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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Veronique Braquinho

  My eyes have always been what I liked most about myself. I like the fact that they are big without being bulging or bovine, filled with long and black lashes, but most of all, blue. So when I do my makeup I always try to focus all the attention on them, even if I must admit it is hard for me sometimes to go light on the eyes when I am in love with eccentric and dark lipsticks. But I have to calme down on the eye part. And in my view, you don"t need a smoky eye or four eye shadow of different shades to attract all eyes on yours. I only wear two kind of eye makeup because I am a lazy snail wear a lot of different eye makeup, and of course I wear eye shadow and try smoky eyes, but what I like above all is a simple look: only dark and bold mascara on my top lashes, and a lighter mascara for the bottom ones, still dark but way lighter and dryer. Another of my favorite look is the cat eye. I am just in love with it. The eyeliner brings sexy, just being large at the end and thin in the inside corner of the eye. For me it is the sexiest look ever, irresistible and bringing all eyes on yours. 

   Well, you might have understood it now, I love it when people looks me in the eyes. So Veronique Braquinho Spring / Summer 2016 show completely shocked me. On every models, there was a thin veil me of tulle, black or white, slightly transparent, yes, but what the hell, we couldn't see their eyes! At first I thought "MURDER!", but then I calmed down. The designer achieved to focus all regards on the eyes zone, without showing them, which does lead to a mysterious and genuine result! Focusing all eyes on a body part by hiding it, this is an original idea we don't think about that often. The romantic figures of the collection became instantly darker and mysterious, making of the makeup something useless. And if the key to bring attention was to hide what is best in our appearance to attract looks and make people want to discover what's under cover? For sure, this rule doesn't apply ti lingerie, girls know that. The sexy panties with nothing on the back - see what I mean? - always win against girls' best friend white-cotton-unsexy-covering-comfy panty that does hide what should technically be hidden. Anyway. Personally, I am not sure I am ready yet to leave my Dior mascara for a tule veil, but maybe one day it could be the solution to look like the girl who hides her eye bags a mysterious and sexy girl as hell. 

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