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Indian Fall playlist

Thursday, 29 September 2016

New season, new playlist. I wanted to share with you what was going to run in my ears during Autumn, and will be my go to for the start of cold times and windy days. As usual, I won't have only one kind of music, it will be a mix of different styles, different period of times, and several artists. So just open your ears and listen...

Suga Suga, Baby Bash

No Scrub, TLC

Big Black Car, Gregory Allan Isakov

Rocket, Beyoncé

New York State of Mind, Billy Joel

No place I'd rather be, Clean Bandit ft Jess Glynne

It's very clear, our love is here to stay, Natalie Cole

All good, De la Soul

Dream a little dream of me, Doris Day

Can't help falling in love with you, Elvis



Autumn favorites

Monday, 26 September 2016

I've always been a lot into Autumn. I don't know why, maybe because it is just the season when I feel like you can create the most interesting and coolest outfits, layering everything, where you can go back to the copper eyeshadow-cats eyes and burgundy lips shameless, it is also sweater season, sneakers and falling leaves. I guess I just like the feelings, the style, this "going back to school" theme, the atmosphere that comes along with fall. And also, guys, we are so lucky, the 90's are back! Style has never been so nice and easy to adapt to yourself. Chocker, crop tops, no more shame, it is just about good old fashion. So I would like to share with you my Autumn favorites stuffs, from makeup to clothes, but also including books, jewels and other many things! Just how to get into Autumn... 

Minimalist earrings have been my thing recently, and the best place to find cheap but pretty earrings is for sure Asos. I've stumble upon those minimal creoles, tiny ones, with a small ball. They are really simple, really discrete, but it is all about layering in Autumn, right? So if you have another ear piercing don't be afraid to add some others earrings of this kind to create a look flirting with grunge but keeping it classy. 

The trend nobody could have missed is the chocker. You can see it on every girl, every style, and the choices are so numerous that it is just hard to only pick up one, but I had to make a choice and so I came up with a different one, a tie up chocker in burgundy velvet. This is what I was talking about when I said "layering". You have to add many jewels together, it will perfectly goes along with the sweater weather and the strong makeup. 

Then you have to find the perfect top to wear your chocker! And I'm pretty sure you'll find your happiness in any shop, but I selected some nice pieces from Urban Outfitter, for sure THE shop to stick to the "back to 90's" style hype at the moment. Here are some of my favorites, from sweaters to lighter tops perfect for layering!

Who says Autumns says jackets and coats! I've selected my top two favorites, one which keep you warm, and the second one which will be alla bout layering...
Light Before Dark knitted zip bomber jacket : it will be all about layering it with a nice sweater or with a lighter top and a hoodie, and a sexy makeup. 
Noisy May Faux fur parka : here it already feel like we are slipping into winter, but definitely needed to survive fall in Amsterdam.

Now let's talk about beauty. When Autumn comes you tend to wear a lot more makeup than you used to do in Summer, and so there's no better time to try new trends or just to go back to the 90's one more time. This Autumn must is for sure the metallic eyeshadow, and so I selected one from Bobbi Brown, for sure worse the price. Easy to apply, and perfect color just flirting a little bit with copper but keeping it easy, Metallic eyeshadow Bobbi Brown, Burnt Sugar.
Going on with the eyes I also fell in love with a mascara ine, Lash Sensational Luscious. It is all about massive lashes, really dark and actually perfect when you don't feel like wearing a lot of makeup. This mascara with a light pink lipstick will perfectly do for a casual day. 
And finally, lips! I know it's Autumn, but let's keep a little bit of Summer on our lips with this fuchsia Yves Saint Laurent lipstick.

Finally I would like to talk a bit more about magazines, books and stationary since I found a lot of favorite for Autumn. First, books. I picked up two, two books about the world of fashion but completely different from each others. First, Aimee Song (Song of Style) book, Capture your style. You won't find any better book to explain you how to get into the world of fashion blogs, but also it will teach you about Instagram which is also what nowadays' fashion is about. 
The second one will let you dive into the world of fashion in a more professional way. It is a French book, and it will just tell you the story of professional of the fashion world just so you get to understand how to get into this world, Inside Fashion, Elles travaillent dans la mode.

And last but not least, stationary! Oh Deer is still the best for that, and here I picked up some of my favorites,
# Hydrangea 2017 Diary
# Beedie A4 notebook
# Pup of tea mug



Bridget's baby

Saturday, 24 September 2016

The other day I went to a pretty nice cinema in Amsterdam to discover the new movie Bridget Jones' baby. I won't spoil anything, I'm not the mean girl, but I sure want to make a review about this "number 3", and actually the whole trilogy. So first f all, let me say, Bridget Jones' Diary is a classic. Maybe it is not as much one in literature now, but for sure, every movie was what we can call a "success". So 10 years later, of course everybody was impatiently waiting for a number 3! And here it is. Now, let's just say one thing to sum this movie up: awkward. To be honest, I saw a lot a comedies, of crazy movies going maybe a little bit to far sometimes, but I don't think I already saw a move like Bridget Jones' baby. Yes, cannot find another word than "awkward" to define it. No, you don't feel uncomfortable watching the weird events going on before your eyes, actually, you laugh a lot, but at some point, your laugh changes and you cannot help but think, "man, this situation is so weird". Well, let's be honest, to have the main character put in the weirdest situations seem to be kind of the point of those books and movies - remember when she fall in a pigs' field and has the camera zooming on her butt during a documentary after a parachute jump ? Enough said - but this "baby with ni defined father" situation brought the "awkward" a level higher. Hopefully, this doesn't happen to real people in real life. Because I guess only Bridget Jones could deal with it with a smile on her face and a sens of humor. 

So yes, for sure, go check out this movie! You'll have a massive laugh, a lot of uncomfortable situations and craziness. It will get you out of your routine, but when the movie will end you'll just be happy to have the "normal" life you got. Anyway, nobody can be like Bridget Jones, right?



Master student routine and tips

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Remember this last August when I shared with you my "Summer Routine"? Well, now Summer disappeared to let Autumn bloomed, and my routine changed with it. So I would like to share here with you my routine as a master student, what my days are made off, and also give you some tips and advises if you're a student yourself, or if you just need to learn how to get a little more organized and how to deal with stress. I know by self experience that being a student can be pretty much stressful and lead to a lot of anxiety, but if you want to be happy in your student life you have to learn how to get rid off the stress, and how to plan your schedule to make room for everything, wether it is studying or having a cosy pamper night in. So let's start with a typical day in a master student's life. 
    Of coure we get started with breakfast, I mean, without it you cannot make it through lunch break, so DO NOT skip it. Now that I live on my own I tried to change my food habits, and so I replaced my morning cereals bowl by Greek yogourt, muesli, a fruit and coffee or tea depending on my mood. Trying to eat a little bit healthy can only be good for yourself, and will actually make a difference on many stages. Then, to keep it healthy, it is time for a workout session! Same as the one in my Summer Routine, but here in Amsterdam there's also the "biking time", which is almost 1 hour a day, and so more stretching needed so your tights don't get to, how could I say ? Huge, here's the word. And however it can be pretty hard to find motivation everyday to do your workout, in the end it does always feel good, and most of all, you're proud of yourself! Then of course, no need to tell you that it is shower time. It is not because we are busy that we have to be dirty. Of course some days are different from the others. You can have a class or not, a seminary, or a gathering with other students to work together, but then it its up to you to get organized while taking in account those obligations. 

    And so it is then time to get organized. I would like to go a little bit further on this point before going on with the daily routine. To be organized is one of the main key ti succeed in your studies. First of all it is the best way to work correctly on your courses, to get your assignments done in time, and as well to avoid the stressful moments (like a deadline coming too fast). So to do so, don't just look at the day after, you have to get organized for a week. First step is to right down in your agenda all of your deadlines for assignments or anything else of this kind, to write it down in bright red and then highlight it in yellow or whatever. But also, a week before the deadline, write a reminder, so you won't be surprised the week after when the deadline will be there. Then, you can get organized for your week. But just keep one thing in mind: don't plan too much a day. You'll only stress out and be discouraged, so keep it easy, write down what you think you can do in an objective way. WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING. It is the best way to stay clear and don't get confused neither forget anything. Keep in mind also that there always can be something coming your way and killing all of your plans, so leave room for the unexpected. To succeed at university or in any formation depends on it. You have to stay real when you do your program, but don't get lazy at the same time, which can be pretty hard, but then, you just get use to it! Also, when you settle down your day, leave room for yourself. You need a time to chill out, a moment when you can only think about you and do what you want to do, whether it is reading, going to the cinema, hanging out with friends or just taking a nap. If you don't leave space for yourself university light just become a real nightmare and you won't enjoy it, so ok deadlines are important, but so do you.

Then, to go on with the daily routine, after classes, I just go home or to the library, or even to a cute little café to that myself with the most caloric chocolate cupcake ever - no, I'm not talking about you AT ALL De Drie Graefjies Amsterdam - and work on my assignments for a certain amount of time defined by my day and also my deadlines. Then, time to chill a little bit out! I do not have any activity here in Amsterdam yet, so I work on the blog, on some personal projects, and it is just a time when I can focus on my goals beside university, cause of course, a diploma is important, but to work on your personal projects is as well. And of course, don't forget to eat! And eat well if you can, better for both your brain and your body. Tomato soup, pastas with salmon and cream cheese, a salad, club sandwiches: eat well but also treat yourself time to time, cause you just deserve it. And last but not least, GET SOME SLEEP! Maybe the real key to productivity :)

P.S: Just a lovely reminder for you: you can do it, even when you think you can't :) You deserve the best and you'll have it, just work hard, believe in yourself and take care of you, then everything will be fine :)



The day after...

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

No matter if you are a lazy person or not, every girl, even the most organized, the one who is always up for everything, every girl have done this almost once in her life: go to bed without having removed your makeup. Just too lazy, too tired, too drunk, to busy in bed with your man, well, you always have a good excuse in this case, do not worry. The other day my excuse was actually even more valuable: I slept at my boyfriend's place and I forgot my cleansing lotion and I thought water wasn't such a good idea. So I slept with my make up on - sorry for your white pillow case S. :( - and the morning after, when I went to the bathroom, I wasn't as horrified as I had expected. Actually the makeup I wear must be way too agressive since it almost didn't faded away. But I did like what I was seeing in the mirror. My skin wasn't look as awful as I expected it to, actually my skin looked quite flawless - WHAT??? -, no red zones, no imperfection, it was awfully perfect except from the eye-bags. Nude lips of course, I took time to remove the lipstick, my boyfriend wold have killed me if in the morning his white pillow case had the color of "Furious Burgundy n°3". But what did impress me the most was my eye makeup. The day before I was wearing eyeliner and mascara, that's it. And this morning my perfect cat eye turned into a gorgeous blurry smoky eye. The mascara was still there - really agressive makeup, yes - and so I felt like I could just go out and start a new day with an old face - wow, sounds weird, well let's say, yesterday's face? - without losing 10 minutes getting my makeup done. So I just did it. I went out to take my bike and go back home, and on my way, my boyfriend said to me, "you look very nice today you know". I didn't reply "yes I know, isn't it magic????", but I was quite happy about my effortless look. 

So this is the fairytale, now let's go back to reality. I loved my makeup look this day, I must admit it, but seriously, it wasn't such a good idea to got to bed with my makeup on. After the second day, when I finally removed my makeup in the evening, I had to face reality, my skin was now looking pretty bad. I had to do a scrub, then a second one, then a mask to finally get my face back together. And being honest, during the day even if I knew I looked good, I felt so freaking dirty. Awful feeling. Regretted it overtime I had to leave the mirror, only reminder that it is ok. Two days after now my skin doesn't look so good. I must say I've got some regrets, and well, we all know this is not good right? Lazy, lazy girl. Looking good for a day maybe, but regret it for the two following ones. Anyway, might do this again next time I sleep at his place :) "The smile of the stupid girl who is completely aware of it but doesn't care"



New York Fashion Week

Tuesday, 13 September 2016
 The Song Sisters in Rebecca Minkoff
Picture: Dani Song's Instagram

It is this time of the year again! New York Fashion Week is here again to make us dream about awesome garments and crazy outfits. We see Oscar de la Renta, Caroline Herrera, House of Harlow, The Row, Tommy Hilfiger and Tome to only list some of them. But Fashion Week is also down in the street, and if you're not hype enough to be invited to a show, just wait outside of where it takes place and you'll see the other side of Fashion Week: street style. Since several years now street style has taken a much more important place in the world of fashion, and sometimes it feels like it became even more important than the fashion show itself. On, L'Officiel and many specialized blog you can see everyday's best of street style, and this takes place before the pictures of the shows... There are books about it - The Sartorialist - , blogs - Garance Doré started being famous for her street styles pictures - and on Instagram it feels like we rather look at famous bloggers' looks than opening at Hugo Boss. Street style in my view became one of the most interesting thing about fashion weeks, because we are able to see how those designers' garments are finally wore on a day-to-day life basis. It is funny to see the difference between the catwalk where models wear too much make-up, shoes impossible to walk with and sometimes weird associations of clothes, and then to see bloggers, journalists, celebrities, wearing the same brand but in a more natural, easy and wearable way. 
     For several years now I've been following Aimee Song, the blogger of Song of Style, and more recently her sister, Dani Song. The way they dress is really casual, "Cali", effortless but sophisticated. And so here I would like to share with you some pictures of the Song Sisters' New York Fashion Week outfits, just to show you how much fashion is now about the way we appropriate ourselves the designers' garments. Happy Street Fashion Week!

Outside Mr Self Portrait show
Picture: Aimee Song's Instagram

The Song sisters in New York streets
Picture: Aimee Song's Instagram

Song sisters in China Town, wearing Kenzo
Picture: Dani Song's Instagram

Indian Summer outfit in New York City
Picture: Dani Song's Instagram

On their way to Zimmermann show
Picture: Dani Song's Instagram

Link to the Song sisters' Instagram:
Aimee Song (Song of Style):



A day in poetry IV

Friday, 9 September 2016

He was not the one,

He never bought me flowers, 
Neither chocolate boxes for Valentine's day.
He never took me out to dance,
Neither bought me a diamond ring. 

He was not the one, 

He always drank too much alcool when we went out,
And looked at others girls like they were the one.
He was always late,
But never apologizes for making me wait.

He was not the one, 

He never slept at home after we made love, 
And neither liked taking me out for dinner.
He always smoked in bed,
And drank too much coffee.

He was not the one,

He criticized my way to dress,
He laughed at me when I was lost in my mind, 
He never replied to my "I love you",
Neither to my "I miss you".

He was not the one,

He was not so nice,
He was not so in love, 
He was not so into me, 
He was maybe just a little bit too far away from me.

He was not the one,

And still today, 
I sometimes find me asking myself,
"What could I have done to make out of him the one for me?"
Anyway, secretly he'll always be.

How can we know?

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Recently I've realized that I've asked this question to myself a lot of time, "How can I know?". Have you ever had this awful feeling? Always wondering wether you're making the right choice, feeling the right thing, saying the better word? We never really know, and we tend to think too much sometimes, but in certain situations asking ourselves this question seems to be ineluctable. And most of the time, when we are smart enough to ponder, it feels like it is already too late. I came to this conclusion today. I was sat on my bed, thinking about all of my bad choices and lack of temperament, and I heard myself say, "But how could you have known it would go this way?". I couldn't have actually. I've recently been disappointed with university. My happy new coming in Amsterdam has been quickly followed by a massive breakdown, a disappointment concerning my master program and the fear to lose the boy I love. So I'm kind of in an uncomfortable situation as you can guess. And so this question do not stop to come to my mind, "How could have planned that to avoid it?".

Moving here in Amsterdam is for sure a priceless experience in one's life, and I bet all of you live, have lived or will live this kind of experience as well, the kind which changes your all life and state of mind. But sometimes to experience is not something so nice to do. We have to face all of the things we would have never thought of, we have to face reality in a different way, and we have to be prepared to disappointment. The good and at the same time bad thing in life is that you cannot prevail anything. We can just go with the flow and cross fingers for things to work out the way we'll like. Concerning my master degree, I only blame myself, I should have maybe looked at it a little bit better, or I should have dared to be a little bit more adventurous in my life choices. But maybe another choice would have been even worse, how can we know?

I don't have any answer to this horrific question today, but I'm still working on and already have some ideas. Think for now and not only for the next ten years. It is nice to make plan with university, to have project with the guy you love, to move abroad because you have project for your future. Projects are what make us go on, but is it really worthy if the process to get to your goal break you down? Not really. So let's try to think about ourselves, our future and our present, because if the second one goes bad, the first will never happen. However, yes, we can never know.



Learning to live the Amsterdam life

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Hoi from Amsterdam! I'm well arrived in the city, and since I'm here I'm trying to learn the codes of the country. Being honest, moving on your own (almost, I do not forget you S.) is a massive step to take, and it asks for a lot of organization and relaxation sessions to make it. When I arrived in Amsterdam on last Wednesday night, I have had to deal with all of the administrative-stressing-messy-adult things. Being honest, I didn't enjoy it at all. I wish I could have left my mother do everything for me, but well I'm 21 and I have to deal with my own shits, right? So only after one day in the beautiful city of Amsterdam I forgot it was the beautiful city with all of those museums and cultural places I've seen on vacation time before. Now it is about going to the edge of the city to discover my new flat, and its building doesn't look like one of those beautiful canal house ; it is also about going to the City Hall to iegister and do all of those annoying administrative things ; it is about buying your public transport card and looking for a bike to buy ; it is about paying the deposit for the flat and the first rent ; it is about buying a new SIM card for my phone. Well, far from the Van Gogh Museum and the walks along the canals. Hard was the start. I felt pretty lost and stressed out concerning university. How are the courses gonna be? Will I managed to understand there contents and get good grades on the exam? But first of all will I managed to find the building? Well, it didn't go so bad. I went to my back to school meeting, and relaxed a little bit afterward. 
And then, time to chill in Amsterdam. Finally done with all of those grown up stuffs! So I got the chance to walk around the city with my mother who came for four days and discover new parts and new cool spots in the city. So I've decided to list you some of the places I've recently discovered in the city, places you must go to if you're planning to come (to see me? ;) )!

Most of the places I've discovered this week are located in the West part of Amsterdam, a young neighborhood where there are a lot of cute little shops and coffee spots (not coffee shops!) to go for a drink or even to work. But the first one I would like to tell you about is located in the Red Light District. It is a lovely little shop called Anna + Nina selling delicate jewelry, but also furnitures, clothes and other accessories. 
Anna + Nina
Gerard Doustraat 94

So as I told you most of the other places I'm going to list here are located in the West part of Amsterdam, a lovely quarter of the city, looking a lot like a maze with its small streets and beautiful canals. It feels like you'll discover a new pretty shop of bakery at every corner, and it is almost what this neighborhood is about. Here's my selection.

Concrete Matter: In need for a birthday present for your boyfriend, brother, father? Here's the place to go. A real man shop, selling sculpted knives, beard oil and manly accessories. 
Haarlemmerdijk 127

By Lauren: Cute is the word. A lovely little shop full of surprises, mainly for fashion accessories. 
Herengracht 236

Pluk: This shop is everything a girl can ask for. Good-cute food, and by this I do mean cupcakes, cheesecake and others waffles, but as well healthy dishes! And also it is a shop. So you can eat and shop and work. You can buy the mug you're having your tea in. You can buy a notebook and if you find enough strength leave your waffle for a minute and work wit it. Come to this place in Amsterdam, and become a Plukker!
Reestraat 19

Nuovo Niche: It is the place to go to find the fanciest brands of the moment in Amsterdam. From clothes to home decoration, but also jewelry, plus there's a men's corner. Fancy, maybe a little bit expensive, but worse the visit when you're in Amsterdam!
Prinsengracht 232

Waterstones: Let's be a little more intellectual and talk about this magnificent English bookstore located in the heart of Amsterdam. Waterstones bookshop is surely one of the most beautiful library in Amsterdam offering such an impressive English books collection. You can find anything in here, from novels to art books and meditation guides, but also stationary. A must!
Kalverstraat 152

Gathershop: Last but not least, The Gathershop, maybe a little bit far away from the city center, is like Kinfolk magazine in real life. Stationary, bags, books, you'll find everything in here but in a certain style, like you literally dived in the pages of a magazine. Worth the walk distance to get to it! 
Van Woustraat 99

Oh and yes, I almost forgot! Learning to live the Amsterdam life? Just one rule, be relaxed and enjoy yourself!