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Back to school beauty favorites

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Today I wanted to talk about beauty. September is coming, back to school day is coming even faster, and summer starts to fade away. And as we know, Indian Summer changes our habits, in every way. Our lives get to a different rhythm, everything tends to go faster, temperatures fall down, and we have to get used to this new time of the year, once again. And here I would like to tell you about my favorites beauty products for the end of Summer. I made you a list of the perfect make up for September and Indian Summertime, but also skin care products and goodies that you'll wish you'll carry on your back to school day! Of course bellow every article find the link to shop them ;)

Hangover cream, Too Faced, 31€
This face cream and base is perfection. It will hydrate your skin in the best way and make you feel refreshed at the same time. Plus it's also a good base for your BB cream or foundation, fixing it for the whole day while keeping your skin hydrated.

Panda's dream stick, TonyMoly on Sephora, 10,90€
Here's the cutest way to make disappear your eyes-bags. Refreshing and cute, what else could we ask for?

Miracle Cushion, LancĂ´me, 46,50€
To put on your Too Faced cream this foundation will perfectly fit. Still light but really covering as well, it will make disappear all of the red zones on your face and give your skin a fresh and natural look. Easy to wear, discrete, but still worth its price thanks to its pigmentation unifying the skin face and also the fact that you only need a little to cover the whole surface!

Expression, Chanel nail lacker, 20,90€
A bright color, almost coral, will keep you in the Summer mood. Just a great souvenir from the sunny days to keep on your nails as long as possible to beat September's rainy days. 

Sunny Bunny, Too faced, 28,50€
The end of Summertime doesn't mean the end of a tanned skin, and taking care of your skin tone still something to do right even if Autumn is already starting. Too Faced proposes this pretty good Bronzer for a reasonable price, with two different shades to mix together to fix the perfect shade. Just a little bit bronzed, you'll look just fine like you just came back from holidays! However, do not forget the rule n°1 with bronzer: just a little bit! Even if Autumn is coming you don't want to look like a pumpkin. 

Hydrabio Perfecteur SPF 30, Bioderma, 18,80€
If you had to do only one thing for your skin, it would be to hydrated. This is the first step to take for a good skin, without any imperfection and no dry zone. To applicate on your face this Bioderma cream - with a SPF 30 as well, to protect your skin form the sun is to assure you to get older with a still young skin - every morning is at the basis of beauty tips. 

Bespoken for, MAC, 18,50€
Let's gently slip into Autumn with this beautiful lip liner shade. A strong burgundy to get used to colder time and turtle neck sweater. With this lip liner it gets easier to say goodbye to Summertime.


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