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Learning to live the Amsterdam life

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Hoi from Amsterdam! I'm well arrived in the city, and since I'm here I'm trying to learn the codes of the country. Being honest, moving on your own (almost, I do not forget you S.) is a massive step to take, and it asks for a lot of organization and relaxation sessions to make it. When I arrived in Amsterdam on last Wednesday night, I have had to deal with all of the administrative-stressing-messy-adult things. Being honest, I didn't enjoy it at all. I wish I could have left my mother do everything for me, but well I'm 21 and I have to deal with my own shits, right? So only after one day in the beautiful city of Amsterdam I forgot it was the beautiful city with all of those museums and cultural places I've seen on vacation time before. Now it is about going to the edge of the city to discover my new flat, and its building doesn't look like one of those beautiful canal house ; it is also about going to the City Hall to iegister and do all of those annoying administrative things ; it is about buying your public transport card and looking for a bike to buy ; it is about paying the deposit for the flat and the first rent ; it is about buying a new SIM card for my phone. Well, far from the Van Gogh Museum and the walks along the canals. Hard was the start. I felt pretty lost and stressed out concerning university. How are the courses gonna be? Will I managed to understand there contents and get good grades on the exam? But first of all will I managed to find the building? Well, it didn't go so bad. I went to my back to school meeting, and relaxed a little bit afterward. 
And then, time to chill in Amsterdam. Finally done with all of those grown up stuffs! So I got the chance to walk around the city with my mother who came for four days and discover new parts and new cool spots in the city. So I've decided to list you some of the places I've recently discovered in the city, places you must go to if you're planning to come (to see me? ;) )!

Most of the places I've discovered this week are located in the West part of Amsterdam, a young neighborhood where there are a lot of cute little shops and coffee spots (not coffee shops!) to go for a drink or even to work. But the first one I would like to tell you about is located in the Red Light District. It is a lovely little shop called Anna + Nina selling delicate jewelry, but also furnitures, clothes and other accessories. 
Anna + Nina
Gerard Doustraat 94

So as I told you most of the other places I'm going to list here are located in the West part of Amsterdam, a lovely quarter of the city, looking a lot like a maze with its small streets and beautiful canals. It feels like you'll discover a new pretty shop of bakery at every corner, and it is almost what this neighborhood is about. Here's my selection.

Concrete Matter: In need for a birthday present for your boyfriend, brother, father? Here's the place to go. A real man shop, selling sculpted knives, beard oil and manly accessories. 
Haarlemmerdijk 127

By Lauren: Cute is the word. A lovely little shop full of surprises, mainly for fashion accessories. 
Herengracht 236

Pluk: This shop is everything a girl can ask for. Good-cute food, and by this I do mean cupcakes, cheesecake and others waffles, but as well healthy dishes! And also it is a shop. So you can eat and shop and work. You can buy the mug you're having your tea in. You can buy a notebook and if you find enough strength leave your waffle for a minute and work wit it. Come to this place in Amsterdam, and become a Plukker!
Reestraat 19

Nuovo Niche: It is the place to go to find the fanciest brands of the moment in Amsterdam. From clothes to home decoration, but also jewelry, plus there's a men's corner. Fancy, maybe a little bit expensive, but worse the visit when you're in Amsterdam!
Prinsengracht 232

Waterstones: Let's be a little more intellectual and talk about this magnificent English bookstore located in the heart of Amsterdam. Waterstones bookshop is surely one of the most beautiful library in Amsterdam offering such an impressive English books collection. You can find anything in here, from novels to art books and meditation guides, but also stationary. A must!
Kalverstraat 152

Gathershop: Last but not least, The Gathershop, maybe a little bit far away from the city center, is like Kinfolk magazine in real life. Stationary, bags, books, you'll find everything in here but in a certain style, like you literally dived in the pages of a magazine. Worth the walk distance to get to it! 
Van Woustraat 99

Oh and yes, I almost forgot! Learning to live the Amsterdam life? Just one rule, be relaxed and enjoy yourself!


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