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Korean Beauty Dream

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Since several years now Korean beauty took over Western Countries. Everywhere new brands appear and are sell in more and more shops, from Sephora to Douglas, and of course we buy. Why? Because we have all heard of the legendary perfect skin of Korean girls. No pimples, no blemishes, no redness, nothing to hide, nothing to change, their everyday rituals let them avoid our daily skin issues. So of course, once those brands have came into our Western countries, they were instantly best sellers. The promise of the perfect skin, or how to let hope grows in every Western girl. 

But this promise is only one of the aspect of those products that make us buy them frenetically. The second asset is for sure their cuteness. How can you resist a hand cream in a panda shape? Or the cutest lip balm ever, being very efficient, but also in a cate shape and smelling like cotton candy?  I did discover myself those products quite recently. Even though I've been using EOS lip balm for already more than a year, I never really had my hand on any other Korean product. However a month ago I stumbled upon the brand Oh K!, and since then I'm in love with it. Since a month I try to discover new brands, new products, and the more I discover, the more I fall in love with Korean beauty. That is why today I've decided to share with you my top 5 favorite products. But be sure than in a couple month there might be part two to this article, I'm sure I won't get tired of it... Because you know, Korean beauty is all you can dream of. Magical beauty products in the cutest packaging. The combination to make a girl happy and beautiful. 

Oh K! Panda Shaped Handcream, Cherry Blossom Scented

EOS Lip Balm, Summer Fruit

So Cool Eye Stick Panda's Dream

Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Cushy Blusher

Oh K! Lip Balm Duo, Cotton Candy & White Peach



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