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My dreamt apartment

Monday, 15 August 2016

Looking for an accommodation in Amsterdam - yeah, stil haven't found anything - made me realize how high were my standards concerning housing. I've always been living in a massive beautiful house, with a garden, and a beautiful interior. So when I see what the student rooms to rent look like I tend to get a little bit depressed. So try to cheer me up by looking at Tumblr's accounts which are all about dreamt place to live. And guys, I've found the perfect student housing: a studio, well decorated and so stunning. So here I want to share with you my dreamt apartment, which obviously will be te exact opposite of my future room in Amsterdam... Anyway, dreams make us keep going, so dream on. 

Here's the main room of the studio, where are gather the sofa, the bed and the major living space.
The leading theme? Bright and cozy.

Even in a small flat it is always nice to have a massive kitchen, with all that needed. Here again we find the parquet and the main color still white.

The white wooden kitchen table can here be used as a working desk.

Lovely place to live...


Picture from Tumblr account:

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