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Bridget's baby

Saturday, 24 September 2016

The other day I went to a pretty nice cinema in Amsterdam to discover the new movie Bridget Jones' baby. I won't spoil anything, I'm not the mean girl, but I sure want to make a review about this "number 3", and actually the whole trilogy. So first f all, let me say, Bridget Jones' Diary is a classic. Maybe it is not as much one in literature now, but for sure, every movie was what we can call a "success". So 10 years later, of course everybody was impatiently waiting for a number 3! And here it is. Now, let's just say one thing to sum this movie up: awkward. To be honest, I saw a lot a comedies, of crazy movies going maybe a little bit to far sometimes, but I don't think I already saw a move like Bridget Jones' baby. Yes, cannot find another word than "awkward" to define it. No, you don't feel uncomfortable watching the weird events going on before your eyes, actually, you laugh a lot, but at some point, your laugh changes and you cannot help but think, "man, this situation is so weird". Well, let's be honest, to have the main character put in the weirdest situations seem to be kind of the point of those books and movies - remember when she fall in a pigs' field and has the camera zooming on her butt during a documentary after a parachute jump ? Enough said - but this "baby with ni defined father" situation brought the "awkward" a level higher. Hopefully, this doesn't happen to real people in real life. Because I guess only Bridget Jones could deal with it with a smile on her face and a sens of humor. 

So yes, for sure, go check out this movie! You'll have a massive laugh, a lot of uncomfortable situations and craziness. It will get you out of your routine, but when the movie will end you'll just be happy to have the "normal" life you got. Anyway, nobody can be like Bridget Jones, right?



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