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Moving to Amsterdam

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Next year will be the one of big changes, and one of the most important will be my moving to the capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam. I'm kind of split between two main feelings: fear and excitement. Of course I can't wait to be living in such a beautiful and exciting city, but at the same time many questions come to my mind and tend to basically fuck up my good mood. And one of those thing is what we could call "the legendary quest" of finding a room to rent in Amsterdam. Seriously, it might be the worst city on earth for that, with New York and Singapore I guess. Anyway, Amsterdam tends to change a simple flat research into a crusade, and I don't really enjoy this part of my life at the moment. I've never really been into this crusade thing, too much to handle for me. So let's be honest, this summer the struggle is real. Luckily I have a friend who helps me out with this "quest", and at the same time I also have my boyfriend struggling too so I tend to panic a little less since I'm not the only one in a bad position right now, wondering if I'll have a roof over my head during my first semester at the UVA.

Anyways, apart from those daily panic moments, I can't wait to discover this city. I've already been several times but to live in is just not the same as being a tourist. As it is well known Amsterdam is an amazing place, not only because it looks stunning - canals and pretty houses EVERYWHERE - but also because it is the perfect place to create. This city never stops to move, to change, to evolve. There are a lot of places to listen to good alternative music, so many museums and art expositions and also independent artists in all the fields that you can imagine, from fashion to bike design. This is maybe the main reason I wanted to live in that place, because here you are always inspired. Being a blogger in here - me soon!!! (hysterical scream) - must be a real dream cause you are always inspired and writing subjects come to you so easily. Art, architecture, music, nice coffee shops, hype restaurant, a really well located bench, and here you go with a new article!

So be ready because in less than a month I'm going to take this blog with me in Amsterdam, and I promise, there will be a lot to read!



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