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A Day In... Geneva

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Sometimes we forget about the place we live in. We go there everyday, in a beautiful city, but we never think about the beauty of this place. Geneva is a city I have been studying in for three years. I left it some time ago, but with my family living nearby I am back there and I recently spent some time walking around those last few days. At the moment, I did not think about it. I was just enjoying my days, having a walk along the lake with my boyfriend, or going shopping with my family, but I only realized today, when I was at home, far from the business of Geneva, how incredible this place was. Thanks to my year off in Basel I have shared with you my trips to some other Swiss city, but I now realize that I never told you about Geneva, and after my first year in Amsterdam I realize how much I love being back here. More than showing you images, I would like to share with you what my dreamed day in Geneva is (inspired by many magical Summer days spent there with my amazing boyfriend). A beautiful town just before my eyes. 

Geneva is a fancy city, it is Switzerland, the country of banks and money, everybody know that. So even if you cannot afford this lifestyle, took a bite of it at a La Durée shop, having macarons for breakfast, maybe on a bench in the Parc de La Grange, for a beautiful start of the day. I love to spend the morning shopping in the rues de Rive, where most of the shops are located. I rather go early, before everybody come into the shops around noon. In Geneva, shopping wise, you have a lot of options, for all kind of wallets, and the temptation is at every street corner. For makeup and fashion lovers, try the Manor shop on the other side of the town, where about a year ago opened a Sephora!

For lunch, I have my favorite spot. I love to go to Edward's, where you can choose everything you put in your sandwich or salad, and they also have awesome desserts. It is for sure because the food is really good that I choose this place, but also because it has a history for me. It is where my boyfriend and I used to have lunch together when we first met and where still just friend. Delicious and meaningful, for sure I'll recommend it!

One thing you should not miss in Geneva is the old town. To be honest there is not much to properly visit apart from the cathedral, yet to have a walk around is a real pleasure for the eyes. Old houses, beautiful streets where are hidden art galleries and cute cafés, and of course a beautiful view over the lake and the famous "Jet d'Eau". 
In Summer you definitely have to go the the lake and test the water even though it is quite cold. A nice spot would be the Baby Plage or the Bain des Pâquis. It is not the sea nor the ocean, but the view is just as beautiful, in the middle of the town. To end up the afternoon with a sugary touch, have an ice cream nearby the "Jet d'Eau" and enjoy the view. 

I hesitated about evening plan to share with you, but last Wednesday my boyfriend and I did something quite simple but really nice and I think it is the best way to end up the day there. We just bought a pizza in to take away and ate it sat in the grass of the Parc des Bastions, where my old university was. It was not really a fancy dinner, but for sure one of the favorite I had in Geneva with him. I know, my travel diary is turning into an editor's letter, a declaration, but I feel sad that I never wrote about Geneva before. I mean, this city is the place where I met him, the place where we did so many things together, the place where we had our first kiss, the place where we fell in love. It is more than a simple city for me, it is a life changing place. I hope the recommendation I gave you will also change your life in the best way when you will visit them. 



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