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Monday, 26 September 2016

I've always been a lot into Autumn. I don't know why, maybe because it is just the season when I feel like you can create the most interesting and coolest outfits, layering everything, where you can go back to the copper eyeshadow-cats eyes and burgundy lips shameless, it is also sweater season, sneakers and falling leaves. I guess I just like the feelings, the style, this "going back to school" theme, the atmosphere that comes along with fall. And also, guys, we are so lucky, the 90's are back! Style has never been so nice and easy to adapt to yourself. Chocker, crop tops, no more shame, it is just about good old fashion. So I would like to share with you my Autumn favorites stuffs, from makeup to clothes, but also including books, jewels and other many things! Just how to get into Autumn... 

Minimalist earrings have been my thing recently, and the best place to find cheap but pretty earrings is for sure Asos. I've stumble upon those minimal creoles, tiny ones, with a small ball. They are really simple, really discrete, but it is all about layering in Autumn, right? So if you have another ear piercing don't be afraid to add some others earrings of this kind to create a look flirting with grunge but keeping it classy. 

The trend nobody could have missed is the chocker. You can see it on every girl, every style, and the choices are so numerous that it is just hard to only pick up one, but I had to make a choice and so I came up with a different one, a tie up chocker in burgundy velvet. This is what I was talking about when I said "layering". You have to add many jewels together, it will perfectly goes along with the sweater weather and the strong makeup. 

Then you have to find the perfect top to wear your chocker! And I'm pretty sure you'll find your happiness in any shop, but I selected some nice pieces from Urban Outfitter, for sure THE shop to stick to the "back to 90's" style hype at the moment. Here are some of my favorites, from sweaters to lighter tops perfect for layering!

Who says Autumns says jackets and coats! I've selected my top two favorites, one which keep you warm, and the second one which will be alla bout layering...
Light Before Dark knitted zip bomber jacket : it will be all about layering it with a nice sweater or with a lighter top and a hoodie, and a sexy makeup. 
Noisy May Faux fur parka : here it already feel like we are slipping into winter, but definitely needed to survive fall in Amsterdam.

Now let's talk about beauty. When Autumn comes you tend to wear a lot more makeup than you used to do in Summer, and so there's no better time to try new trends or just to go back to the 90's one more time. This Autumn must is for sure the metallic eyeshadow, and so I selected one from Bobbi Brown, for sure worse the price. Easy to apply, and perfect color just flirting a little bit with copper but keeping it easy, Metallic eyeshadow Bobbi Brown, Burnt Sugar.
Going on with the eyes I also fell in love with a mascara ine, Lash Sensational Luscious. It is all about massive lashes, really dark and actually perfect when you don't feel like wearing a lot of makeup. This mascara with a light pink lipstick will perfectly do for a casual day. 
And finally, lips! I know it's Autumn, but let's keep a little bit of Summer on our lips with this fuchsia Yves Saint Laurent lipstick.

Finally I would like to talk a bit more about magazines, books and stationary since I found a lot of favorite for Autumn. First, books. I picked up two, two books about the world of fashion but completely different from each others. First, Aimee Song (Song of Style) book, Capture your style. You won't find any better book to explain you how to get into the world of fashion blogs, but also it will teach you about Instagram which is also what nowadays' fashion is about. 
The second one will let you dive into the world of fashion in a more professional way. It is a French book, and it will just tell you the story of professional of the fashion world just so you get to understand how to get into this world, Inside Fashion, Elles travaillent dans la mode.

And last but not least, stationary! Oh Deer is still the best for that, and here I picked up some of my favorites,
# Hydrangea 2017 Diary
# Beedie A4 notebook
# Pup of tea mug



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