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Birthday Celebrations

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Birthdays always had a lot of importance for me. And here I am not talking about my birthday, but the birthday of people around me. Of all the members of my family, from my mother to my little cousin, but also my friends' birthdays, and mostly my boyfriend's birthday. I put a lot of importance in this celebration. I actually realized that to make him happy became one of my priority. I organize everything well in advance in order to be sure that he will spent an amazing time, I try to plan with his family for us both to be back home on this special day, I spend days looking for the perfect gifts, and to find the perfect words that I will write on his card. It is his 4th birthday that we are spending together - cannot believe we've known each other for so long already - and as usual I want it to be perfect. But this year it does mean even more to me. For my latest birthday, he couldn't be there, and on this day, when I celebrated with my family at home, and when his seat was empty, I realized that I couldn't enjoy this special day without him. And I don't want him to feel the same as I did. It has been a long time we have been together, but it is on those special moments that I realize he is the man I want to spend too many birthdays with, he is the man I want to make happy until the end of times.

Happy Birthday S. ♥︎

Love you, A. 

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