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A day in poetry III

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

How it was to love you

To love you was like falling in love with the whole universe in a second.
Your body took mine, your mind stole my thoughts.
It took my breath away.

To love you was like being kissed by a thousands mouths at the same time on my two lonely lips.
Trying to find some air but longing for your tongue in my thirsty mouth.
Out breathing.

To love you was like smelling all the flowers of an infinite garden. 
The smell of your skin lingering in my hair. 
Too busy to smell your beauty to be able to breath again.

To love you was like diving in an infinite sea.
Your blue eyes, your dark soul, you were as mysterious as the oceans.
I could't breath.

To love you was like praying al go the gods at the same time.
Praying for my love to strike you down like yours did to me.
And then you wouldn't have been able to breath again.

To love you was like slowly passing away, looking at you drinking up the air in my lungs and the soul in my veins.
And when your lungs were full of my air, your veins soul of my soul, and your body full of my beauty, you went away.

How was it to love you?
It was like dying in a thousands kisses, a thousands words, a thousands looks, a thousands caresses.
But all of these faded away when you left.
And all of me slowly disappeared in those distant stars...
Now you're gone, and I'm still longing for air. 

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