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Woman sat by the Cavalière Gulf, Manguin

Sunday, 28 May 2017

As an art historian, I always had some favorites when it came to artistic movements. The 18th and 19th century are for sure the periods I prefer, and I tend to stick to really 'classical' artists. However I tried since a year now to broaden a little bit my horizons and to look at the 20th century, a period that I never really enjoyed studying at uni for no rational reason. Yet this year for my master degree I needed to find a case study for one of my essay, and I turned myself to the Chtchoukine exhibition at the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris. Chtchoukine was a rich Russian art collector, proud owner of 278 master pieces from French based artists of the start of the 20th century, and while going through his collection I stumbled upon several art works that caught my eye, yet this painting by Manguin got all of my attention. 

Fauvism has never been an artistic movement I've liked, but when I saw this art piece I didn't think of the art history classification of genres, and just took the time to look at it. I don't know what I enjoyed more about it, the pastel colors, the delicacy of these scenes depicted in such loud tones. Whatever it was, I couldn't help but admit that there was a beauty in this painting that I never knew how to see in art from the Contemporary period. The 20th century has always been kind of enigma for me art wise, and I was bit annoyed by all of those innovations, going against my taste for classical landscapes by Constable or portraits by Boldini. I always have been bothered by the 20th century in plastic arts, yet, since I've discovered this Chagall painting I've really wanted to open myself to this patchwork kind of era. However with Manguin 'Woman sat by the Cavalière Gulf' I didn't have to make any effort. I juste loved it at first glance. In a sense I cannot really decide to love art from this period. Because to fall in love with an art work has nothing to do with rationality, feelings just cannot be controlled when you face a master piece. 



May Favorite Bag: Pierce, J.W Anderson

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

I surprised myself when I choose this bag for this month's favorite. I saw it on Tumblr and Instagram a couple times, yet I wasn't really liking it. I don't know, its look was kind of weird to me. Hard to grasp, hard to match, hard to wear. This massive ring with those two holes disturbed me, and I forgot about it.

However I stumbled on some pics of it about two weeks ago, and I saw something I never saw in this bag before. Ok, this can sound a bit too mystic for a bag, yet fashion and feelings are intertwined, and I'm not afraid to say that this bag triggered a love in me that I cannot explain nor understand. When I was debating on putting it this month or in June, I thought "Well, this month, cause I might not like it anymore in 20 days". Isn't it weird? This bag did something weird to me. Of course it is really original, and that might explain some of my doubts, but actually the problem is that I don't even know what to say about since I don't understand why I like it! Such a struggle to write this post dear readers, you cannot imagine what I went through... Yet factually I find some things that I like and I can actually phrase. First of all, the size, perfect to put all your life in it, but still too small to be dedicated to library days; I perfectly see this bag as my companion on a sunny Sunday, with my novel of the moment in it, and boyfriend's stuffs who won't want to carry his wallet nor his phone. I see this bag as a "good memories bag" in fact. The kind of back that is original, the kind of bag you want to take with you when you are in a good mood, feeling pretty, having the perfect weekend with your loved one... I told you, this is a complicated love story, but one that will last.



Planty Friends

Sunday, 21 May 2017

A year ago I literally discovered myself a passion for plants. Not that I hated them before, but they are all fine in the garden at home, most of the time autonomous and doing their stuffs by themselves. I din't have to take much care of them, and it was all fine with me. But, when I moved to Basel for a year, in a flat, I missed the garden and the contact with plants that I could have there. I mean, just looking at the window could boost my mood, yet there it was mainly grey in our neighborhood, and I wanted plants. So I got myself some succulents and cactus, and let's not exaggerate by saying that it did change my life because it won't be true, but let's say that it did cheer me up a bit. 
I really loved taking care of them, watering them, changing pots when they grew up. Does that sound weird? I feel like I am talking about a kid, but let's say that a cactus is much easier to deal with. Anyhoo, I started to look at plants with a different gaze, and started to figure them much more easily indoor. Now, as it does happen a lot with me when I discover myself a new passion, it became an obsession. Back at home - didn't want to have any plant in Amsterdam since I don't have any fixed accommodation, and I will be moving away in a year now - ohmygod let's not talk about this. So I have a real lot of them at home, and I must say I enjoy them a lot, so much that I tend to miss them here, yet not as much as my pets. All of this to tell you that I truly believe in the well being plants can spread. It is much more than a source of oxygen for us, it is a source of joy. 



Spring on my Nails

Thursday, 18 May 2017

I don't know if it is weird to say that, but my manicure has a lot to do with my mood. I guess it is actually because I spent most of my time typing on my laptop, writing, and having a book in my hand, so I obviously tend to look a lot at my nails especially when I do not feel like working. I reckon this is the reason why I am so obsessed with what my nails look like and I pay a lot of attention to the color that I choose but I also try to always have them done perfectly - if I'm being honest, most of the time it does just last for a day, which does desperate me a lot. But since I am a lot into nails, and a lot into Spring as well, I decided to share with you what are according to me the best nail polishes of the season. Just like my lipsticks selection, it will be a lot about bright and pinky colors, well, all about Spring!

Few months ago Chanel changed the formula of their nail polishes, and I must admit that they now stay longer and look better, but maybe a little less shiny. Yet I believe this makeup brand has one of the best range of colors, especially when it comes to Spring and Summer seasons. Pink and bright coral are all over the place, and the one I picked up here, "Tulle", is for sure a color you cannot go wrong with. It is a light pink, with I believe a touch of orange and coral which adds a little bit more interest to this timeless shade. With a white blouse it will for sure look perfect on a sunny day.

This limited edition is a must have. You were looking for a light orange nail polish, not too flashy, rather powdery and pastel? Here it is. Dior managed to create the perfect light orange, which I think is due to a touch of pink, leading to a mix between orange and coral. I've always been a big fan of Dior nail polishes, yet recently I didn't feel like their new additions were really interesting. Until "Maybe"! And actually their whole limited edition collection. There is no 'maybe' here, you just need it!

I've never really been into Tom Ford makeup, basically because I tend to go for what I know and do not experiment a lot when it comes to beauty products. Yet I finally get my hand on a nail polish from this brand, and I must say I wished I had tried it before. I went actually for a really bright color, really flashy, a shade that I would rather wear in Summer. But I felt light having extravagant nails - if that is even a thing... - and so just went for it. The quality is really good, and the color at the same time original and actually wearable, not like some yellow or electric blue shades. Definitely a good option for extravagant Spring and Summer days!

When you want choices, you just got for Essie. They have the most incredible range of colors, and the quality, for me, is unbeatable. It says well on the nails, it is shiny, it is easy to remove, all a girl is asking for! So to pick only one from this brand was a bit of a challenge, yet I managed to find a favorite in between all of my favorites. This shade could seem a bit more autumnal, but I think it is also really nice for Spring. Between grey and mauve, it is discrete but still noticeable. A must for every season.

For Spring you need a bit of a peps, and your nails can definitely do the trick if you don't feel like playing heavy on your lips. To mark the start of Spring and the soon arrival of Summer, what is better than a coral pink? Lancôme is also a really good quality brand, and even if they don't have the biggest range of colors, they do pick the right tones. The one I choose is the perfect mix between pink and coral, exactly the color of the plant it is inspired from, the bougainvilliers. It is almost like having LA gardens on your nails. Summer is almost here...



Less is more

Monday, 15 May 2017

Recently I have been obsessed with quite small bags. Well, maybe not that small, but for me once it cannot fit my MacBook Air it is a tiny bag. Anyway, my current obsession is then to make room in my bags, in order to have all I need but also to keep it as light as possible. If you have seen my latest "What's in my bag?" post you might know that I have tried my best to diminish what I carry with me as much as I could. Yet the tiniest the bag the more I feel like I need to take with me. I keep the phone a tissue, a lipstick, and most of the time, after those three items nothing can fit in my tiny bag, the perfect one to go out or just take a walk. Yet whatever the activity I cannot go out with money in me, whether cash or cards. So recently, the cardholder became my best friend. Unlike the wallet it does fit in my bag, and almost makes me feel like a minimalist girl who obviously I am not. This new fashion obsession seems justified, so for once I don't feel guilty spending money on one more fashion accessory. I mean, I need it right? Diamonds? What do you mean, the 21st century girl's best friend is the cardholder! 

P.S: I still love diamonds more than I love a cardholder. Yet if it is a YSL...

P.S': Isn't this picture the perfect flatlay?



Flatlay Inspiration

Friday, 12 May 2017

Social medias are for sure a way to communicate and to share, but Instagram, for me, even though it does help me share my blog, is mainly a source of inspiration. I mean, if you follow persons matching your personal interests - I personally mainly follow fashion bloggers aside from friends - you can gain a lot from this platform. I am definitely not the best photographer, but still I know how to recognize and appreciate a nice picture. And by following fashion bloggers, there are lots of them, yet my favorite type of images, as you should have guessed from the title of this post, are flatlays. One of the best Instagram account for them is for sure  Song of Style, a fashion blogger with the perfect accessories and the perfect lifestyle to take the prettiest pictures. The stuffs on my side table, personally, never look that good. Yet Aimee Song possesses the talent to create the perfect flatlay, and today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite images. Because why not? This blog tends to be as much an inspiration platform as Instagram is! And you can check my older articles about Song of Style's look, but also her book!



The Perfect Day in Amsterdam

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

I have been living in Amsterdam for now 9 months. Even though I don't know the city by heart and I still don't speak Dutch it feels like much longer. I have my habits now, my favorite places, my favorite studying spots, my favorite shops. When you love abroad, you tend to discover a lot, firstly because it is one of the reasons why you left your hometown, and secondly because you feel the urge to know your adoptive city better in order to feel good there. I've spent a lot of time walking around in Amsterdam, looking for the best places, even the best bench in the Vondel Park, just to make the most of my two years in the Netherlands. I tend to have no time because of my Master degree, pumping all of my energy and killing any free time, yet I like sometimes to take a day off and do my favorite things in here. I would like to follow this dreamy program more often, since I know my time in here is limited, yet the fact that this pleasures also are exceptions make them even more enjoyable when I - finally ! - have time. So today I wanted to share with you what my perfect day in Amsterdam does look like, and by the way giving you some ideas of places to visit if you live here or would like to visit this marvelous city. 

10.00: In the morning, to grab the perfect breakfast and a good coffee, I like to go to Pluk. This place, apart from having delicious food - their healthy cakes are to die for - is also a cute little shop where you can buy the same plate as the one you had your pancakes served in. Shopping and cakes, the perfect way to start your day, and in the cutest décor, of course.

11.00: Pluk is located in one of the famous 9 streets of Amsterdam. So don't miss this occasion to go shopping around in the shops of the neighborhood, mainly concept stores and pretty little shops selling diverse kind of things, for all tastes and all budgets! 

13.00: Your errands around those 9 streets will always make me hungry, and I love to grab a yummy club sandwich at the Café Esprit on Spui for the lunch break!

14.00: Waterstones Library is not local, it is a British book selling company, yet since I do not speak Dutch this place is the one when I want a new book. The building is the prettiest, and just across the road from the Café Esprit, so how could I resist? They have the best collection of classic novels, but their selection of contemporary books is also really impressive and enjoyable for a book lover such as I am. It is rare that I go out of this library with empty hands...

15.00: Amsterdam is of course well-known for its pretty neighborhood and canals, and one of the best place to make the most of it is for sure the quarter of the Jordaan. On a sunny - and not too cold - day, I love to bring my freshly bought novel and sit down along a canal, soaking up the sun and enjoying the Amsterdam life at its fullest. 

17.00: One of my flaws is for sure that I love sugary treats. So around this time of the day I like to go and grab the yummiest cupcakes of all at De Drie Grafjes on Rokin!

18.00: This town is definitely known for his shops, and so of course I love to go to Kalverstraat, get lost in the crowd, and, for an hour or two, spent too much money in Zara and Stradivarius. For once, I try to stop being a control freak and just please myself with pretty purchases. 

19.30: I don't go put often for dinner. My boyfriend and I tend to have dinner at home, but for this perfect day we would whether go to Morgan & Mees or The Sea Food Bar, both of them being good quality restaurants, with rather reasonable prices for students in search for an exception. 

22.00: We don't go out much neither, yet when we do we tend to start in De Richel in the city center before biking to the Pacific, a bar-nightclub, before going back home around 4 a.m.... Well, I told you this day was my dreamy day in town, it doesn't happen every weekend, don't get me wrong. Even if I wished so bad, especially now, when I have to go back to my essay...