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Back to school beauty favorites

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Today I wanted to talk about beauty. September is coming, back to school day is coming even faster, and summer starts to fade away. And as we know, Indian Summer changes our habits, in every way. Our lives get to a different rhythm, everything tends to go faster, temperatures fall down, and we have to get used to this new time of the year, once again. And here I would like to tell you about my favorites beauty products for the end of Summer. I made you a list of the perfect make up for September and Indian Summertime, but also skin care products and goodies that you'll wish you'll carry on your back to school day! Of course bellow every article find the link to shop them ;)

Hangover cream, Too Faced, 31€
This face cream and base is perfection. It will hydrate your skin in the best way and make you feel refreshed at the same time. Plus it's also a good base for your BB cream or foundation, fixing it for the whole day while keeping your skin hydrated.

Panda's dream stick, TonyMoly on Sephora, 10,90€
Here's the cutest way to make disappear your eyes-bags. Refreshing and cute, what else could we ask for?

Miracle Cushion, Lancôme, 46,50€
To put on your Too Faced cream this foundation will perfectly fit. Still light but really covering as well, it will make disappear all of the red zones on your face and give your skin a fresh and natural look. Easy to wear, discrete, but still worth its price thanks to its pigmentation unifying the skin face and also the fact that you only need a little to cover the whole surface!

Expression, Chanel nail lacker, 20,90€
A bright color, almost coral, will keep you in the Summer mood. Just a great souvenir from the sunny days to keep on your nails as long as possible to beat September's rainy days. 

Sunny Bunny, Too faced, 28,50€
The end of Summertime doesn't mean the end of a tanned skin, and taking care of your skin tone still something to do right even if Autumn is already starting. Too Faced proposes this pretty good Bronzer for a reasonable price, with two different shades to mix together to fix the perfect shade. Just a little bit bronzed, you'll look just fine like you just came back from holidays! However, do not forget the rule n°1 with bronzer: just a little bit! Even if Autumn is coming you don't want to look like a pumpkin. 

Hydrabio Perfecteur SPF 30, Bioderma, 18,80€
If you had to do only one thing for your skin, it would be to hydrated. This is the first step to take for a good skin, without any imperfection and no dry zone. To applicate on your face this Bioderma cream - with a SPF 30 as well, to protect your skin form the sun is to assure you to get older with a still young skin - every morning is at the basis of beauty tips. 

Bespoken for, MAC, 18,50€
Let's gently slip into Autumn with this beautiful lip liner shade. A strong burgundy to get used to colder time and turtle neck sweater. With this lip liner it gets easier to say goodbye to Summertime.


This is how you lose her

Friday, 26 August 2016

Today I wanted to tell you about a book I fell in love with. And again, thanks Tumblr for your pretty quotes, because it is thanks to this inspiration platform that I stumbled upon a quote from Junot Diaz' collection of short stories titled This is how you lose her. It's a book appart, nothing in common with others love stories. Juno Diaz talk about love in its every way and its in own words. Falling in love, losing love, making mistakes, cheating on someone, regrets, to fear to lose love, and how you lose her. Reading this collection of short stories is to take the decision to fall in love with its characters, to cry, to be moved, to be angry at some guy cheating on his girlfriend, being sad, and learn how to fall in love. Junot Diaz' words will make you dive into love, head over heels, and you'll close the book with only one wish: falling in love. 

You must learn her. You must know the reason why she is silent. You must trace her weakest spots. You must write to her. You must remind her that you are there. You must know how long it takes for her to give up. You must be there to hold her when she is about to. You must love her because many have tried and failed. And she wants to know that she is worthy to be loved, that she is worthy to be kept. And, this is how you keep her.

Junot Diaz, This is how you lose her



 Link to get yours! 

10 things to make you feel good

Monday, 22 August 2016

Feeling down? Sad? It does happen to everyone, and for sometimes I thought nothing could really bring you out of this shitty state of mind, but actually I was just a lazy snail. So here I share with you the list of "feel good things" that you definitely should do everyday to feel good in general, but especially when you're having a break down. Simple things are still the best to cheer us up :)

1. Work out: This is not rally a thing that you should do while you're feeling bad, cause exercice might just end to kill you. But in a more general way working your body out everyday will make you feel better. Stretching, feeling every muscle of your body working, willing to look great, and doing it just for you. After a 30 minutes session you'll be proud and be feel good in your body and in your head!

2. Writing: Write things down. It is most of the time the best way to understand what's exactly going wrong. You can talk with someone else's voice, be another character in a story that is secretly yours, or you can just write a diary, poems, but what's ever you choose to put down your feelings on the paper will relieve you in the best way.

3. Reading: To read is the best way to escape. When it's too hard to face your bad day, to face your problems, when you're just tired of all of this, the best thing to do is to dive into someone else's life. You just forger about what's going wrong, and you also might have a different point of view on your problem when you'll have close the book :) Give a try to Katherine Pancol's books, it is all about simple lives with their own beauty.

4. Music: Simple, effective, well-known. Lay down on your bed, and just listen to Sun Kil Moon's album Benji. Your feelings might flow while listening to Carissa and you'll certainly feel deeply moved when it will be over, but you'll forget about complications and just appreciate the beauty of music and its story.

5. Tumblr: Pretty pictures, deep quotes, funny memes, sometimes you don't need much to be cheered up :)

6. Therapist: It is not a shame to see a therapist. Many people do without having real troubles, just because silly little things keep on annoying them and gently but surely destroy them. Or sometimes you just need to talk to someone out of everything, someone who will listen without judging and give you life advices sometimes really simple but that will change everything.

7. Body care: In the same them as sport, body care is a feel good activity. Wash your face, put on a detox mask, brush your hair, feel pretty. And just for you. Your body and your face only belong to you, so take care of it and you'll take care of your mind.

8. Discovery channel documentaries or Keeping up with the Kardashian: Oh dear Lord, this is the best way ever to distract yourself from reality when everything is going wrong. I know, two really different TV programs, but both of them will keep you captivated and you'll surely feel better after watching a documentary about platypus or how Kim K. keeps her booty in shape.

9. Cats: Just cuddle a cat. No more troubles after that.

10. Tea: In the UK some people call a cup of tea a "hug in a mug". Cutest thing ever, and with biscuits it is even more comforting, so drink tea and keep on smiling :)


What's feminism?

Saturday, 20 August 2016

The other day I was scrolling down on Tumblr and I stumbled upon a post talking about feminism. It was a long article telling about how girls should stop taking care of what they look like and instead just stop shaving their legs, keep on wearing skirts, and be strong like men. Well, it is one (wo)man's point of view. And so I started to ask myself what was mine, what was feminism. Actually it is a complicated question. Many girls seem to think that to be feminist is to stop shaving, wear short skirts and be proud of it. But I don't really agree with that. Do you really think that it is all about appearance? Feminism tends to be a lot more. You actually should be able to still shave, still wear make up, still try to look pretty, but to ourselves, and not for boys. This is not even what's feminism should be about, actually feminism shouldn't exist since sex equality should be a thing. Anyways, that's another problem. 

Feminism in my view is defined the best by two books, Homme et Femme by Annie Leclerc and La Femme gelée by Annie Ernaux. Those two French writers explain their points of views on this question that is feminism, and it is a lot about the acceptance of being a woman and how to be proud of it. It is not because we like to care about our appearance, because we love to look pretty, to carefully choose our clothes and looks, that we have to be ashamed. It is neither because a woman wants to stay at home to take care of her kids that she has to feel bad about her situation. This two French writers see feminism the right way: you have to be proud to be a woman, whatever you want to be. You can be a soldier in the national army, a mother at home, a girl who loves to wear make up, a gril who prefers to stop wearing it and stop shaving her legs, you can actually make all the choices that you want. You don't ahem to change anything, you don't have to wait for a men's approbation. 
So what's feminism? Feminism is being the woman you want to be without caring for what men think, feminism should actually be about us like Annie Leclerc explains it in her book: men should just stop considering what's feminine as a bad thing. It is the only step which needs to be taken. Men, change your minds, and leave women do whatever they want. This is feminism.


Occupation? Carrie Bradshaw

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

I do speak a lot about my dreams those times, right? My dream bag, my dream apartment, and I plan to talk about a lot more I think! And this happens mainly because recently have been asking myself a lot of questions and most of all I want to take care of my life to become the person I crave to be. It does start with a state of mind, and then it starts to concern every little things of someone's life. And of course who I want to become has a lot to do with my future job. But nowadays everything seems to be possible, and so it can be hard to really define what you want to do, especially in the art field. The possibilities are so numerous that you tend to be tempted by too many jobs, without even counting the ones you could invent yourself. So, as everybody I had a lot of different ideas, and finally, last year, I understood what I really wanted to do and who I wanted to be. It might sound ridiculous to some people, but I don't really care since I'm determined and I finally understood who I wanted to become, which has been a massive issue in my life since a long time. And so here's who I want to become, concerning my career: I want to be the new Carrie Bradshaw. Stupid you think? I don't think so myself. 

Let's talk for a moment about this character and the reason why she emphasizes my dreamt future self. If you have already watched an episode of Sex and the City you surely know who she is and what's her occupation. Carrie Bradshaw, sexy single woman, working for the New York Times where she writes a chronicle about sex and relation between men and women in an anthropological way. Then she evolves throughout the tv show, becoming a fashion journalist for Vogue and a writer talking about love, friendship and life in a more general way. This is the part that does interest me the most. Writing for a newspaper as much important as the New York Times would be a dream as well, but my goal by now is to become a journalist in an important fashion magazine as Vogue, Tatler, L'Officiel or Harper's Bazaar. Many people tend to think that only superficial girls are interested in fashion, but I don't think so. To me fashion is only another facet of this massive universe that is art. I'm interested in every side of this world, from painting to architecture, but we have to admit that fashion is art and stop judging people who want to work in this field as superficial ones. During my whole life I wanted to have such a job and study subjects that would lead me to this goal. But my family wasn't that much supportive, thinking that it wasn't a good filed, and my friends weren't into it neither. So it became my secret that I finally can admit without being ashamed of my choices and my goal, the one and only Carrie Bradshaw. 

Writing for fashion magazines, but also writing novels! I don't know, maybe I dream a little bit too much, thinking that in five or ten years I'll be living in a nice little flat in New York, working for Vogue during the day and going home at night after a Sex and the City kind of evening to seat in my bed and then write my new novel... Dreams, dreams, dreams! It is nice to dream, but now it's time to work on them, make solid plans and achieve it! 


My dreamt apartment

Monday, 15 August 2016

Looking for an accommodation in Amsterdam - yeah, stil haven't found anything - made me realize how high were my standards concerning housing. I've always been living in a massive beautiful house, with a garden, and a beautiful interior. So when I see what the student rooms to rent look like I tend to get a little bit depressed. So try to cheer me up by looking at Tumblr's accounts which are all about dreamt place to live. And guys, I've found the perfect student housing: a studio, well decorated and so stunning. So here I want to share with you my dreamt apartment, which obviously will be te exact opposite of my future room in Amsterdam... Anyway, dreams make us keep going, so dream on. 

Here's the main room of the studio, where are gather the sofa, the bed and the major living space.
The leading theme? Bright and cozy.

Even in a small flat it is always nice to have a massive kitchen, with all that needed. Here again we find the parquet and the main color still white.

The white wooden kitchen table can here be used as a working desk.

Lovely place to live...


Picture from Tumblr account:

The perfect handbag

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Gucci flowers

Is it possible to feel love at first sight with a bag? Yes right? Or am I going mental?
Gucci bags. Never have been a big fan of this brand actually, but what is this marvelous mini Dionysus Blooms shoulder bag? I stumbled upon this bag thanks to Aimee Song aka Song of Style who owns one since several months now, and her Instagram is filled with it, and every time I see it I can't help but crave for one. Obviously 1650$ is kind of a lot of money for me, but I still think that all of my studies will pay off one day and I'll be able to finally own one of those beauties. 
So let's do a quick review of this bag. 
It is an on the shoulder one, with a chain that you can adjust in two different lengths. The size is quite tiny but still big enough to put a lot of your stuffs in it. There's an single pocket, and you open the bag from the top. You can see all over the bag the Gucci monogram, and there's also this emblem of the brand, which is the tiger head, on the clasp. The inside of the bag is rose velvet, which only adds grace and style to the bag, even the inside is stunning and well crafted. By the way, the bag of the Italian Couture House is of course crafted in Italy. However, now it's time to talk about the most important part of this beautiful bag, the floral print. It could have been weird to mix the Gucci monogram in beige and brown with those pink flowers, but actually the result is pretty stunning, and we have to admit that it leads to an original results, but still an elegant and stylish bag. I do think that it is exactly the kind of purse you can wear with everything, from a leather jacket to a white t-shirt. 
The new perfect bag to me.

Aimee Song, aka Song of Style, wearing her Gucci mini Dionysus blooms bag with a Anna October dress in Cannes last May

The back of the bag, where the floral print takes it over the Gucci Monogram

What's in Aimee Song's Gucci Dionysus bag


Pictures: credit Song of Style's Instagram

My magazine came to life

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

As you all know, my gap year project was meant to be a paper magazine, full of articles concerning subjects that I loved, and this blog was just the best way to share my work. And so, a year after my project has started, my paper magazine finally came to life! All printed, maybe not looking a lot like Vogue, but I'm pretty happy with it and SO PROUD!!! I would have never imagined that I was able to create such a thing, to be the creator of an original project, and now all I feel is pride and happiness. This project helped me to get through this tough gap year, and when I see what I did and in which conditions it was, I can't help but clap myself till my hands bleed feel good and happy about myself. So in this article I would like to give you an idea of what my actual physical magazine looks like!

I'll wait for your comments, I hope this magazine will pleased you as much as it pleases me :)

I've written all of the magazine in French, except for the poetry and a few articles, written in English.

Food and art side by side

Here is one of my "Day in Poetry"

My dear magazine, Pardon My French, Issue n°1



Here's to the lost girls

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Recently I came to the fact that I was going to lose the guy I love because I was acting like a stupid-jealous-maniac bitch. I don't know if I write this post because I'm afraid it is already over right now, while I'm taping those words. I don't really know why I even write about it actually. Maybe because I need some help, and only words seem to be able to do so. Maybe also because I want to talk to someone and I don't know who, cause nobody listens to me. So I just hope that I'll have some readers tonight, maybe some mails, I just crave for attention I guess. I told you. Stupid-jealous-maniac bitch.

I don't really know what I did wrong today for him to left me alone and don't want to talk to me anymore - just for the night I hope - but I surely know that I screwed up my whole relationship since the start by first of all being a heartless-scaried-cold bitch. Just unable to share any feelings. I guess I was better like this way actually. Maybe not feeling that good in my skin, but he did love me in a different way then. But one day he forced me to open up myself, to be different, he learned me what is what to be in love and how I had to do. But I didn't hear the lesson I guess when I see where we are now. I'm jealous of everything, I feel like he doesn't love me even if in the end I always have to admit that nobody loved me better than him in my whole life. I'm scared to lose him at every second. I'm scared to be taken away from him, to lose the right to love him. I don't know what I do right now. I maybe just hope he will read this post, that he will call me back and tell me he loves me. I surely don't deserve that. I wish he could love me even when I freak out, but seriously, who could. Not good enough for anything I'm trying to learn how to be transparent, how to love without going crazy, how to love just enough. I have to stop chasing him. Because while I'm running after him he runs faster, and I cannot reach him anymore. I see him in the distance, my tears unable me to see his face clearly, but I don't care. Because I don't want to see this look in his eyes, this look that he'll surely have one day since he's dating the worst girl on earth. The last one. 

Love you S., I hope you'll read this and look at me like it was the first time you saw me.



A day in poetry III

How it was to love you

To love you was like falling in love with the whole universe in a second.
Your body took mine, your mind stole my thoughts.
It took my breath away.

To love you was like being kissed by a thousands mouths at the same time on my two lonely lips.
Trying to find some air but longing for your tongue in my thirsty mouth.
Out breathing.

To love you was like smelling all the flowers of an infinite garden. 
The smell of your skin lingering in my hair. 
Too busy to smell your beauty to be able to breath again.

To love you was like diving in an infinite sea.
Your blue eyes, your dark soul, you were as mysterious as the oceans.
I could't breath.

To love you was like praying al go the gods at the same time.
Praying for my love to strike you down like yours did to me.
And then you wouldn't have been able to breath again.

To love you was like slowly passing away, looking at you drinking up the air in my lungs and the soul in my veins.
And when your lungs were full of my air, your veins soul of my soul, and your body full of my beauty, you went away.

How was it to love you?
It was like dying in a thousands kisses, a thousands words, a thousands looks, a thousands caresses.
But all of these faded away when you left.
And all of me slowly disappeared in those distant stars...
Now you're gone, and I'm still longing for air. 

Moving to Amsterdam

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Next year will be the one of big changes, and one of the most important will be my moving to the capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam. I'm kind of split between two main feelings: fear and excitement. Of course I can't wait to be living in such a beautiful and exciting city, but at the same time many questions come to my mind and tend to basically fuck up my good mood. And one of those thing is what we could call "the legendary quest" of finding a room to rent in Amsterdam. Seriously, it might be the worst city on earth for that, with New York and Singapore I guess. Anyway, Amsterdam tends to change a simple flat research into a crusade, and I don't really enjoy this part of my life at the moment. I've never really been into this crusade thing, too much to handle for me. So let's be honest, this summer the struggle is real. Luckily I have a friend who helps me out with this "quest", and at the same time I also have my boyfriend struggling too so I tend to panic a little less since I'm not the only one in a bad position right now, wondering if I'll have a roof over my head during my first semester at the UVA.

Anyways, apart from those daily panic moments, I can't wait to discover this city. I've already been several times but to live in is just not the same as being a tourist. As it is well known Amsterdam is an amazing place, not only because it looks stunning - canals and pretty houses EVERYWHERE - but also because it is the perfect place to create. This city never stops to move, to change, to evolve. There are a lot of places to listen to good alternative music, so many museums and art expositions and also independent artists in all the fields that you can imagine, from fashion to bike design. This is maybe the main reason I wanted to live in that place, because here you are always inspired. Being a blogger in here - me soon!!! (hysterical scream) - must be a real dream cause you are always inspired and writing subjects come to you so easily. Art, architecture, music, nice coffee shops, hype restaurant, a really well located bench, and here you go with a new article!

So be ready because in less than a month I'm going to take this blog with me in Amsterdam, and I promise, there will be a lot to read!