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Summer routine

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

What is your Summer daily routine? 

I try to fix myself some obligations during my day, even for Summer holidays. You know, as many I guess, when it is bloody hot outside and all you ant to do is lay down under the sun before taking a dive in the lake, but this is not what I would call a productive day even if it looks like a good one. So before going to the lake, I try to force myself to achieve some productive stuffs, not funny, but for sure necessary. So here is my Summer days routine. 

I try to wake up early enough to have time to make the most of my day, so usually I get up between 8.15-8.45, 9.00 the later. Then, first stop, the breakfast. I don't know if it is because I am French, but I have this thing with breakfast. It is maybe the most delicious meal of the day to me, and I do it the French way obviously: baguette and salted butter, berries jam and a black tea. Not so healthy maybe. Maybe I should follow my boyfriend's example and start eating oat. I'm not sure I'll be a happy bunny this way, just an healthy one though. Anyway!

Then, it is time to work out. I know, it is pretty hard to find motivation when it is that hot and just climbing up the stairs make you sweat. But working out is the thing that I've tried to do every single day for almost a year now, and I must say that I keep being motivated when I see the results. Plus let's be honest, even if it hurts, you feel way better afterward and ready for the day. I do not spend too much time working out actually, 70 abs, 2 minutes of squats and 2mn of lunges, then I go for 12 mn of stretching, where I mainly work on my legs. 

Of course, after the workout, a shower is for sure needed!!! And so it is also the moment to take care of my skin. I'm nit really into this thing, trying out a lot of different products on my face, I just go simple, but it is actually pretty effective. I use a Nivea scrub gel for the face, chest and shoulders, and the I apply a Nuxe Face Cream to hydrate correctly. Plus, once a week, it is time for nose patch, kind of hurtful but really efficient. 
And obviously, body cream (I use the Ictyane body cream), but the less make up I can. I only put concealer on my spots or red zones and waterproof mascara. 

Then, what's up? Actually I have to look for a flat for next year since I'm moving to Amsterdam for my studies, so I spent too much time, I hate it a lot of time looking for the perfect apartment, and then I move on because it is way too stressful and depressing. So I try to focus myself on tasks that I find way more interesting, like working on new articles and poems, but also a on my second novel that I just started! Even if it looks a lot like to recreation time I try to give myself some obligations, like how much time do I work during the day, or what I have to work in exact terms. Also, since I'm moving to Amsterdam, learning Dutch has been a new task to get done, and of course it does take a lot of time... So about 4 to 5 hours of my day are work, researches, and desperation. What a nice Summer routine!

But finally, at it is time for a break. LAKE. Yeah, kind of cool to live close to the Leman Lake. You get to spend to much time on the beach and a little bit of time in its bloody cold waters. So time to chill out, read on novel while soaking up the sun comfortably laid down on my towel, before heading back home to eat a summery salad - Greek one of course - on the terrace while I'm mosquitoes' favorite meal. Then a good movie in bed before a good night in.

So here's my Summertime routine! Kind of studious and serious, but I never really forget the fun...
And so what's your Summer routine? BBQ and pool? Or more like hiking everyday and detox time? 



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