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My dreamt apartment III

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Every time I share with you pictures of a nice apartment, I tend to show you studio flat, something tiny, something I can dream of but that still could be a possible home for me. However, since a couple of weeks now, I collected more and more interior images, dreaming of bigger houses, bigger flats, a place I could see myself live in when I'll have the life I'm dreaming of. So today I've decided to share with you images of a beautiful flat in Stockholm. I stumbled upon it on Gravity Home, a Tumblr blog full of inspiration if you are an interior design lover. 
The apartment I'm showing you today is everything you could ever dream of. Calm and clear colors, a nice organization, and a cosiness in the details. Not only a house, but also a home. 

xo from home, 


February Favorite: Cara, Mulberry

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Some brands just make you love fashion. The British brand Mulberry was for sure the one that made me fall in love with this world of glitter and futility. In the first Vogue Paris that I bought - almost ten years ago now, when I was 12 - there was an article about Mulberry. It was a short one, but as soon as I saw the pictures of the bag and read the story of the brand, I realized that fashion was actually way more than everybody around me was saying. Fashion was not 'stupid' and 'soul less'. Fashion was a real world, with real good ideas and real beauty, that you can grab with your hand. Like a Mulberry bag.
This brand is emblematic of  a British chic style with a touch of modernism. How could it not be with ambassadors such as Alexa Chung - and her marvelous 'Alexa Bag' I'm still dreaming of today - or Cara Delevingne, one of the most stylish British model who actually also had the chance to create a design with Mulberry, which did become the 'Cara Bag'. 

I can't really think of a better bag for a 21 - my God, 22 in a couple of weeks... - year old girl attending university, always busy, but who wants to stay stylish. This bag is everything. You can wear it as a backpack, which will be elegant and practical at the same time. Perfect size to put all of your mess in it - bit too small for the MacBook Air, but it won't kill us to take written notes if we can have such a pretty bag to go to our lectures, right? - yet not too big, and so avoiding 'the girl with a huge bag look' that we don't want. 
As a handbag, it is even more beautiful. You can carry it in your hand, and use the strap to have it on your shoulder, for a classy but cool look. Concerning the details, they are many on this purse. You can choose it with the golden lion heads decor, and have a pretty large choice of colors. But more, you can choose the option of natural leather! Which is a real plus. But well, let's dream of this dreamy bag. 



Travel Diary: London

Sunday, 19 February 2017

This is one of the most touristic city in Europe, but once you went there you understand why. London, the city of fashion lovers, of tea lovers, of culture and art lovers, of markets lovers, of craftsmanship lovers, of animal lovers, of architecture lovers, of History and royalty lovers, should I go on? Well, you understood what I meant, London is a place where everybody can fin why he likes, a city made for everyone. You go there to get inspired, to get lost in this gigantic town, to learn and discover, and you are never disappointed. 
London is chic, elegant, preppy and pretty. It is one of a kind, with its magnificent architecture and its legendary royalty, a myth in real life. A happy place for tourists in a word. And the other day I found myself thinking about this special town, and decided to write a travel diary about it, sharing with you my all times favorite spots. So here is a non exhaustive list of what to do in London town. Just some ideas, because London has so many treasures that then it will be up to you to get lost in your travel guide books and find the spots that will perfectly match your interests. Yet let's start with some mythic places. 

Holland Park Neighborhood
I think that this neighborhood embodies the preppy style of London. All of those beautiful houses, with their pretty doors and secret alleys. To get lost in this neighborhood will get you into a British state of mind. You will start to imagine yourself living in one of those pretty master houses, with tulips at the window and a corgi dog barking at tourists on the street. The spirit of the elegant, preppy and classy London lives in those streets, and you will love to chase it. 

The National Portrait Gallery
Art lovers, this is the place to go. London has so many art museums that it is hard to choose which one to visit, but the National Portrait Gallery, in my view, is a good start. All of the great masters are gathered in those gigantic rooms, mythic paintings hanged on the walls for your mesmerized eyes. Observe and admire.

Covent Garden & Liberty
Markets are a really important tradition in London. You can find some of all kinds, from flowers to antiquities. However, to have an overview on all kind of stuffs, Covent Garden is the right market to go. For tourists, there are many cheap art pieces for sale representing the city, and others souvenirs. But you can also find some spots with real London stuffs, with second hand garments and old style lightbulbs.
Liberty is also iconic. Everybody know the building, and inside this pretty shop you will find nice brands - pretty expensive though - and some merchandise from the shop that you could bring back home as a - flowery - souvenir.

Carnaby Street
If you want to shop, you'll definitely have to go to Carnaby Street. It is full of surprises, the perfect spot to find the most interesting shops ever, from cute cupcakes shops, to records sellers and second hand quality clothes. Art, music, garments, you can shop everything on Carnaby Street, an grab a ice tea in one of the many café along the road. Take time to make some errands here, and spent too much a little bit of money!

Afternoon tea at Sketch
Wes Anderson lovers, pink lovers, and of course, tea lovers, this is the right place for you to go and have your traditional British afternoon tea. The decor is like no other, it will just be like you are in a movie scene from a Wes Anderson production. The perfect spot to meet at 5 p.m on a lovely afternoon. 

Westminster Abbey & Kensington Palace
Those are must see! London won't be anything without the royalty, and Kensington Palace is at least as much interesting as Buckingham, but you'll find less tourists there! Admire the beauty of this 'castle' and have the possibility to imagine yourself as a queen for a minute.
There are many churches and abbeys to visit in London, but Westminster is for sure one of the most emblematic and impressive one. Take the time to be mesmerized and blown away by the splendor of Westminster Abbey.



Winter Days Playlist

Friday, 17 February 2017

The weather is gross here. It is rainy, chilly, and we start to crave for Spring and forget about those cold Winter days. We will still have to wait, but what is better than waiting in music? So here's my playlist while waiting for Spring, in those Winter days.

22, Night Beds

Lady, D'Angelo

Thinking out loud, Ed Sheeran

Make me (cry), Noah Cyrus & Labrinth

Only One, Kanye West

Poetic Justice, Kendrick Lamar

Sad Girl, Lana del Rey

When I Fall in Love, Bill Evans

Lost Springs, Night Beds



Be my Valentine

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valentines Day. It seems like people are confused on this date. The 14th of February is either synonym of happiness - for people in a relationship - either the worst day of the year - for people who are single - either a day like any other in the year - for people who do care about Valentines Day but want to pretend that they don't. For years, I did pretend. Valentines Day is such a commercial holiday. You buy flowers and chocolates, you spend money on things you don't need for a special someone that might break up with you two months after that. Well, Valentines Day is a complicated day. Everybody has an opinion about it, and sometimes it is hard to have one. For years I didn't celebrate Valentines Day, even if I was in a 'serious relationship'. Last year my boyfriend and I celebrated our 2 years together. However I told him not to bother on the 14th of February and just have a casual day, don't plan anything, don't buy any present. We will just ignore it. And I think he didn't really care. But this year I asked him about the 14th of February, and he accepted to do a little something on that special day. Nevertheless life has decided to change our plans. He has to leave Amsterdam really early tomorrow, and so we can't do anything special tonight. To be honest I must say that I was a little bit disappointed when he told me about his early flight. I already had my present, even my lovely V-Day card. Yet tonight won't be the night we will officially celebrate our love, like so many people in the world will. Maybe you are reading my blogpost while waiting for your date to pick you up for a romantic night. Maybe you are on your own, angry to read a blogpost about Valentines Day because you are single and in bed with cookies and ice cream. Maybe you couldn't do it tonight neither, and Valentines Day has to be delayed. Tonight, personally, I am writing this blogpost, a little sad to know that I won't see him, a little bit sad to admit that my first ever Valentines Day was cancelled. But when you are truly, deeply, terribly in love, I don't think you need a fixed date in the year. Don't wait for that special day to offer him a present, to write him a lovely card, to cook him dinner, to wear your sexiest underwear. Don't wait. Love is uncertain, just as life is. When you are lucky enough to share the life of somebody you are deeply in love with, everyday is a special day. If you are this lucky everyday is just like Valentines Day. Happy 14th of February.



What's in my Bag: Update

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Bags are a must have when you are a girl. Everybody has her own style, however, we are all the same when it comes to what is inside our bags. For many girls - at least my girl friends - their bags are just a massive mess. I am one of them, so I won't judge anybody. However, since the start of the year, I've decided to be a little bit more organized and to lighten my bags, way too heavy and massive most of the time, which is not that much practical nor fashionable. Last year, my 'what's in my dream bag' article was what I thought I needed, but since then I realized that it was still too much. So here's an update!

  • Iphone + headphones, of course necessary
  • A cards holder. Way lighter and easier to put in your bag
  • A pack of tissue (still a must, especially in Winter)
  • A lip balm, also needed in Winter for lips getting dry. My favorite lip product? This one!
  • Lipstick of the day!
  • Some chocolate treats. It is a new one, but I love them so much... One day I'll try the nuts bar, maybe.
  • A notebook and a pen. I love lists, and I need to write things down to get organized!
  • Sunglasses. Let's not talk about the terrible weather in Amsterdam those days and the fact that I changed my sunglasses for my umbrella in my handbag...
  • The book I'm currently reading. It is always nice to have a cup of coffee on your own in a nice place and to read a good novel


Guilty Pleasure

Friday, 10 February 2017

In my latest editor's letter I told you about my beloved coffee break that I take every afternoon. It is kind of a guilty pleasure for me, a moment I take for myself, to read old Vogue Paris issues and take a break from all of my issues and the stress generated by university. I don't want to be redundant in this article, but with the days passing by so quickly - can you believe we are already on the 10th of February? - and the amount of work getting heavier on my weak shoulders, I have been really needing to take some more breaks. During the day, just an hour to chill in bed and watch Netflix, while eating Kinder Surprise and forgetting about how everything is going wrong in my life. Need to find a new flat to live in in Amsterdam, need to retake an exam I failed - this did hurt me a lot, and I must say I lost all of my confidence work wise, all of this is a real pain in the a** those days - well, too many things, too overwhelming, too heavy on me. So what's the magic formula to get through all of it without crying 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Take breaks. Give time to your guilty pleasures. I mean, really. Eat sugary treats, read a good popular book - no more uni reads !!! - watch the whole first season of Friends, have pizza for dinner and hot chocolate for breakfast. All of those little things, those are the things that will help you get through all of the mess surrounding you. 

I know, we call them 'guilty pleasures', but don't feel guilty at all. Only take the expression, not the bad definition of it. Chill, relax, eat stupid food - by this I mean Kinder, crepes, M&M's and all things of this kind - watch a movie, take a nap, take a walk, go shopping - or shopping online if you're feeling too moody and stressed to go fight in Zara for the last gold fishes printed shirt. Achieve your guilty pleasures, think of yourself, for yourself, and then you'll feel better. To stick to writing your paper when you're sad or down is not a good way to write a brilliant essay. Take the time you need to feel good, and then writing this essay / reading this article / doing this PowerPoint presentation / writing your summary won't look that terrible anymore. Take a moment each day just for you, feel happy, and all around you will start to look better to you. Don't feel guilty. 



Blogger Style: Sincerely Jules

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Nowadays it is not that hard to find models. And by models I mean people who inspire us, people who have a passion, share it, and let us take something out of it. As I already said in my latest 'Blogger Style' article, fashion blogger are a real source of inspiration. Sincerely Jules, Julie Sariñana being her real name, is a well-known fashion blogger, living the perfect life in LA, spending Winter in light blouses, having the perfect body, and engaged to a cute French boy. No need to say that she inspires us at every level. However, here I only want to talk about her style. This pretty girl likes to wear easy going clothes. A lot of flat shoes, sneakers, monochrome comfy t-shirts and light sweaters, she loves her basics and has even created a brand out of it. Nevertheless, her love for simple garments hadn't kill her style, and she adds cool but most of the time eye-catching details to her outfits, being the perfect example of the cool California girl, living the dream life in LA, in her Gucci loafers and carrying her perfect life in her timeless Céline purse. Portrait in images of a girl we wish we were.

Cosy & Casual

Feels like Summer

Simple Details

Credit for pictures: Sincerely Jules' Instagram 





Friday, 3 February 2017

I don't think there is any other food as comforting as brownies. Tender, with a strong taste of chocolate, an incredible smell and the will to eat not one, but ten. Maybe I am a little bit addicted to brownies. I actually crave for one at the moment. But instead of that I will share with you my favorite recipe. Bake it and eat it all. 

400 grammes of dark chocolate
200 grammes of sugar (I never presented it was healthy)
100 grammes of flour
125 grammes of almond powder
6 eggs
250 grammes of butter (definitely not healthy)

Where the magic happens
Melt 350 grammes of dark chocolate with the butter in a pot on low heat.
Then add the sugar, and when it had cool down, add the eggs.
Mix it all together and add all the rest of the ingredients, except from the 50 grammes of chocolate remaining. Cut the chocolate in little squares and add it into the mixture.
Then, 18 minutes in the oven at 180°C.
Don't need to wait for it to cool down. You can already eat it all.

Have a pleasant brownie eating!



Book Review: Revenge Wears Prada

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

It's been quite a long time since I last published a book review. I actually read a lot for university those past months, and my spare time readings have been gathered in my December Favorite Books post. But today I wanted to talk to you about this book, 'Revenge Wears Prada', that I actually read for the first time more than a year ago by now. I only tell you about it now because I recently decided to read some chapters again, just to have a nice book to read on the plane or when I need a break from my essays writing. However I found myself reading it all over again. I was way to into it not to share it with you. 

You obviously know 'The Devil Wears Prada', Lauren Weisberger best seller turned into a movie that might be the favorite one of a whole generation. And 'Revenge Wears Prada' is a quite awesome sequel. It took me a little time to go back into it. I couldn't really remember my reading of the first book - quite different from the movie - and so I had some difficulties at first. However I quickly met up again with my favorite characters and Weisberger's smooth writing. Andy has now gone a long way since Runway. She has her magazine, Emily is her new best friend, she is about to get married, and well, live a lot of exciting things. However, out of nowhere, the devil - better known as Miranda - comes back into her life and slowly but surely tries to ruin it one more time. I won't give away much more. This book was actually full of surprises. Every chapter ending was a cliffhanger, and pushed me to read the next one right away. I don't think I had ever read a book that quickly actually. 

For fashion lovers, love stories lovers, life lovers, this book is the right one. Everything about it is lovable. It is well written, it is funny, it is sometimes sad - I cried several times - but most of all, it is life.