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Self love

Sunday, 2 October 2016

In this week editor's letter I wanted to talk about self love. It feels like the lack of self confidence and self love is the disease of our times, just take a look at Tumblr and you'll understand what I say. People are desperate, they hate themselves, focus on their flaws and always find better the girl on the other side of the road. Everybody has insecurities, everybody has flaws, but everybody also deserves love; and the first person that can give it to you is yourself. I'm not here to judge or to "telle you what to do", because I also have to deal with insecurities, I also tend to compare myself to others, I also see only my flaws when I look into the mirror, but in this post I would like to talk about it and to give you some tips that I still have to learn to apply for myself. There are not mine, but those tips are some that I took from my family, my friends, my boyfriend, books, and most of all my therapist. There's no shame to see one, it will just help you to look at yourself and see the world in a more objective way. 
    To learn to love yourself is an everyday job. Every look in the mirror is an exercise. You look at yourself and you see everything you think is wrong. Ok, let's notice your flaws, and let's just kick them in the a**. Look at yourself and say out loud "I accept my flaws, I accept myself the way that I am". But self love is also about taking care of yourself. If you don't treat yourself, who else would like to do so? Take care of your body, eat well, work out, try to reach your goals, wether they are about your body, your mind, your projects. To have a goal is the best way to do hard work and so to accept yourself the way you are, but also to become the one you want to be. We have to be honest here. Of course, you have to accept your flaws, of course you have to accept your curves as an example, but if you want to get rid of it, if you want to look different, there's no shame, it is just fine. Accepting yourself is also a journey about changes, becoming the true "you" is what will make you truly happy. Also, treat yourself. You deserve this sweater/cake/lipstick/book/shoes/bra/beddings. And take time for yourself! A pamper night, a good book or a movie, a cake and some chocolates, it will feel good to take time for you, exclusively, and just relax or do the thing that makes you happy. One of the most important point is this one: stop comparing yourself to others in the bad way. It is good to compare yourself if it helps you to get motivated, to change in the right way, but most of the time when we compare we just lower our value to see in the girl on the other side of the road the perfect one. And so you go on walking feeling like a piece of sh*t. Stop doing that. The girl on the other side of the road is stunning? Ok, maybe you could copy her style if it fits you and if you really like it, maybe you could have a similar haircut, but girl, seriously, just be yourself. Do you sometimes wonder how many girls on the other side of the road look at you and think, "waw, she's stunning and I'm a piece of sh*¨t". We are all the same, so walk on, keep on smiling, and love yourself. "



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