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Les Nymphéas, Monet

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Some artists move you more than some others. It is funny how much we tend to come back, always, to what we love at first sight. Monet is easy in a sense, everybody knows his paintings, ans I won't be surprised to learn that in some kindergarten they would use its art pieces for 4 years old to be inspired by. Monet is just the name you can throw away when you want to look fancy. Well, I have studied his work, and even after that Monet is still easy for me. I didn't really enjoy studying his art, because it felt like I was loosing all of its poetry. Why would you explain the water lilies? I mean, aren't they enough by themselves? 
Yes, I do complain a lot about how studying art history made me lost the candid look that I had on art, but I also have to be honest and thankful. Thanks to art history I saw not only the most well-known water lilies, I also discover the more confidential ones, like the waiting I choose today. And also had the chance to study his garden, to compare, to understand the colors, the shades, the movement. But when I look at this painting I try not to think to much about it. This art work is poetry, I guess that it is a good enough description. Now it is up the you to look at it this way, and maybe Monet would still be an easy reference, but now it will also be one that speaks to your heart. 



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