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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Perfume is a major part of my beauty routine, as it is for many people. However, how essential it is, I never wrote a post about my favorite scents. I guess it is mainly because I don't really now how to talk about olfaction. It is hard to find the right words, to describe a scent which you can sometimes only describe through memories and moments. Even if I am aware of my difficulties in this exercise, I still want to give you a - short - list of my all time favorite fragrances and new discoveries. Since I do not really now how to describe them, I will find for you the main notes, as do people like me who can just say, "hm, smells nice!". Non-exhaustive list of favorite perfumes from a non-connoisseur. 

Chloé 'Love' & 'Nomade'

Chloé is my favorite brand when it comes to fragrances, and I had some difficulties picking only one from them, so here is my old time favorite, and my new discovery. 
The first one is 'Love', Chloé. This perfume has a really cute story behind it actually, because, without really realizing it at the time, I got it for my birthday in 2014, at the time where I was falling in love with my current boyfriend. So this fragrance, before evoking to me any notes, reminds me of that time, making me almost nostalgic, but surely happy, every time I wear it. Its main notes are orange blossoms, berries, lilac and iris. A very floral scent which I love to wear throughout Spring and Summer. 

My new discovery from Chloé is their latest fragrance, 'Nomade'. I simply got it because it was from Chloé and I already got all of their fragrances: they never disappointed me. So this new scent was definitely needed in my perfumes collection. First of all, before getting into the notes, I have to say that the design of the bottle is particularly nice and unique. The shape and the suede pink ruban makes it so very feminine and elegant. Once again, as for every Chloé fragrance, it is a very floral scent, mixed with agrumes, freesia, and cherry plum. Very fruity but not too sugary, this scent will definitely be my Summer 2018 favorite and go to. 

Burberry, 'My Burberry Blush'

This scent is all about memories for me. It was my go to when I had my gap year in Basel, and now every time I spray it I am transported back to this time and place. My Proust madeleine in a sense. Once again, it is a floral fragrance - apparently my go to - mixing some of the most elegant flowers and their smell, being bergamot, rose, jasmin and wisteria. A unique scent I will never forget. 

Dior, 'Miss Dior'
This is my first couturier fragrance. My grandmother offered it to me, and I cherished my first bottle, not spraying too much at a time, willing for it to last forever. Today I must be on my third or fourth bottle. This perfume is my go to, a scent that, when I wear it, makes people say 'oh, this is your scent!'. My favorite notes from this complex perfume are for sure the famous Dior rose, jasmin and patchouli. More flowers again!

Gucci, 'Bloom'

Last but not least, my latest discovery: Gucci 'Bloom'. No surprise nor originality here, just another flowery perfume. I will not change. But this perfume is so feminine and so elegant, it is more the smell of a woman than of a girl. Hence why I wear it only on special occasions. It is a very simple mix though, with jasmin, iris and tuberous. Simple but there's no need for more. This fragrance will for sure become a new staple of mine, carrying with its gorgeous scent more recent memories. 



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