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Birthday Girl

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Today is my birthday. I'm turning 22, yet I don't really care becoming older. I used to care a lot about my age. I started university when I was 17, and always wanted to be out of there at 22 with an amazing diploma. I'm 22, still at university in the first year of my master degree, and I don't think I have already been as lost as I am today. I don't really know what my future will look like. I know what I want, but not how to get it. I'm struggling with personal issues, just as many people of my age do. But still I'm fine with that.  My 21st year taught me how to take care of myself and how important it was. I met people along the way who helped me feeling better and becoming a better person. I've learned that it was ok to feel under the weather, to feel lost and unloved. I learned that it was ok to have doubts, to cry time to time, to crave for something irrational. I've learned a lot, but I can't remember wishing for any of those things, last year, on the 11th of March, when I turned 21. 

This time neither I don't wish anything special for this new year to come. Happiness, love and success of course, but well, I'm not being very original here. Oh well, maybe I have a wish. Just to learn more. I don't talk about the knowledge you gain at university here, but the knowledge you gain when you talk with people you love, the knowledge you gain when you read a new book, the knowledge you gain when you cry while listening to a beautiful song, the knowledge you gain when you spend time alone. All of those things might sound too deep for a birth day, but last year I also learnt that you never should apologize for who you are and how you feel. So here to a new year of self love. 


Amy, just a birthday girl

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