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A Day in Poetry IX

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Lonely Girl

All alone in my room
I count the crack on the wall
To forget time,
To forget space.

All alone in my room
I watch the clock go by, 
Staring at my damaged leg,
Where blood spreads 
As minutes go by.

All alone in my home,
I see people I love being alive,
I stalk with jealousy,
Counting the tears on my cheeks.

All alone in his room, 
I pretend the knot in my throat is not real,
I pretend the whole in my heart is not there,
I pretend joy, 
As I hide my scars from his eyes. 

All alone in this town, 
I see him happy without me,
I see him not needing me, 
And I stare at me in the mirror, 
Dying for a him to call me.

All alone in my room, 
I watch my phone not ringing, 
I notice my legs becoming more and more scared,
I see my blood drying on my tights, 
And I loose track of time.

All alone in this world,
I try to disappear.
All alone in my head, 
I try to forget who I am.
All alone in my heart,
I know that nobody sees, 
Nobody cares.
Nobody knows how well I manage the art of loneliness.


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