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Spring Favorites

Thursday, 1 June 2017

This lovely season that Spring is is not over yet, however I already wanted to share with you my favorites since I was afraid to have to many if I waited longer to write this article. And to be honest, I already have a good loads of things here. I wanted to pick up only few categories and few products, but this season has been full of good surprises and discoveries, in various fields. I am loving this Spring 2017, and I have been trying to make the most of it without spending too much on new stuffs - even if Zara tempted me quite a lot, I must say. I have then picked up the beauty products that I have used the most, but also some stationary bits, a couple of movies and some others bits and bobs. You will find the links to shop all of my favorites above each item, you will then have time to purchase them just in time before Spring comes to an end!


You know my LOVE for stationary, and this Spring even though I have tried to stop myself from buying every single item I liked, I kind of failed, as you might have seen in a recent article. Yet I went even further, and few weeks ago purchased two items from Urban Outfitters. 
Firstly, there is the cutest notebook ever. I do not eat sushis, but I really don't care, this was too cute to be true. This Ohh Deer notebook did catch my eye, and I couldn't get out off the shop without this cute sushi pattern displayed on a notebook of such a good quality. So I failed, didn't restrain myself. Yet it is all right, I love it loads. 

This one, I definitely did not need since I already have a 2017 agenda and about 47 notebooks. But I loved the pattern so badly, I had to buy it. Peaches and pink? Which girl could actually resist this perfect combo? Not me. 


I only want to pick two items in this category since I already wrote quite a lot about beauty and shared many of my favorites those past few weeks, covering both lips and nails.  Firstly, there is this amazing Estée Lauder lipstick. The color is much more wintery, yet I couldn't resist buying it (once more...). It is actually a metallic lipstick, something I have never been found of. However the color of this particular one really got me, and when I wore it for the first time I really love the final aspect of it. It wasn't too metallic, it was actually more partly and shiny, and this effect mixed with the dark purplely color was just the bomb. 

My second beauty favorite is a fragrance. I wore perfume everyday and I tend to change a lot, not sticking for a single fragrance for a whole season. However this Spring I have been all about the scent "Love Story" by Chloé. Chloé is for sure my favorite brand when it comes to fragrances, I own every single one of them. They are at the same time fresh and girly, and perfectly match with my skin. And this Spring I completely fell in love again with "Love Story" - god, can we talk about the name and the design of the bottle??? Just perfect - and wore it every single day. I feel like I have actually finally found THE perfume I'll stick to for my whole life. 


I do not pick up movies in my favorites normally, but I have been really loving two of them recently. First of all, I rediscovered "Baby Boom", this single mum romcom already aged of several decades. I don't know if what I love most is Diane Keaton's style, or just the way she managed to live her life . Definitely a must seen. 
Then, "La La Land". Oh god I know everybody saw this one and know about it, but well I loved it! I am found of musicals, and such a dramatic but cheerful one put me in the best mood ever. And some songs, such are to die for. 


Talking about song, let me pick up my favorite one from this movie: "City of Stars", from La La Land. Who is not surprised?
Tom Rosenthal is also an artist that I have really enjoyed listening to recently, and I have to link you here my favorite song of his, which is for sure "For You to be Here".


I read quite a lot recently, but I only want to pick two of my readings here. 
Firstly, "A Tiny Bit Marvelous" by Dawn French. I have now read all of her three novels, and I must admit that this one was the funniest by far. I laughed out loud in diverse occasions while reading it - my boyfriend was really worried about my mental state when he saw me cry laughing on the bed that evening. The story of this funny and not perfect family is banal, yet full of action. All of the characters have that funny side in them that the author perfectly shows. Definitely a must read, the perfect book to bring with you to the beach. 

The other novel I picked here is really different from the first one. E. M. Forster's "A Room with a View" is for sure a classic novel from the English literature of the 1900s, and one of the most enjoyable read I had so far from this period of time. You will follow the doubts and rebellion of a young girl from the British high society, coming back from Italy to her conventional country side. Yet now after some time spent in Florence and Rome, she is not the same anymore, she discovered love and life, and is not ready to give up on that for the sake of the strict British conventions. A beautiful story.


In this final category I have also to items to tell you about. The first one is a tote bag from Mango. I always loved this brand, and their bags are actually of pretty good quality. I purchased it in black, even if Summer is coming, I stick to what I like most. It is spacious enough for my mess, and the shape is just gorgeous. A face between the faves. 

I always love flamingos. Don't ask me why, I actually have no clue. But I love them, so I won't have to explain my love for those flamingos espadrilles. Everything is said! Summer, I am coming to you. 



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