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10 things to make you feel good

Monday, 22 August 2016

Feeling down? Sad? It does happen to everyone, and for sometimes I thought nothing could really bring you out of this shitty state of mind, but actually I was just a lazy snail. So here I share with you the list of "feel good things" that you definitely should do everyday to feel good in general, but especially when you're having a break down. Simple things are still the best to cheer us up :)

1. Work out: This is not rally a thing that you should do while you're feeling bad, cause exercice might just end to kill you. But in a more general way working your body out everyday will make you feel better. Stretching, feeling every muscle of your body working, willing to look great, and doing it just for you. After a 30 minutes session you'll be proud and be feel good in your body and in your head!

2. Writing: Write things down. It is most of the time the best way to understand what's exactly going wrong. You can talk with someone else's voice, be another character in a story that is secretly yours, or you can just write a diary, poems, but what's ever you choose to put down your feelings on the paper will relieve you in the best way.

3. Reading: To read is the best way to escape. When it's too hard to face your bad day, to face your problems, when you're just tired of all of this, the best thing to do is to dive into someone else's life. You just forger about what's going wrong, and you also might have a different point of view on your problem when you'll have close the book :) Give a try to Katherine Pancol's books, it is all about simple lives with their own beauty.

4. Music: Simple, effective, well-known. Lay down on your bed, and just listen to Sun Kil Moon's album Benji. Your feelings might flow while listening to Carissa and you'll certainly feel deeply moved when it will be over, but you'll forget about complications and just appreciate the beauty of music and its story.

5. Tumblr: Pretty pictures, deep quotes, funny memes, sometimes you don't need much to be cheered up :)

6. Therapist: It is not a shame to see a therapist. Many people do without having real troubles, just because silly little things keep on annoying them and gently but surely destroy them. Or sometimes you just need to talk to someone out of everything, someone who will listen without judging and give you life advices sometimes really simple but that will change everything.

7. Body care: In the same them as sport, body care is a feel good activity. Wash your face, put on a detox mask, brush your hair, feel pretty. And just for you. Your body and your face only belong to you, so take care of it and you'll take care of your mind.

8. Discovery channel documentaries or Keeping up with the Kardashian: Oh dear Lord, this is the best way ever to distract yourself from reality when everything is going wrong. I know, two really different TV programs, but both of them will keep you captivated and you'll surely feel better after watching a documentary about platypus or how Kim K. keeps her booty in shape.

9. Cats: Just cuddle a cat. No more troubles after that.

10. Tea: In the UK some people call a cup of tea a "hug in a mug". Cutest thing ever, and with biscuits it is even more comforting, so drink tea and keep on smiling :)


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