Summer and not worry about the blog, I guess something else was behind all of that. 
All I can say right now is that I hope I'll be back here soon, feeling like it again, and enjoying it as much as I used to when I started this adventure. The blog might also change a little bit, the articles being a little more personal and less focused on pieces and objects. I am letting myself the time to think about and realize what might be best for me, and how I want this blog to go on. 
For now, I wish you the best Christmas holidays, and I hope you'll all have a wonderful end of the year. Merry Christmas in advance, and - I hope - I'll see you next January. Fresh and ready for 2019. 

Love you, 


November Favorite: Chloé Nile

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Accessories have always been a must in a woman's closet, since the birth of fashion. However, today, we seem to live in a world where sometimes an outfit can be secondary, and the main attraction is the accessory. And thanks to that trend, fashion has become easier, and even more sustainable. Now, all you need is a capsule wardrobe made of classical pieces for every season, good basics that will last you for years, and some more original garments to avoid falling into something too boring and simple. All you need then, to create an outfit, is good accessories. And bags are definitely crucial in that step. Yet not any bag. You will need a statement one, a bag that will pop and make your basic and simple pieces stand out. And that is what the Chloé Nile Bag will do. 
First of all, it is a Chloé bag, and the brand knows how to create a statement piece, but also a classic that will last in time. The quality of this bag is obviously very good - hence the crazy prices though - and this will be blatant and noticeable by anyone. But what is so special about this bag is that it is both a handbag, and a jewel. The golden hardware is worked like a jonc type of bracelet would be, and will actually look like you are wearing a gold bracelet. This accessory combines jewelry and bag, and most of all, will upgrade any of the item of your capsule wardrobe. 



A Milenial Color

Monday, 19 November 2018

It is funny how one product can have all of the hype. Beauty bloggers, YouTubers, influencers, have all praised the now so famous Charlotte Tilbury lipstick adorably named "Pillow Talk". We have heard everything about it, but mainly that it was the 'perfect nude', and a 'favorite'. Yet how could we disagree? 
It all started with a lip liner, launched in 2013 by the British makeup designer. As soon as it launched, it became a best seller, praised for its ability to make your lips look fuller, plumped, and simply better. A natural shade that was also perfect for many skin tones. Aware of its success, the brand decided to develop the product into a lipstick, now a real must have for all neutral lips and natural color lovers. The formula which has a matte finish, but is however riche and not drying, but also the perfection of that color, made of this launch one of the most important in the makeup industry of the 21st century. Charlotte Tilbury describes it herself as a lipstick that will give you "the most beautiful lips of your life". Quite a statement. Yet one I would definitely agree with. This color is discrete and neutral, however, when you wear it, it is definitely noticeable. Because if it won't give a massive pop of color on your face, it will however make your lips look perfect, with a simple rosy tint. 
The success of the lip liner and the lipstick led to one of the most exciting launch of the year. In 2018, Charlotte Tilbury presented to the world her two new palettes, inspired by the now worldwide best seller lipstick. The result? A rosy cheek palette that will once again leave a discrete color, yet add just what's needed for your face to look illuminated and alive. The Pillow Talk Cheek Palette is actually giving you the "in love" kind of blushing, what we all craved to find, and she made it. 
Concerning the eye palette, well, that's a real dream. A combination of four colors, including the pink from the lip liner, declined in three shades, a lighter and shimmery one, a darker pink, and a rose gold that is the one of dreams. 
It is funny how one color can go through the years, and constantly be praised by new bloggers, YouTubers, and influencers. Yet I totally understand the hype, and am one of the first to praise this lovely shade, and rushed to get all of its new products. "Pillow Talk" achieved to become an emblematic color, and once you'll have tried it, you'll understand why. A real makeup dream. 



Book Review: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, Gail Honeyman

Monday, 12 November 2018

Books are made to let you escape the reality of life, which is, let's be honest, rather harsh. However, some books - many - are even harsher than your daily life, and that is what Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine is. But don't get me wrong, this novel was an amazing read, but instead of making the reader escape from a sometimes sad and harsh reality, it made him/her dive into an even harsher one. 
Eleanor Oliphant believes to be happy with her life. Alone, no friends, an ok place to live in, a job to pay the bills, no love life, but well, that is fine for her. Until the day she realizes there is much more to it than what she's got. A series of events make her realize the lacks in her life, and even with the scars she carries from a traumatic and terrible past, she now wants better. Yet nothing is that easy, and this road to happiness will be chaotic. Because you can never leave the past behind. 
This novel was more than a story, it was also an eye opening book about mental issues and traumatizes, a story showing us that the dream lives we see on Instagram and others social media, is not everyone's. Gail Honeyman, with her first novel  achieves to write an amazing story, full of feelings. We go from laughter to tears, and we fall in love with every character of the book. But what I liked most about this novel was the realism of it, the fact that to read it was not to escape our day to day life, but to realize that everybody struggles in life, that sometimes their issues are much harder to overcome than what we have imagined, that life is not that easy for anybody. But Gail Honeyman goes further, and teach us a real life lesson: observe, and help if you can, and trust her, you can. Friendship is another very strong theme of this novel, and even if Eleanor has been unhappy and unlucky for years, her terrible past led her to amazing new friendships, taking her on a new road.
I won't say more, cause I might be tempted to tell you the story from A to Z, or worse, to copy the whole book here. Because to review this book, I'll just have to say that I did not want it to end. 



Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

I am more and more willing to get a good - not to say better - use of my wardrobe. I do own a lot of garments obviously, and that I accumulated with the years. But basically, my tastes change with time, and the things I wore three years ago I am not a big fan of anymore... So this Summer I sold some of my belongings, and decided to purchase some pieces that won't get old, neither in the fashion world, nor in my liking. Today I then want to share with you my Autumn capsule wardrobe, telling you about some basics that I already own, but also sharing with you some new season pieces that I included, and believe that I'll keep if not forever, for a while.

Fall is, in a sense, the new Spring. So to reuse pieces from your Spring and Summer capsule wardrobes would be my first tip. One of my most worn pieces today is my gingham trouser, and every day the sun has shined this fall, and the temperatures have been high enough, I took them out to enjoy the beautiful days Autumn can offer us. Obviously, this gingham trouser can be paired with any of your tee-shirt that you bought this Summer, or own for years. The only thing to do is add a cardigan, and here I have a good little number for you. This Mango cardigan is a beautiful piece that you should have in your wardrobe, because not only it will be your ally this Fall, but all year long. This is for sure of staple of my capsule wardrobe. Another of them, which is the perfect transitional piece is a denim jacket. Black, light wash, white, pink or natural, no matter the color, any of them will be the perfect one, as long as it does fit your wardrobe pieces! It is important to keep in mind when you buy a new piece, whether it will or not go with your belongings hanging in your closet. I know it can be easy to fall in love with a purple denim jacket, almost too beautiful to be true, but keep in mind that in fashion as in every day life, you sometimes have to follow your brain, and not your heart... I never told you that conscious fashion was an easy game to play!

This first part is certainly fitted for the 'good' days of Fall. But let's be true to ourselves, Autumn can quickly become very chilly not to say cold. At some point, we'll have to say goodbye to denim jackets and light trousers, to go back to jeans, knits and coats. After all, it is already November, and temperatures are no dropping. Concerning jeans, I would advise you to own one from every wash and color, naming grey, black, blue, and light wash. Those are the basics, and will keep you company during every season, but also for years if you find your perfect cut and brand. Personally, I mainly shop at Zara and TopShop, which produce real denim that will last you for years. 
Knitwear wise, it is hard for me to give you any tip. I'm not gonna lie, that's my guilty pleasure, and maybe one of the only reason why I love cold weather. But once again, my tip would be to choose according to what you already have. Don't go for something too similar, choose colors and shapes that will go with your bottoms and coats, and be careful when it comes to the material. Good quality fabrics is also something that we shouldn't leave behind. I tend to go for knits that contain wool, or cashmere, so they keep me warm, and if washed correctly will last for long. I've listed here some of my favorites from this season's high street brands. 

Last but not least, outerwear. I try not to buy too many coats and jackets, simply for the reason that they take way too much space in my wardrobe. So I am very strict with myself. This year, however, I will treat myself to a new coat, since it has been years since I did not. On the highstreet market, I believe that Zara has very good options, so I might fall for this lovely and definitely affordable piece... Zara Masculine Coat, now I just have to choose between camel and light grey! 
Shoes wise, a pair of boots is a must have. This year, I fell for those Zara - wish I was sponsored - ones, leather free, and just perfect for the colder season! 

So I guess that is all for my capsule wardrobe! I hope you'll get inspired by it, and find some good pieces to add to your curated closet!