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Currently Loving... Milk Makeup

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Recently I have decided to change my makeup look. For the whole Winter time I have been into a matte skin and a dark lip, but with Summer who just came in (Today! Happy first day of Summer!) I have decided to go for a completely different look. Out matte skin, and welcome glowy face and pink lips! You could have already seen in my articles on my Spring Favorite Lipsticks post, I am trying out new things, and I do find that a glowy skin is the perfect match for a shiny pink lip. I have then been looking for new brands, ones that would help me get this dewy skin, looking healthy and fresh. In my researches I stumbled upon Milk Makeup. I have never heard of it before, but discovered it by chance on Urban Outfitters' website. 

I firstly fell in love with the packaging and the name of the brand. I placed an order and tried it out as soon as I got it. Let me say, I was not disappointed. Milk Makeup has first of all this amazing Hydrating Oil, which is the perfect base to create a glowy look. I apply it all over my face and it stays light since I only use CCream in Summer, forgetting about the foundation. Then, they have an incredible highlighter, which is one of the main component of a glory makeup. This does definitely and instantly gives you the glowy look, only by itself. But what I am loving the most to achieve my perfect make up look is their Glitter Stick. I am loving it to pieces. I had a little bit of it on top of my highlighters, to make it even more dewy. The final look is always perfect with this little touch of glitters, and will make you look shiny but not too glittery, no worries. 
What's next? Their incredible Lip + Cheek stick. My absolute favorite product from this brand. They have the perfect blush colors for Summer, it looks shiny and dewy, plus, it is just the most gorgeous colors for your lips. If you had to only buy one thing from this brand, you should go for this one, for sure. My favorite colors? Coral and Berry. Both are gorgeous. 
Finally, the Lip Pigment. It is I must admit not that easy to apply, but the look is definitely worth it. It does stay for hours and is the perfect match with the highlighter. And for me who is a fan of lip products, this discovery was just amazing. Currently loving Milk Makeup. 



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