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Blogger Style: Camila Coelho

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

If you want to get inspired, looking at only one model, only one style, won't be enough. At some point, your style will always stay the same and never will have the opportunity to evolve, and to change according to the occasion or your mood. I tend to present on here bloggers who have a different style, but who still belong to the same vibe, but I thought this time I will look in another direction and show you a selection of my favorite looks from a Brazilian blogger, Camila Coelho. 

This blogger is far from what I tend to get inspired from. She is girly, glamour, really feminine and not afraid to be sexy or to dress like a real woman, which is maybe an inspiration I tend to left on the side, myself feeling like a girl still. But Camila has a lot to learn us. She knows how to associate clothes and to look smart and feminine without going on the 'too girly' road. So here is a selection of my favorite looks of her, a mix of everything a woman should get inspired from.

Feminine & Glamorous

Chic & Elegant

Casual & Sophisticated



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