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A day in poetry

Thursday, 18 February 2016

You are so special to me you know, 

I'm just not quite sure. 
Is it the right time to talk about your insecurities and stuffs
you know?
Maybe later. 
Cause you're so special to me and I want to be here for you
honey, you know?
But not now.

You are so special to me, 

When will you stop crying? 
I mean, it is okay to cry sometimes.
But don't you think it is time to stop now?

You are so special to me,

You know, I'll never be that guy who can deal with everything
from you. 
Take care of yourself, and maybe we'll meet later?
Don't you think you need to pick up your pieces?

You are so special to me, 

Time will fly, and one day I'll break your heart.
And you're such a fragile thing I am afraid you'll never stop bleeding.
You understand me?
I'll break your heart like that day I've broke this bottle of red
Cause you were driving me crazy.
The pieces of glass will be like your body.
And the running wine will then be your heart's blood.
And you don't want that right?
You don't want to break like this bottle, right baby?

You are so special to me,

Maybe we should split now.
Before we break. Before you bleed.

You were so special to me,

I wanted to tell you goodbye before I go.


I was so special to you,

You drank me like a bottle of red wine.
Until there was nothing left of me.
Nothing left of my feelings.
Nothing left of my soul.
Just aching love. 

I was so special to you,

You broke me against the wall like this bottle of wine.
And left me there.
To pieces.
Pretending your goodbye was also so special to me.


You are so special to you.
You couldn't have someone like me.
Right, my beloved?
Was it too hard to love someone like me?
What happened?
Oh, I get it.
You disappeared, is that right?
I was too shiny.
And you were a shadow, with no soul.

I am so special to me,

Even the broken pieces of the bottle of wine are still shining,
in the middle of the running blood.

I am still shinning.
No matter how special to you I was.
So special to me, 
I'm still.

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