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Elin Kling: one girl, one style

Thursday, 31 March 2016

When we have good taste, in general, we can see it at different scales. It is not only about fashion and clothes, but also makeup, haircut, and interior decorative. Our home tells a lot about our personality, as much as our clothing style, even though it can actually say even more, because our home leaves some intimate information - photographs are an open door on our private life, and many people like to hang them to their alls or their chimney. It is why it can be pretty interesting to take a look at how a woman dresses, and also to what her house looks like, how it is decorated, if we can find some similar points between her clothes and her housing. So, I decided to take a look at one woman's place and style, one with good tastes, to take a style lesson, from outfits to sofa. And I choose a well-known Swedish fashion blogger, editor of The Wall, who is as well a journalist, stylist who created her own brand, but also an it-girl familiar to street styles photographers: I talk about Elin Kling. So let's step into her universe, let's discover her world of good tastes, ideal and elegant. 


Sobriety is something I really do value in fashion world, especially when we notice all those eccentric looks that took more and more importance, and so sometimes it is necessary to go down to earth. elfin Kling embodies with a flawless style elegance and simplicity, with basic pieces, must haven she can match with every clothe of her wardrobe. In an interview Elin did say, talking about her style, that she stays really faithful to Scandinavian women's style - even if she is now living in New York. To her, the Scandinavian woman is independent, it is her lifestyle, her way to be, and it does appear in her outfits, minimalistic, like Elin's. As a fashion designer she has created a lot of pieces which became the one she always wears, completely stocking to her style, like long coats - the Chelsea one - or turtle neck sweaters, but always simple, sober, elegant, always going for neutral colors as black, white, beige or kaki. Mainly casual in her looks, jeans are one of her principal asset. Fashion world intends to sometimes burry jeans in the deepest corner of the closet, but not Elin who uses that piece to create casual and rock looks. In a word, she perfectly personifies the Swedish girl, elegant and sober, who doesn't need to be eccentric to feel stylish, rather going for an efficient simplicity. 


We can already say that Elin's minimalistic elegance in her way to dress has completely influenced her house's decoration. Actually, our home is always a reflect of our personality and our tastes, so I wasn't surprised to see an elegant, sophisticated, sober, full of decorative pieces carefully choose and dispatched on furniture of all styles when I stumble upon pictures of her flat. However, this eclecticism isn't an obstacle, and all of those objects and furniture perfectly fit together in the space, and apartment painted with neutral colors and high ceilings which let a lot of room to the owner to easily decorate it his own tastes. It would be easy to blame on Elin Kiling the fact that her apartment looks a lot like it is out of a Swedish decoration magazine. But after all, don't we all wish we had a house straight out of those glazed paper pages? And you actually could by following some simple but effective advices. But first of all, we should be honest and say that Elin Kling is pretty lucky to have such a beautiful apartment, which is a massive asset. Wooden floors, white walls, high ceilings like I said before, decorative chimney at the same time massive by their size but discrete thanks to their white color, elements that add some charm to the space, making out of it something a bit less glazed paper style. Well, the ideal apartment would be a Parisian haussmannien one, with some old mouldings above the doors and lovely white chimney. But even if Elin's apartment is sober and very classic at first, she did dare to add originality with the decoration, to find a perfect style equilibrium. 

Original objects are put on the table like an old revolver and candlesticks, always by pair. Culture is also put at first row, like demonstrate to us the books left on the floor, with some decorative objects between them, put in a spuriously unorganized way. As we said before, fashion is also something pretty much important in Elin Kling's life since she's a fashion blogger and journalist, but also a stylist, and so her love for fashion is present in her apartment. In fact, we can notice the pile of Vogue magazines used as a table for a lamp, or the dully at her bedside where she hangs outfit ideas for the day after or just accessories which need to be transferred to her closet. And so if her apartment seems to be straight out of a decoration magazine, we can say the same for her clothing style, like if Elin Kling was a Swedish lifestyle magazine herself. So here is an idea of what this magazine could looks like...

The dining room is made of a mix between several styles, from leather on the floor and the skull on the wall and wooden chairs, rustic by their material but modern by their shape, paired with a more modern table. And obviously we find the candlesticks and flowers bunch to decorate the table where there is already a selection of candles. 

What's more classic than a white monochromatic look with a flashy lipstick? Here Elin Kling associates a white tee-shirt made of a simple fabric with trousers way more chic and classy. An elegant look which stills sober and casual chic.

Old meets modern in the Scandinavian blogger's living room. Those three coffee tables' assembly creates a dynamic and mobile space on which we can see some curiosities of all times, from a gun to a metal statuette, and others various little trinkets which creates a charming and curious universe, from pipe to cards, and with obviously the emblematic candlesticks. 

It is obvious that Elin Kling's style is built around timeless classics, and then she can associate them to the other pieces of her wardrobe, admittedly frequently sober, but always valorized In this picture, the perfecto and black jeans are part of a wardrobe's essentials. the leather jacket is typical for a rock look, slightly daring and original with the orange sweater which lighten this dark outfit. Like in her apartment, this look is a classic which lighten this dark outfit. Like in her apartment, this look is a classic, with some originality. A mix between classic and measured eccentricity. 

This corridor leading to the bathroom seems to be straight out of an issue of ELLE Decoration. White is the dominant color, and a certain luxury comes out of this refined atmosphere thanks to the marble whom brings an interesting character only added to the elegant doors and tiles.

Elegance. Here is the key word for this last picture. A marble coffee table, golden candlesticks of a modern baroque style, an art-deco plate, Vogue Paris issues and flowers in a vase. Elegance in style mixing. Classic welcomes modernity with some reservations, like in the outfit of thus beautiful home's owner. 

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