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Occupation? Carrie Bradshaw

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

I do speak a lot about my dreams those times, right? My dream bag, my dream apartment, and I plan to talk about a lot more I think! And this happens mainly because recently have been asking myself a lot of questions and most of all I want to take care of my life to become the person I crave to be. It does start with a state of mind, and then it starts to concern every little things of someone's life. And of course who I want to become has a lot to do with my future job. But nowadays everything seems to be possible, and so it can be hard to really define what you want to do, especially in the art field. The possibilities are so numerous that you tend to be tempted by too many jobs, without even counting the ones you could invent yourself. So, as everybody I had a lot of different ideas, and finally, last year, I understood what I really wanted to do and who I wanted to be. It might sound ridiculous to some people, but I don't really care since I'm determined and I finally understood who I wanted to become, which has been a massive issue in my life since a long time. And so here's who I want to become, concerning my career: I want to be the new Carrie Bradshaw. Stupid you think? I don't think so myself. 

Let's talk for a moment about this character and the reason why she emphasizes my dreamt future self. If you have already watched an episode of Sex and the City you surely know who she is and what's her occupation. Carrie Bradshaw, sexy single woman, working for the New York Times where she writes a chronicle about sex and relation between men and women in an anthropological way. Then she evolves throughout the tv show, becoming a fashion journalist for Vogue and a writer talking about love, friendship and life in a more general way. This is the part that does interest me the most. Writing for a newspaper as much important as the New York Times would be a dream as well, but my goal by now is to become a journalist in an important fashion magazine as Vogue, Tatler, L'Officiel or Harper's Bazaar. Many people tend to think that only superficial girls are interested in fashion, but I don't think so. To me fashion is only another facet of this massive universe that is art. I'm interested in every side of this world, from painting to architecture, but we have to admit that fashion is art and stop judging people who want to work in this field as superficial ones. During my whole life I wanted to have such a job and study subjects that would lead me to this goal. But my family wasn't that much supportive, thinking that it wasn't a good filed, and my friends weren't into it neither. So it became my secret that I finally can admit without being ashamed of my choices and my goal, the one and only Carrie Bradshaw. 

Writing for fashion magazines, but also writing novels! I don't know, maybe I dream a little bit too much, thinking that in five or ten years I'll be living in a nice little flat in New York, working for Vogue during the day and going home at night after a Sex and the City kind of evening to seat in my bed and then write my new novel... Dreams, dreams, dreams! It is nice to dream, but now it's time to work on them, make solid plans and achieve it! 


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