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Pretty lace and light lingerie

Friday, 29 July 2016

During Summer I don't really feel like wearing cup bras, way too hot and not that pretty under a light top. But first let me give you a short warning, this post is related to girls with small/medium - is this even a thing? - boobs and their struggle. I've been watching Arden Rose's video "Why small boobs are awesome" and I can't help but agree with that statement. Because let's be honest, as a girl, you must know this struggle: the comfort of small boobs, but this idealistic woman that every guy has in mind: one with big boobs. And because of that, some years ago, I tended to think that having small boobs was a problem, not sexy, not attractive. And then I discovered the bralette. You know, this light bra, always sexy, and perfect for tiny breasts. It makes you feel sexy and your boyfriend couldn't help but agree. Playing with transparency and light fabrics it reveals just enough of your anatomy, hesitating between a cute and sexy effect. So I decided to give you a selection of the cutest and also sexiest bralettes I've discovered on Alexa Chung's app, Villoid. However let me warn you that it is about the dreamt bralettes you know, not the ones you'll find at Top Shop or H&M, here we're talking about luxurious underwear, dreamt ones. 
Here is my selection. 

Let's start this selection with a simple one, all white but full of details. The bow, the embroidery, it just adds what was missing to the simple white bra. 

Fleur du Mal, Beaded lace triangle bra

From the same brand there is also this bralette, quite different, sexier than cute. There's not a lot of things hidden by those strass, here we are playing with transparency and the black color finishes to make out of this bralette a definitely sexy one. 

Fleur du Mal, Embellished triangle mesh bra

Here we are facing one of the most emblematic underwear brand, La Perla, and there's no surprise to discover a sexy transparent bralette only made out of black lace, expect from the armature. Its shape is kind if different, made for sure adapted to small boobs since the armature is too light to support a lot. Anyways, here we truly are in the world of luxurious lingerie. 

La Perla, Talisman

A little bit of eccentricity never killed anybody, right? This bralette is all about it. It is almost too much, but the beauty of the fabric makes out of it an incredible piece, hardly worked, very delicate but also sexy as hell...

I.D. Sarrieri, Fancy ruffled chantilly lace and stretch-tulle push-up bra, Crimson

And for the last one that I selected, we are back with Fleur du Mal, for sure one of the best brand concerning cute but sexy bralettes. This one still plays with transparency and lace to add a sexy side to this sage shape. 

Fleur du Mal, Cage lace triangle bra

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