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Thursday, 4 February 2016
      We can't always get what we want in life. For example, sometimes we crave for love, but it is not the right moment, and it just can't happen. Or we want a Chanel bag, and we are basically broke. Maybe sometimes we apply for a job, but we know it won't happen, because we do not fill the requirements. Well, sometimes we just have to go with the flow, and admit that we can't get what we crave for. But in other times, you have to work to get what you want. For example, JC Wyatt, in the movie Baby Boom. A mother can't be the boss of an investments company? Anyway, she leaves and goes away to achieve her goals in her own way. She gets what she wants because she creates it. But sometimes the thing you wan't is really concrete, material. For me, it was a magazine. I wanted to create one. It all started because I couldn't find in magazines that I was looking for, the publication I dreamt of didn't exist, and it is only because nobody is the same, and nobody has the ideas and creativity as I do. There's only one YOU in the world. You may like some stuffs, and dislike others, you can enjoy some photographs, or there are some writing types that you would prefer, and others that will disgust you. Anyway, tastes are personal, and you are unique. And so, sometimes, when what you like doesn't exist, you have to create it. 
     I understood what I wanted this year when I stopped my studies to follow my boyfriend in a city which couldn't offer me anything, I faced issues and I had to find something to do. There was no job, no school, no family, nothing but him in this Swiss town. This choice was hard to take, and this sacrifice hasn't been that easy day by day, but I decided to turn it into something positive and to stop being pessimistic. So I had this idea of a magazine, which was actually something I've been thinking of for a very long time, but never been brave enough to start it. It has to talk about everything that I like, art, literature, fashion, cinema, music, lifestyle, food, decoration, well you know, like a massive Tumblr account. So I dedicated my year to this magazine, to the idea of the perfect one I had. And this blog is the best way I have to share it with everybody. I would like to thanks my boyfriend, thank you for loosing us in this tow, to made me brave enough to realize my project that I always craved for but never tried to achieve. Thank you for your critics, your time, and all the musics you forced me to listen to and which finally became my writing playlist. 
     I know I said everybody was different, nobody has the perfect match with someone else's tastes, but I hope that with this online magazine, this blog, you will find some matching points with me and what I like. With what made me happy yo get up in the morning and work even if nobody was waiting for me to achieve anything this year. And now I wonder, and I hope, we'll have some common tastes whom make you read my articles and think, "what a cool online magazine!".

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