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A day in... Bern

Friday, 15 July 2016

The boyfriend looking nice on our day in Bern

Today I introduce you to a new topic for my blog named "A day in..." where i will share with you some pictures of a day I've been lucky to spent in a really nice city. Let's start this new review with the capital of Switzerland, Bern. 
I actually went there twice. Only an hour away from Basel, it was really easy for my boyfriend and I to go spent a day there. And here are some pictures of our second visit to this capital.  A replay nice place, filled with many impressive buildings, from churches to state's buildings. We rent a bike a took a ride along the river, catching the sunset on a beautiful view point, before crossing waters on a massive bridge to catch the last ray of the sun to then heading to a nice little restaurant to take a break after a long day of riding, and discovering this city. 
Those "days in" are actually not cultural review of the city, because we rather go checking out the streets and discovering by ourselves instead of going the touristic places, museums and shops. And to me it is for sure the best way to discover a city, get lost in it, renting a bike and riding until you find something worth to stop, like a magnificent church or some bears...
Welcome to Bern, but only for a day.

The city center and its sweet light.

We ride our bike till this pretty place, in between some of the mist beautiful buildings of the old city center.

Sunset seen form the view point of the city, the best place to admire this perfect Swiss match between nature and civilisation.

            Take me to church?                                                                                      Last ray of sun before the night

This was a day in Bern. 

And yes, here is the bear! 

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