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Master student routine and tips

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Remember this last August when I shared with you my "Summer Routine"? Well, now Summer disappeared to let Autumn bloomed, and my routine changed with it. So I would like to share here with you my routine as a master student, what my days are made off, and also give you some tips and advises if you're a student yourself, or if you just need to learn how to get a little more organized and how to deal with stress. I know by self experience that being a student can be pretty much stressful and lead to a lot of anxiety, but if you want to be happy in your student life you have to learn how to get rid off the stress, and how to plan your schedule to make room for everything, wether it is studying or having a cosy pamper night in. So let's start with a typical day in a master student's life. 
    Of coure we get started with breakfast, I mean, without it you cannot make it through lunch break, so DO NOT skip it. Now that I live on my own I tried to change my food habits, and so I replaced my morning cereals bowl by Greek yogourt, muesli, a fruit and coffee or tea depending on my mood. Trying to eat a little bit healthy can only be good for yourself, and will actually make a difference on many stages. Then, to keep it healthy, it is time for a workout session! Same as the one in my Summer Routine, but here in Amsterdam there's also the "biking time", which is almost 1 hour a day, and so more stretching needed so your tights don't get to, how could I say ? Huge, here's the word. And however it can be pretty hard to find motivation everyday to do your workout, in the end it does always feel good, and most of all, you're proud of yourself! Then of course, no need to tell you that it is shower time. It is not because we are busy that we have to be dirty. Of course some days are different from the others. You can have a class or not, a seminary, or a gathering with other students to work together, but then it its up to you to get organized while taking in account those obligations. 

    And so it is then time to get organized. I would like to go a little bit further on this point before going on with the daily routine. To be organized is one of the main key ti succeed in your studies. First of all it is the best way to work correctly on your courses, to get your assignments done in time, and as well to avoid the stressful moments (like a deadline coming too fast). So to do so, don't just look at the day after, you have to get organized for a week. First step is to right down in your agenda all of your deadlines for assignments or anything else of this kind, to write it down in bright red and then highlight it in yellow or whatever. But also, a week before the deadline, write a reminder, so you won't be surprised the week after when the deadline will be there. Then, you can get organized for your week. But just keep one thing in mind: don't plan too much a day. You'll only stress out and be discouraged, so keep it easy, write down what you think you can do in an objective way. WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING. It is the best way to stay clear and don't get confused neither forget anything. Keep in mind also that there always can be something coming your way and killing all of your plans, so leave room for the unexpected. To succeed at university or in any formation depends on it. You have to stay real when you do your program, but don't get lazy at the same time, which can be pretty hard, but then, you just get use to it! Also, when you settle down your day, leave room for yourself. You need a time to chill out, a moment when you can only think about you and do what you want to do, whether it is reading, going to the cinema, hanging out with friends or just taking a nap. If you don't leave space for yourself university light just become a real nightmare and you won't enjoy it, so ok deadlines are important, but so do you.

Then, to go on with the daily routine, after classes, I just go home or to the library, or even to a cute little café to that myself with the most caloric chocolate cupcake ever - no, I'm not talking about you AT ALL De Drie Graefjies Amsterdam - and work on my assignments for a certain amount of time defined by my day and also my deadlines. Then, time to chill a little bit out! I do not have any activity here in Amsterdam yet, so I work on the blog, on some personal projects, and it is just a time when I can focus on my goals beside university, cause of course, a diploma is important, but to work on your personal projects is as well. And of course, don't forget to eat! And eat well if you can, better for both your brain and your body. Tomato soup, pastas with salmon and cream cheese, a salad, club sandwiches: eat well but also treat yourself time to time, cause you just deserve it. And last but not least, GET SOME SLEEP! Maybe the real key to productivity :)

P.S: Just a lovely reminder for you: you can do it, even when you think you can't :) You deserve the best and you'll have it, just work hard, believe in yourself and take care of you, then everything will be fine :)



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