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Capture your style, Aimee Song

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Bloggers. They are everywhere; just see, here I am, writing a new article. Blogs. All over the web, about fashion, about lifestyle, interior, food, makeup, beauty, everything. Wait, I said on the web? Not anymore guys. Now, blogs come to life. Garance DorĂ© set the trend, and now she is followed by many others, Kristina Bazan from Kayture for instance. And so in this post I would like to tell you about another blogger that you for sure know that I love by now, Aimee Song from Song of Style. Her book came out last 20th of September, and obviously since I'm in love with her blog and her Instagram I rushed into Waterstones bookshop to get my very own copy. Let's resume my feels: I love this book. But wait, this is not an usual "blogger publication". Aimee, instead of focusing on her life path (much more like Kristina Bazan look) or to put on pages her blog (like Garance DorĂ© did last year), decided to focus on what she knows best: Instagram. With over 4 millions followers she dedicated her book to this new social platform and so gives us her best advices to help us succeed like she did. Capture your Style is so in some kind of ways "Instagram handbook", a manual to succeed on this competitive social media, how to take the perfect pictures, how to edit them, how to promote them; but it is more than that. Capture your Style is also about fashion, about photographs and about carrier, with foreword by Diane van Furstenberg. Aimee shows her perfect style, outfits, make up, bags, and let us dream about that perfect famous blogger life. Well, Capture your Style is her Instagram grid in a book, all about prettiness but also edition. Let me introduce you to Aimee's book. 

Aimee puts a lot of effort in the edition of the book, trying to make it look like her blog but also taking some distances from it. And her we are, the prettiness of the pictures I was talking about.

This book is not only about how to have the perfect Instagram, it is also about how to take the perfect picture. On this page the blogger gives us a tutorial for the perfect selfie. 

If you ever took a look at her Instagram account, you might know that Aimee is the queen of flat lays. So of course she gives us all of her tips and advices to capture the perfect one.

Once you have the perfect picture, the perfect flat lay or selfie, you need to edit it the right way. Apps, filters, you'll learn every secret of her flawless pictures. 

If you follow Aimee on Snapchat or Insta Stories you might know that she loves to share what she is eating, and so does she on her Instagram grid. So in this chapter she explains us how to perfectly capture our lunch/brunch/breakfast/coffee break. Yummy!

As you might know, Aimee started her blog by posting interior pictures, since she actually wanted to become an interior designer. It is still part of her life, and so of her Instagram as shows this beautiful grid.

Here's the link to get yours!



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