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January Favorite: Constance, Hermès

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

In Winter smaller bags always feel better to me. Maybe it is because you already have seven layers of sweaters and two coats, looking a lot like a polar bear. So you need something light on your arm, something that will just cary your essentials and not weighting too much on your freezing body. So for my January favorite, while I'm fighting the cold weather in Amsterdam, I decided to choose the Constance bag by Hermès. First of all, because it is as I said one of those light and small bag, but also because it is by Hermès, and I never choose one from this brand even though it is maybe one of the most iconic one. You can always recognize an Hermès bag. It is this "something special", this timeless and elegant look that most of the time seems like they will suit better a grown woman with a serious job. However, it feels like the Constance bag is perfectly adapted to a younger look, less serious, more about it-girls. That is maybe why it is my favorite one from the brand, younger, maybe less iconic than a Birkin but also more wearable for a young lady who does want to have style but who doesn't want to be too serious. 

As you can see, the Constance bag is small, it is one of those bag where you can only put your cardholder, a lip balm, gloves and sunnies. But what else can we ask for when we are fighting the cold in our enormous parka?

Classic meets eclecticism. The Constance bag keeps its iconic style thanks to the massive 'H', but is modernized thanks to a colorful but still basic look. Sometimes all you need to be classy is the right handbag. And this might be the one. 



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