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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

No matter if you are a lazy person or not, every girl, even the most organized, the one who is always up for everything, every girl have done this almost once in her life: go to bed without having removed your makeup. Just too lazy, too tired, too drunk, to busy in bed with your man, well, you always have a good excuse in this case, do not worry. The other day my excuse was actually even more valuable: I slept at my boyfriend's place and I forgot my cleansing lotion and I thought water wasn't such a good idea. So I slept with my make up on - sorry for your white pillow case S. :( - and the morning after, when I went to the bathroom, I wasn't as horrified as I had expected. Actually the makeup I wear must be way too agressive since it almost didn't faded away. But I did like what I was seeing in the mirror. My skin wasn't look as awful as I expected it to, actually my skin looked quite flawless - WHAT??? -, no red zones, no imperfection, it was awfully perfect except from the eye-bags. Nude lips of course, I took time to remove the lipstick, my boyfriend wold have killed me if in the morning his white pillow case had the color of "Furious Burgundy n°3". But what did impress me the most was my eye makeup. The day before I was wearing eyeliner and mascara, that's it. And this morning my perfect cat eye turned into a gorgeous blurry smoky eye. The mascara was still there - really agressive makeup, yes - and so I felt like I could just go out and start a new day with an old face - wow, sounds weird, well let's say, yesterday's face? - without losing 10 minutes getting my makeup done. So I just did it. I went out to take my bike and go back home, and on my way, my boyfriend said to me, "you look very nice today you know". I didn't reply "yes I know, isn't it magic????", but I was quite happy about my effortless look. 

So this is the fairytale, now let's go back to reality. I loved my makeup look this day, I must admit it, but seriously, it wasn't such a good idea to got to bed with my makeup on. After the second day, when I finally removed my makeup in the evening, I had to face reality, my skin was now looking pretty bad. I had to do a scrub, then a second one, then a mask to finally get my face back together. And being honest, during the day even if I knew I looked good, I felt so freaking dirty. Awful feeling. Regretted it overtime I had to leave the mirror, only reminder that it is ok. Two days after now my skin doesn't look so good. I must say I've got some regrets, and well, we all know this is not good right? Lazy, lazy girl. Looking good for a day maybe, but regret it for the two following ones. Anyway, might do this again next time I sleep at his place :) "The smile of the stupid girl who is completely aware of it but doesn't care"



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