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August playlist

Sunday, 31 July 2016

July is already over, and tomorrow and new month will start, August. To celebrate this new start of the Summer I would like to share with you the playlist that will be my go to for this new month. Open your ears and appreciate!

1. Beyoncé, Speechless

2. D'Angelo, When we get by

3. Night beds, You were afraid

4. Anderson Paak, Heart don't stand a chance

5. Patsy Cline, Just a closer walk with Thee

6. Beeches, Stay young

7. Lana del Rey, Honeymoon

8. Sebastien Delacombaz performing 19 days originally performed by Gavin Harrison (play along)

9. Ray Charles, Georgia on my mind

10. Bilal, Soul sista



Pretty lace and light lingerie

Friday, 29 July 2016

During Summer I don't really feel like wearing cup bras, way too hot and not that pretty under a light top. But first let me give you a short warning, this post is related to girls with small/medium - is this even a thing? - boobs and their struggle. I've been watching Arden Rose's video "Why small boobs are awesome" and I can't help but agree with that statement. Because let's be honest, as a girl, you must know this struggle: the comfort of small boobs, but this idealistic woman that every guy has in mind: one with big boobs. And because of that, some years ago, I tended to think that having small boobs was a problem, not sexy, not attractive. And then I discovered the bralette. You know, this light bra, always sexy, and perfect for tiny breasts. It makes you feel sexy and your boyfriend couldn't help but agree. Playing with transparency and light fabrics it reveals just enough of your anatomy, hesitating between a cute and sexy effect. So I decided to give you a selection of the cutest and also sexiest bralettes I've discovered on Alexa Chung's app, Villoid. However let me warn you that it is about the dreamt bralettes you know, not the ones you'll find at Top Shop or H&M, here we're talking about luxurious underwear, dreamt ones. 
Here is my selection. 

Let's start this selection with a simple one, all white but full of details. The bow, the embroidery, it just adds what was missing to the simple white bra. 

Fleur du Mal, Beaded lace triangle bra

From the same brand there is also this bralette, quite different, sexier than cute. There's not a lot of things hidden by those strass, here we are playing with transparency and the black color finishes to make out of this bralette a definitely sexy one. 

Fleur du Mal, Embellished triangle mesh bra

Here we are facing one of the most emblematic underwear brand, La Perla, and there's no surprise to discover a sexy transparent bralette only made out of black lace, expect from the armature. Its shape is kind if different, made for sure adapted to small boobs since the armature is too light to support a lot. Anyways, here we truly are in the world of luxurious lingerie. 

La Perla, Talisman

A little bit of eccentricity never killed anybody, right? This bralette is all about it. It is almost too much, but the beauty of the fabric makes out of it an incredible piece, hardly worked, very delicate but also sexy as hell...

I.D. Sarrieri, Fancy ruffled chantilly lace and stretch-tulle push-up bra, Crimson

And for the last one that I selected, we are back with Fleur du Mal, for sure one of the best brand concerning cute but sexy bralettes. This one still plays with transparency and lace to add a sexy side to this sage shape. 

Fleur du Mal, Cage lace triangle bra

Summer routine

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

What is your Summer daily routine? 

I try to fix myself some obligations during my day, even for Summer holidays. You know, as many I guess, when it is bloody hot outside and all you ant to do is lay down under the sun before taking a dive in the lake, but this is not what I would call a productive day even if it looks like a good one. So before going to the lake, I try to force myself to achieve some productive stuffs, not funny, but for sure necessary. So here is my Summer days routine. 

I try to wake up early enough to have time to make the most of my day, so usually I get up between 8.15-8.45, 9.00 the later. Then, first stop, the breakfast. I don't know if it is because I am French, but I have this thing with breakfast. It is maybe the most delicious meal of the day to me, and I do it the French way obviously: baguette and salted butter, berries jam and a black tea. Not so healthy maybe. Maybe I should follow my boyfriend's example and start eating oat. I'm not sure I'll be a happy bunny this way, just an healthy one though. Anyway!

Then, it is time to work out. I know, it is pretty hard to find motivation when it is that hot and just climbing up the stairs make you sweat. But working out is the thing that I've tried to do every single day for almost a year now, and I must say that I keep being motivated when I see the results. Plus let's be honest, even if it hurts, you feel way better afterward and ready for the day. I do not spend too much time working out actually, 70 abs, 2 minutes of squats and 2mn of lunges, then I go for 12 mn of stretching, where I mainly work on my legs. 

Of course, after the workout, a shower is for sure needed!!! And so it is also the moment to take care of my skin. I'm nit really into this thing, trying out a lot of different products on my face, I just go simple, but it is actually pretty effective. I use a Nivea scrub gel for the face, chest and shoulders, and the I apply a Nuxe Face Cream to hydrate correctly. Plus, once a week, it is time for nose patch, kind of hurtful but really efficient. 
And obviously, body cream (I use the Ictyane body cream), but the less make up I can. I only put concealer on my spots or red zones and waterproof mascara. 

Then, what's up? Actually I have to look for a flat for next year since I'm moving to Amsterdam for my studies, so I spent too much time, I hate it a lot of time looking for the perfect apartment, and then I move on because it is way too stressful and depressing. So I try to focus myself on tasks that I find way more interesting, like working on new articles and poems, but also a on my second novel that I just started! Even if it looks a lot like to recreation time I try to give myself some obligations, like how much time do I work during the day, or what I have to work in exact terms. Also, since I'm moving to Amsterdam, learning Dutch has been a new task to get done, and of course it does take a lot of time... So about 4 to 5 hours of my day are work, researches, and desperation. What a nice Summer routine!

But finally, at it is time for a break. LAKE. Yeah, kind of cool to live close to the Leman Lake. You get to spend to much time on the beach and a little bit of time in its bloody cold waters. So time to chill out, read on novel while soaking up the sun comfortably laid down on my towel, before heading back home to eat a summery salad - Greek one of course - on the terrace while I'm mosquitoes' favorite meal. Then a good movie in bed before a good night in.

So here's my Summertime routine! Kind of studious and serious, but I never really forget the fun...
And so what's your Summer routine? BBQ and pool? Or more like hiking everyday and detox time? 



Lovers and self confidence

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Dear all, 

Am I the only one on earth who considers herself as important as a bug as long as she is in a relationship? Seriously, since I'm in love I feel like I am the least important thing on earth. Weird, right? Somebody seems to loves me and now I feel awful, valueless, unimportant, useless, a piece of shit. But to me, being in a relationship should gives you confidence, let you believe in yourself and love without any border. I do not blame my boyfriend in here, neither myself, but the life stereotypes in a more general way and also how the world all around us let us think we are valueless. 

I know that many people tend to have a lack of self confidence in general, but before I fell in love I was the most confident girl on earth. I felt pretty, I felt smart, I wasn't afraid to be who I really am in front of people who didn't like me, and even the fact that they thought I wasn't worth a cheat chat did't bother me at all. I felt good in my own skin, comfortable, secure, and I knew the only person I could trust was myself. And then feelings came to life. I don't know if I was heartless before, maybe I grown a heart when I met him, but I don't think so. In my opinion love was the thing I needed to happen to me, the only thing missing in my life, but when I opened the door to it, my life, my confidence, felt to pieces. It's an awful feeling, loving someone but hating yourself because you do not think you're worth him. Complex dilemma, right? I am lucky enough to have a sensitive boyfriend who helps me everyday to get through what I would call "the bug syndrome". Feeling like a piece of shit because my boyfriend looks a lot like a god to me. I'm trying to build myself on those new bases, to become more confident even if this relationship seems to bring me down. He loves me the right way but I can't see it, I can't feel it. I just want to be an insignifiant bug, but I hope he will still notice me if I act like I was transparent, like I do not have any feelings, like I'm just a normal girl, confident. 

Is there anyone out there concerned by this "bug syndrome"? 


A day in... Bern

Friday, 15 July 2016

The boyfriend looking nice on our day in Bern

Today I introduce you to a new topic for my blog named "A day in..." where i will share with you some pictures of a day I've been lucky to spent in a really nice city. Let's start this new review with the capital of Switzerland, Bern. 
I actually went there twice. Only an hour away from Basel, it was really easy for my boyfriend and I to go spent a day there. And here are some pictures of our second visit to this capital.  A replay nice place, filled with many impressive buildings, from churches to state's buildings. We rent a bike a took a ride along the river, catching the sunset on a beautiful view point, before crossing waters on a massive bridge to catch the last ray of the sun to then heading to a nice little restaurant to take a break after a long day of riding, and discovering this city. 
Those "days in" are actually not cultural review of the city, because we rather go checking out the streets and discovering by ourselves instead of going the touristic places, museums and shops. And to me it is for sure the best way to discover a city, get lost in it, renting a bike and riding until you find something worth to stop, like a magnificent church or some bears...
Welcome to Bern, but only for a day.

The city center and its sweet light.

We ride our bike till this pretty place, in between some of the mist beautiful buildings of the old city center.

Sunset seen form the view point of the city, the best place to admire this perfect Swiss match between nature and civilisation.

            Take me to church?                                                                                      Last ray of sun before the night

This was a day in Bern. 

And yes, here is the bear! 

I disappeared for a little while... Update

Monday, 11 July 2016

So first of all, let me apologize. I know, I haven't publish in quite a while, but I have good reasons I promise. I had to fix my life, is it a good reason? 
I have been accepted to the Master Program I wanted, in Amsterdam, and my boyfriend has been accepted to the Amsterdam Conservatory of Music, and then everything went quite fast. We had to move out from Basel, get organized for Amsterdam, and do a thousands useless things. So I didn't have time to write on the blog. Sorry... So today here's a little letter to apologize, and a little poem to restart the process guys! This week I'm coming back, and promise there will be a lot of new articles! And by the way if you want me to talk about a specific topic let me know in the comments box or send me an email!

Apologies dear readers, but I promise, I'm back!




No unsmoked cigarettes,
Just an empty bottle of wine.
And we're standing here like statuettes
But the game has changed.
Under the undone shits he caresses my spine,
And when I close my eyes I wish you were mine.