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A day in poetry V - Lana

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Everything is gone now,
Let's the leaves fall away.
All our thoughts made up now,
All our words are said.
No one cares for us, no,
Just be whoever you may,
Go away with me now,
Let the rain wash away.

It never was about the friends or the foes,
For us there's only luck, for us there's only luck.
It never was about the kisses or the plays,
For us there's only love.

Everything is calm now, 
Let's the clouds settle down.
All our love made up now, 
All our prays are played.
No one can relate, no,
Let them far away,
We are no more here now,
Let the voices die away.

It never was about, the parties or the games,
For us there's only luck, for us there's only luck.
It never was about, the death or the gods,
For us there's only love.

Cause we are religion.

Based on Lana del Rey, "Religion".



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