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Chanel Make Up

Saturday, 28 January 2017
There are some brands that you deeply love, whether they are fashion brands, shoe brands, but also make up brands. You can obviously go cheap for your everyday look, no need for bloody expensive mascara or lipstick. However, someday you might feel like being fancy and adding a little bit of luxury into your life. No need for the latest favorite it bag, you can go cheaper and purchase a nice make up product from one of the best brand in tis field according to me, Chanel. 
Today I've decided to share with you a list of my favorite products from this brand at the moment, giving you some tips for how to use them, well, a little review. Here is my top five.

I love lip products. I'm really into lipstick, I just feel like it is the simple touch that will change your look, make it instantly fancier, prettier, smarter, sophisticated. Most of the time I go light on the eyes just to wear a pretty lipstick, most of the time dark ones in Winter. However I've never been into lip pencils. To dry for me, I've never liked the "line" that delimited your lips contour, I rather go for a lipstick or a gloss. But thanks to Chanel I've learned to love this type of makeup. Here I talk about Chanel 'Crayon de Couleur', a product between the lipstick and the lip liner, that you can apply all over your lips. It is really easy to apply, precise and most of all pleasant to wear. You do not even feel it on your lips, it is smooth and won't make your lips dry. I went for a light pink, 'Rose Clair', n°3. Easy to wear with everything and perfect to combine with a cat eye.
Chanel 'Crayon de Couleur', Rose Clair, n°3

I always felt like my eyes were the best thing in me beauty wise. So obviously my goal is to valorize them. But can we talk about this horrible quest that is the one to find the perfect mascara? I feel like since I wear makeup I've never stop trying new ones in the hope to find the perfect one. Well, Dior mascara are pretty good, Maybeline as well, but I've never found one that make your lashes looking really numerous and thick, almost 'fluffy'. Yet obviously Chanel created one like this. I've discovered it pretty recently, but I must say that I'm already convinced. It is the perfect mascara if you want to have an impressive look, attracting all of the attention to your eyes. With a nice cat eye it will look perfect, and it is long lasting! Yet a little bit to hard to remove. But well, since we look nice during the day, does that matter?
Chanel Mascara, 'Dimensions', n°10 (black)

To stay focus on the eyes, I've got another favorite from Chanel, however I still struggle to use it the right way. I've never really been into eye shadows. Never knew what was the right color according to my eyes (blue) and how to apply it according to my eye shape (still undefined to me). However after having watch hundreds of makeup tutorials on YouTube I've started to understand how to use it, and in order to test my skills I purchased a Chanel eye shadow. The texture - pretty smooth - and the application - so easy - completely convinced me. I still have to learn how to make the most of it, but I know I made the right choice by choosing this one.
Chanel Eye Shadow, 'Illusion d'Ombre Velvet', 'Rouge Contraste', n°132

This might sound weird but the state of my nails have a lot to do with my mood. If my nails are all scratched and painted in a color I don't really like on that precise day, you can be sure I will only focus on that and feel slightly depressed. Girls problems I guess. However I can't really complain. Nail lacquers are more and more long lasting, you can also apply a top coat just to have a nice finish and to keep it longer, but still some brands struggle to elaborate long lasting formulae. Chanel doesn't. They actually never did as far as I remember, but their new formulae is even more long lasting. And the colors are so numerous that it becomes really hard to choose. My latest purchase is a little bit different from what I'm used to wear - mostly nudes or burgundy colors. I went for a black one, with sparkles and nice reflects. Easy to wear with almost everything during this season.
Chanel Nail Lacquer, 'Gris Obscur', n°538

Last but not least, my fifth favorite is a lipstick. I had to pick one, since Chanel might do the best ones. So nice to apply, so smooth, so light, so pretty, you can't help but fall in love with their lip products. They are many ones, many tips, many textures and styles. And here I choose a pretty nice formulae, quite original and most of all, unique. They call it a 'stylo', understand a 'pen'. This might sounds like the 'crayon de cooler' I told you about, but it is actually pretty different. The texture is not the same, you don't feel like applying a lipstick nor using a lip liner, it is much more like you are coloring your lips like you would fill a coloring book. It is really easy to apply, and the final look is stunning. Just a little bit shinny, not too thick, it will just look like it is the real color of your lips. A must have for lip products lovers, you'll just struggle choosing a shade.
Chanel 'Rouge Coco Stylo', 'RĂ©cit', n°212



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