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Pancakes craziness

Friday, 12 February 2016
What do you eat for breakfast? Personally I always make it easy, eating what may come my way, wether it is bread with jam or a bowl of cereals, because I don't really want to start cooking right after I wake up. Yes, I am a lazy girl, and I don't even wake up early, 9 a.m, I know I don't have any excuse. But I'm still lazy. Sorry. Well, shame on me, all this things, ok we got it now. But the other day something pretty impressive happened. First, I woke up earlier and I went for...a run. Ok, nothing to do with food. But be patient. I ran, I was sweating as never before, I also thought I would die - yes I know, my body condition is a complete disaster - and when I went home, after a shower almost 12 hours long - I know, not ecologic at all sorry, I'll go to hell, that is for sure - I cooked pancakes! Yeah, some days in our lives are just miracles. For me it happened on a Wednesday in February 2016. Almost in time for new year's resolution right? And to be completely honest, I can assure you, they were the best pancakes I have ever made. And since I am a pretty nice girl, I'm going to give you the recipe and some toping ideas. No it's ok, no need to say thank you.

Instagram, Where the pancakes are®
- 175g of flour
- a pinch of salt
- 1 tea spoon of sugar (but it's ok, not so sugary! Still kind of healthy!)
- 2 big eggs
- 15cl of milk
- 3 tea spoons of baking powder
- 1 tea spoon of vanilla extract
- oil or butter for the frying pan

Recipe, or we could say, where serious things start
A. Mix flour with sugar and salt in a first bowl. In another one beat your two eggs with a fork and then add the milk. When this is done, and the mixture is uniform, add the flour's bowl and mix while trying to avoid lumps and obtain an elastic and smooth paste. If everything went right the paste should be quite thick. And then don't forget to add the baking powder, cause if you do your pancakes will look more like flat crêpes, and this is not about crêpes here. You can cook your paste just after you've finished it, but if you would like to keep it for later just cover it with a plastic film and put it in the fridge.

B. Time to cook it now! Before all, heat your oil in an anti-adhesive pan, and make sure it is hot enough. Obviously, you don't need to put your hand directly on it to assure that, it has been demonstrated quite a few times that it is not a good idea at all, so just put your hand over it and if it's ok you'll feel the heat. Mix the paste one more time, and then with a ladle pour a little amount of paste on the pan, enough to obtain the desired size. Pancakes' pan isn't like crêpes' pan, it won't sprayed all over it, you have to define the size yourself. Pancakes are ready when the side not already cooked makes bubbles, so you can turn the pancake and then wait for approximately 3 minutes to obtain a perfect gilded color.

Serious things now, toppings
The awesome thing with pancakes is that we can it them with almost everything, you can adapt them to your tastes, because everything is good with it! Apple sirup is for sure the most famous topping, mais there are a hundred ways to it them. For me the ideal topping is for sure to cook a vanilla custard on pour it all over your pancakes, then you can add white chocolate chips - yeah, here it is no more healthy - and red berries.
Something else? Try the greek yogurt with flaked almonds, a sliced banana and red berries again. For chocolate lovers, you can add melted chocolate praline which will taste perfect with banana.
Ricotta is also a great topping for pancakes, you can flavored it with lemon juice and eat it with either redcurrant or pomegranate for a tart taste.   
But you can also go for something simple but effective, icing sugar all over your pancakes. Still so good.

Well, you might have get it now, there are so many ways to eat pancakes, it is only up to you now to find your own!

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