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Currently Loving... 7 Bis Jewelry

Thursday, 28 September 2017

I do not talk much about jewelry because I am the kind of person who is really faithful to her pieces, and who tend to wear the same ring, bracelet, earrings, again and again. I do not purchase much jewelry - but my boyfriend tends to offer me a lot -, and if I do most of the time it is because of a real coup de foudre. Instagram, to discover new jewelry brands, is for sure a good source. Most of the time when I purchase new articles, there are from brands I discovered on this platform. And the brand I am telling you about today is in this case. 7 Bis Paris is a French jewelry brand which perfectly suits the actual trend: discreet and fun pieces. Gold and silver, palm trees and cactus, they know what works and they are not afraid to use that. Small pieces are definitely the thing right now, and this brand manages to create affordable jewels that you can whether wear by themselves, whether layer, mixing all of those funny motives. My heart goes to the leaf earrings and basically all of their bracelets. A 'currently loving' that might last for a while...



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