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Blogger Style: Saasha Burns

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Living in Europe, you tend to live with the seasons. Crisped springs, hot summers, chilly autumns, cold winters. I love being able to live in a place where I can see the time unfold in front of me. But some days, especially now that I am back in the grey and cold Amsterdam, I crave for warmer days and lighter clothes. That is why at the minute I am very found of the style of the Australian blogger Saasha Burns. Also a little bit jealous. It seems like she has one wardrobe for all year round by living in this country. Not suffering of the cold, not having to layer several sweaters to survive outside. Just bikinis and short dresses. I envy her location on days like today (rain, grey sky, real feel -2°C in Amsterdam) but I am also a big fan of her look. It is never over the top, it is never too beach like, it is the perfect combination of a summer wardrobe and chic. A style that can fit not all places on earth, but that can let us dream, in the European winter, of bikinis, short dresses, and basket bags. A life under the sun. 

Sea & Sand

Classy in Town

Old School Chic



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