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Gardening Therapy

Saturday, 12 May 2018

I went back home for a  couple weeks, and I have been blessed with the weather. Loads of sun and Summery temperatures. It was so nice to stay outside, to stroll around in the garden, to read under the shade of a blossoming apple tree. I just need this weather and to be home to feel joyful, but this time I have decided to do more than just reading and drinking lemonade outside: I did some gardening. I went several times to the garden center with may family, and we purchased so many bushes, flowers and other plants, I was in garden heaven. But even if I loved choosing the plants, and spending way too much time in this huge garden center, this was only the start. Every weekend and bank holidays - God bless May for that - we spent outside planting every of our purchases. Taking off the grass, digging, putting the plant in the ground, watering it, and going on to the next. We spent a lot of time planning our plantations - our garden is rather huge - and to see some colors popping, to smell the flowers newly planted and to see some bees going for them right away was a real pleasure. But let's keep it real, it is hard work. Gardening is exhausting and at the end of the day I slept like a baby. However, how satisfying it is. To create beauty, in a sense. Such a good therapy. You are outside, in the sun, working with nature to make your landscape look beautiful. What's better than that to go back to the essential? And it is always nicer to read Call Me By Your Name, in the sun, surrounded by a beautiful nature anyway


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