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A month in poetry: March

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Waking up on my own,
The alarm clock murdering my ears.
I wish you were here.
I wish it were you lips instead.
Your lips murdering my soul,
Waking me up,
With a mouthful of forever
And other beautiful lies.

Eating salad to make boys 
Want to undress me.
Cooking pancakes 
To make them fall in love with me.

Wind is blowing.
Snow is falling.
And I'm still.
Waiting for something to happen.

He's smoking by my side,
In a bed where love happened
A bit too fast last night.
A stranger in my bed,
Cigarette's smoke in my lungs,
Hot coffee spills all over the white pillow.
I turn my head, 
With a hint of hope for when I'll turn back. 

But mint and tea haven't replaced cigarette's smell.
When I turn back to him I wish it was you.
But there's a stranger in my bed.
Smoking cigarettes.
Drinking hot coffee. 

Oh you.
With your sweet taste, 
Burning my teeth and my soul,
You intoxicate me. 
You're poison to my veins, 
And pain never felt so good. 

Mash potatoes and sausages
On the kitchen table.
Fresh flowers in a vase, 
Freshly murdered.
Back to my childhood, 
Trying to escape it all with this lovely detox. 

Açaï bowl,
Sliced mangos, 
Pounded almonds. 
Breakfast swallowed with bitten fingers
In a lost Spring.

Cherries, kale, wine,
It all tastes the same
When I am drowning in your green eyes. 
Lost lovers make all tastes bittersweet.
Already drowned,
I drink one more glass of wine and bitterness. 
Cause I love how it hurts. 

Milano, Los Angeles, Mexico,
London, Paris, Moscow,
Empty places in a crowded world.
Nowhere's home without the sound of your breath,
The blood of your veins.
Everywhere I crave for home. 
Everywhere I crave for you. 

In a bed with someone new. 
Falling asleep,
Wishing here, 
It was you. 

Obsessed with shoes and dress, 
She didn't even realize her life was a mess. 

The day you left.
Alarm clock is yelling at us. 
I feel your warm body against mine, 
Until you just left an empty and cold place in the bed you layed.
I hear you in the shower.
I hear you making coffee.
And my eyes still shut,
You kiss my forehead,
And I fake sleep. 
I am sorry. 
I guess I didn't watch you go cause I didn't know how.
I wanted to breathe the air you breathed.
And now you've left. 

Tooth path in the tub, 
Soap in the sink, 
Warmth in the bed.
I can easily remind you. 

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