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Honey Hair

Monday, 14 August 2017

Summer can be hard beauty wise. The burning sun, the salted sea, everything from hair to skin gets dry, and we tend to not take enough care of ourselves. For the body and face it is quite easy, sunscreen and moisturizer, in quantity for those dry days. But what about our hair? They suffer as much as our skin, and they need us to take care of them. We can find thousands of hair masks and conditioners, but I recently had the chance to discover a brand that is definitely full of really good products for amazing hair, Gisou. This brand is all about taking good care of our hair, moisturizing it and make it all shiny and soft, but also healthy. What is the magical ingredient making it all so perfect? Honey. The story behind the brand is already really lovely. The funder, Negin Mirsalehi, has grown up with beekeeping, and knows everything about this universe, then she discovered how much good bees could do to your hair. 

The brand has launched several products, all consecrated to the hydration of the hair and the respect of the production. My favorite product is for sure the Honey Infused Hair Oil. I wasn't sure about hair oil at first, but after several uses I realized that an hair oil is definitely the solution for hair dried by the Summer sun. But as a base another product that is for sure a must is the Heat Protecting Spray. It will protect your hair of the sun all day long, and by using the oil afterwards the hair will be at the same time protected and hydrated, the combination we are all looking for. The brand is still pretty small, and the range of products limited to three, the last one being a texturing spray to give you the beach hair style, the perfect final touch to style your healthy hair. However, even if the brand is still tiny, all of their three products are amazing. A saver for the Summer. Thank you lovely bees. 



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